Anwar started the street demo culture? Sure or not…

The biggest blunder came from our own, Dr Mahathir Mohd. He says that the culture of illegal gathering is the culture of Anwar Ibrahim and not of Malaysian. Maybe he forgot that UMNO itself was born out of illegal gatherings.

Syabas! Anti-ISA rally shows police have 12% success rate

By Helen Ang

Bernama, our national news agency reported that 589 people were arrested in connection with the anti-ISA street demonstration.

I am truly impressed by the efficiency of our police. They nabbed 11.78% of the ‘criminals’ who broke the law attending an ‘illegal assembly’.

If there are 5,000 cases of snatch thefts reported a year, and police show the same level of efficiency, then they would have solved 12 percent of the cases. And apprehended 589 snatch thieves, and hopefully recovered and returned 589 handbags to grateful women of Malaysia.