Beng Hock’s baby awaiting Utusan apology

By Helen Ang

Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah caused a controversy when he wrote about Teoh Beng Hock’s “child born out of wedlock” in the Sunday edition of the Utusan broadsheet.

Beng Hock’s family want an apology over his “insensitive and hurtful comments” on July 26. Malaysian Insider has the story and translation of the offensive paragraphs.

Last Sunday (Aug 2), Ridhuan replied to strong criticisms of him by those whom he called “golongan ultra kiasu” and took to task the Chinese newspapers as well.

In his article in Utusan’s Mingguan Malaysia, Ridhuan said “Frankly, I have no need to apologize because I was speaking the truth”. He called the criticisms of him “low class ideas” not worth entertaining.

He also questioned whether his critics even understood his article which was written in Bahasa Melayu as “they quite possibly comprehend English or their mother tongue better than the national language”.

To be fair to Ridhuan, there is merit to some of his arguments touching on race dynamics. I won’t comment on his exhortation on religion as that is beyond the scope of Hartal MSM’s brief.

However, when Ridhuan tried to defend himself by saying he did after all express his sympathy for Beng Hock, I’m not convinced. This is what Ridhuan wrote: “I too sympathize with Beng Hock but he was fated to die under such circumstances. There must be a ‘deeper meaning’ (hikmah) behind it.”

[‘Hikmah’ — an Arab word — is difficult to translate, and it has its own cultural nuances among the Malays as well. Kamus Dewan (national dictionary) gives the following sentence to illustrate use of the word: “Keris Hang Tuah yang bernama Tamingsari itu dipercayai hikmah (bertuah)”.]

Ridhuan’s article on Beng Hock is much more insensitive than Kosmo!‘s on Yasmin Ahmad. He “rubbed salt on the wound” of Beng Hock’s family on July 26.

But some Bangsar folks claimed the Kosmo! July 27 front page on Yasmin “marked the darkest day in Malaysian journalistic history”.

A group of NST-associated editors (working and past) condemned the coverage of Yasmin in very strong terms and wanted to hand their protest letter to the Utusan group chairman on July 29. Today is August 4. I suppose their outrage on behalf of Yasmin has been assuaged now with the tabloid’s front page apology.

Err. would they nonetheless please consider recycling their letter as well as continuing their signature drive petitioning for “ethical journalistic conduct”?

And resuming their earnest crusade against those very same people – i.e. the Utusan group – who wanted “to defame and destroy Yasmin’s good name with salacious gossip”. How do the letter writers see the Utusan article on Beng Hock’s yet-to-be born baby? Salacious gossip too, no?

Earlier, they were adamant that Utusan group journalists have to bear a “responsibility to practise basic decency”. Whither the strident Bangsar voices previously raised in righteous indignation?

Mudah lupa, ya?

Hartal MSM commentary: Did Kosmo! defame Yasmin Ahmad?

Utusan article: Bila kacang lupakan kulit

38 Responses to “Beng Hock’s baby awaiting Utusan apology”
  1. Paul Warren says:

    My concern over the Yasmin article charade that followed was that the journalists who protested did not qualify. The concern that they had expressed was rather fictitious to say the least.

    Why i say that?

    The Kugan murder, the Teoh Beng Hock murder and countless other murders in police custody also required that kind of concern that these journalists obviously faked, as one would fake an orgasm I suppose.

    This concern of theirs was as fake as faked orgasms. After all if they never had previously experienced an orgasm, how could they now for the very same kind of stimulation?

    They wrote about the stimulation that got them all worked up. Now, how different was this stimulation on the Yasmin article from the stimulation perpetuated by the Utusan group for god knows how long? And all this while they were as stiff as a stick! and now ..wha lan oh!!! Multiple orgasms!!

  2. MarGeeMar says:

    That’s the problem with people who convert to Islam in this country. People like Ridhuan Tee Abdullah want to show up as more Muslim than the Malays themselves. They in fact want to be seen to be more Malay than the Malays. Ridhuan Tee must remember that he better keep his moral views to himself as it is easy to see a spec of dust in another persons eye but yet is unable to see the log lodged in his own eye. This Ridhuan Tee character is sadly silent on the crimes comitted against humanity such as the use of the ISA by the BN/Umno regime and that of those committed by his Brother Muslims The Taliban, Al Qaeda, Jemaah Islamiah et al. For all you know, Ridhuan Tee maybe a sympathiser of these radical Islamic groups.Time to get Rid-u-an.

    • Becks says:

      Riduan Tee once asked an incredibly vacuous question on a religious programme he was hosting. It was so dumb that the guest speaker, a ‘Melayu tulen’ was both dumbstruck and bemused at the same time.

      The q that RT asked was what he would do if his mother came begging to him on bended knee, or threatening him, to recant his newly embraced religion. RT sounded and appeared so exaggeratedly distressed that you did not know whether to laugh or slap him across his loony face with a cold fish.

  3. Maverick SM says:

    Utusan is controlled by perverted racists. What can you expect? Ignore the propaganda as they will self-destruct. Sue them for defamation if there is sufficient evidence.

  4. YWL says:

    Ridhuan Tee is a traitor of his own race. What’s wrong with the non-Malays learning their own mother tongues?

  5. janice says:

    Instead of posting your comments here why do you go direct to Ridhuan’s blog and express your outrage? I doubt the guy even read comments on him posted by other blogs.

    The guy was saying that because he is a Dr. with don’t what qualifications from don’t know what local universities, that instantly make him an authority in whatever he is voicing out. Seems to me he is pretty brainwashed by the Government.

    Oh, remember to write in Bahasa Melayu as the joker does not read English. He assumes all Chinese and Indians do not know how to speak and write BM properly. Maybe he should know that there are increasingly a lot of urban Malays that do not write and read proper BM too. Why? Rich sons and daugthers of datuk-datuk do not attend local universities or go to local national schools. Sadly Ridhuan is quite ignorant on this matter.

  6. bc says:

    I agree with Margeemar. If Ridhuan Tee could have his way, everyone else in this world must be made a Muslim.

    It is not wrong to be passionate about your own religion, but religious zeal has a tendency to be manifested in ways effusive and sometimes making the proponent border on being judgmental what that does not fit his set mould. When manifested in ways that may hurt others who are grieving, it totally negating the finer values that Islam represents. In this case imposing your values on others, looks hollow and haughty. So, holier than thou.

    There is an injunction that we should remember always: If you think you are good, there is someone else who is better. So, Ridhuan take note from one who is not a Muslim.

    And editor Utusan, keep it in your sarong, will you? Just because Ridhuan Tee is afflicted with verbal diarrhoea does not mean you too should lap up what comes out of that pie-hole.

    • Leno says:

      I am real sad and regretful that a sinless baby yet unborn has already being despised by a professional journalist in a national newspaper. The world of God is all good and pure. We were born pure. Why people destroy this ” bestowed purity”?

      “If a religion is the cause of hatred and disunity, better without it”

      • Helen Ang says:


        Ridhuan is a senior lecturer at Universiti Pertahanan Nasional M’sia and a prolific writer. He says his PhD thesis was on ‘persepsi orang Cina terhadap gerakan politik Umno’.

  7. Aussie Malaysian says:

    I did NOT read what this traitor to the Chinese race wrote or had to say. Suffice to say, from what I read in the comments, this vulture can only spit out garbage and already grieving family. However, I do not wish to respond in a similar manner.

    To the late Mr Teoh’s fiancee and family, just ignore him and be glad that God has given you a beautiful child to love and to cherish. Bring him/her up in the love of God and pray for his/her future happinese. May the love and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ that surpasses all understanding be with you and your family as you seek Him.

  8. temenggong says:

    These writers are race or religious supremacists, always trying to push forward their race or religion. In that process they shame their religion in the eyes of the Chinese and Indians without even knowing it. They can’t even see a need for apology, so blinded they are! In them, religion kills common sense.

  9. I just can’t believe someone educated can spout such nonsense. Perhaps his “Dr.” was purchased, instead of earned the hard way. When I read what he wrote, I just had to write back. Please forgive my French. I wish the English language had harsher words to use for people like him :

    The people at Utusan (owned by UMNO) are BASTARDS. Why do I say that?

    Our government caused the death of Teoh Beng Hock, no matter how they spin it. They killed him on the very day he was supposed to register his marriage to his fiancee who was pregnant with his first child.

    Even though he died before his official wedding, his wife-to-be has insisted on marrying him in the traditional wedding and wants her child to bear his surname. Can you find a more loyal girl than that??? Give it up for the sister, my friends!!

    So what has Utusan got to do with this and being BASTARDS? Well, instead of offering their condolences to the grieving family, they hit out at the family and called his unborn child a bastard!!

    What ****ING wrong did this unborn child do, you bloody hypocrites??? What the **** is wrong with you idiots?

    Do you think Teoh Beng Hock intentionally jumped off the MACC building so that his child would be born out of wedlock? If he wasn’t thrown out/pushed out on the day of his wedding, would his child be illegitimate???

    And why should any child be labelled illegitimate anyway? ALL children are the LEGITIMATE product of the union between a man and a woman, you fools!

    Where are your ****ING brains la??? Oops! You haven’t even removed the shrinkwrap yet? Never mind, you can sell your brains at premium price because they are brand new!

  10. chris says:

    It takes two to tango and it takes a thief to know another thief AND it takes a bastard to know another.Frankly I don’t mean Teoh’s child.My question to Ridzuan is,what is your father’s name?Is your father’s name Abdullah?If it is not you are a bastard and not the baby.I can give you a list of those are considered the holiest thou.

    p/s can anybody translate and post this in his BLOG?

    • pada chris sememangnya awak tidak bersalah kerana tidak memahami islam. cuma di sini saya hendak memberi penerangan tentang nama abdullah itu. abdullah itu bermaksud hamba allah iaitu tuhan yg mentakbir alam ini. jika org bukan islam menerima islam sebagai panduan hidup nama tak semestinya akan di tukar kecuali kehendak tuan punya ingin menukar namanya. dan duhujung kita guna abdullah iaitu hamba allah (maknusia yg dicipta tuhan) itulah pengertian abdullah.

  11. Becks says:

    I wonder what Riduan Tee Abdullah’s bangsa/race is as recorded on his identity card?

    If it is recorded as ‘Cina’, I can imagine Riduan Tee Abdullah’s resentment and disgust every time he fills out a form which requires him to state his true race (a requirement still widely found in Malaysian application forms and what not).

    As Bob Dylan once said “No man can fight another like the man who fights himself”.

  12. MsMatch says:

    This guy is just “attention starved “

  13. Mr. Ang says:

    This comment has been removed by moderator for sexually explicit content.

  14. akincitr says:

    Ridhuan Tee is a traitor of his own race. What’s wrong with the non-Malays learning their own mother tongues?

  15. I hava no idea what exactly transpired from Mr Ridzuan Tee. As a Malay and Muslim, I just want to comment on the following sentence:” I too sympathize with Beng Hock but he was fated to die under such circumstances. There must be a ‘deeper meaning’ (hikmah) behind it.”

    In Malay it would be said ” Saya juga bersimpati dengan kamatian Beng Hock, tetapi beliau sudah ditakdirkan mati dalam keadaan begitu. Ini mungking ada hikmah disebaliknya”

    Ayat ini mesti dipandang dari segi pengunaannya dari kontek Melayu Muslim. Ini adalah cara Melayu/Muslim melahirkan rasa simpati tetapi disebaliknya sebagai Muslim kita percaya kepada ketetapan Tuhan.

    So to understand the true meaning or intention, one should not try to understand it from a lateral translation. It shall be viewed from the Malay/Muslim perspective.

    The above sentence again is normal thing to say for Muslim who encounter misfortune. It says:
    1. I am sympathised with Beng Hock
    2. The way he died is fated by God (for Muslim, we truely beleived God decides everything)
    3. There is lesson to be learned from this (hikmah) – Hiikmah here can means – lesson to be learned, This event will help to uncover the truth, This event will help us to improve and lead to better thing (for example – it forced the govt to set up Royal commission, it helps all Malaysia irrespective of Race or Religion to come together and demand justice) – all this are part of hikmah.

    If you can accused UMNO as racist, I hope you will not follow the same strategy as UMNO in condemning others. It will make you a racist too.

    On the other note, I do not agreed with whatever written in Utusan and I boycotted Utusan since Anwar case as it will spin everything the opposition leader said; either use it to condemn the opposition or use it to justify what UMNO is doing. So my advise is you can read whatever in Utusan, but you should be able to filter the “spin”.

    • hartalmsm says:

      “to understand the true meaning or intention, one should not try to understand it from a lateral translation. It shall be viewed from the Malay/Muslim perspective.”

      Noted. But that was just Helen’s opinion of Redhuan’s writing tone. But the original issue that upset TBH’s family is when he wrote this:

      “we all know that they were not officially married…Which means, the child is still a bastard child or a child born out of wedlock (illegitimate child).

      “Whatever the cause of Beng Hock’s death, illegitimate relationships remain illegitimate, it cannot be legitimised just because of this incident.

      His sister, Lee Lan responded:

      “If my brother did not die, the question of his child’s surname would not have arisen. Who caused his death?” an upset Lee Lan said.

      from the Malaysian Insider

    • Helen Ang says:

      Hi Syamsul,

      Thank you for taking the trouble to share your comment.

      I’d initially written,

      “‘Hikmah’ — an Arab word — is difficult to translate, and it has its own cultural nuances among the Malays as well”

      I am aware that there is a cultural context to viewing ‘ketentuan Allah’ and the Malay worldview of qada dan qadar.

      My teammate’s explanation above — under ‘Hartalmsm’ comment — has accurately conveyed the origin of Utusan’s offence.

      It was the ‘insensitivity’ of Ridhuan because if Beng Hock had not met his untimely and tragic end at the MACC office, the child would have been registered without any fuss at birth. After all, the couple were getting married the very day of TBH’s death.

      As a mediawatch article — and this is a mediawatch blog, not a social/religious commentary website — my posting compared the two different reactions (or more precisely non-response) of our society elites to the insensitivity of Utusan-TBH vs Kosmo!-Yasmin, and urged that same group of social elites to forward their protest on this case too.

      I have not in the article accused Umno of being racist, nor has any posting in this blog so far. We are careful in our language use and don’t believe labelling to be constructive.


  16. mich tan says:

    Hey Riduan TEE Abdullah,

    Siapa tu “Bastard” yang kau cakap? Yang Bastard tu adalah Kau sendiri, anak sundal ! Moyang sendiri tak nak disembah, pergi sembah moyang orang lain…celaka punya orang celup.

    • ally says:

      Hello…we as Muslim tak sembah nenek moyang ok…we just pray to Allah, the creator of this world and all the living life…why dont u all take the article in positive…i am sure that he doesn’t mean to call the Teoh’s baby was bastard…it still a reality that the baby is child without wedlock…even the baby given Teoh’s name it still cannot change the reality…please dont be too emotional k…

      • mich tan says:

        if he means good, he should have not write some sensitive words about the decease or his family. Orang tengah berkabung. The family has just lost their loved one, are in grieve. Why must one raised something that is sensitive. I am not emotional. Be rational when you write. Even the child is born out of wedlock, it is none of your business, right. So why must hurt the feeling of the family. i am doubt if the decease is a muslim, such statement would be published. BE RATIONAL AND CONSIDERATE.

    • kepada tan moga kau dapat hidaah dari allah. kita cuma hidup di dunia ni hanya sementara sahaja dan memang semua org ada agamanya dan menharapkan bila lepas mati akan di selamatkan oleh tuhan yg kita sembah. tapi ingatlah hanya islam itu saja yg boleh jadi penyelamat kita di akhirat nanti. memang di dunia kita begitu taksub tentang agama moyang berhala kita tapi ia adalah ciptaan allah juga. segala sesuatu di dunia ini adalah kepunyaan tuhan yg patut kita sembah. marilah kita yakini tuhan yg mencipta dunia ini bukan yg kita reka sendiri. cuma kita yakini satu saja iaitu yg mentakbir alam ini saja yakni allah. org melayu dulu pon bukanya asalnya dari islam tapi dengan hidayah mempercayai pencipta itu yg menjadikan dakwah islam itu mudah melayu menerimanya masa lampau. kita memang selalu ingin ikut moyang dulu turun temurun tapi jika secara logiknya kita harus menyembah yg mentakbir alam ini itu paling selamat bagi maknusia. di china pon islam lebih dulu datang dari malaysia. jika ingin tahu lebih lanjut belilah alquran dan hayati isi kandunganya.

      • mich tan says:

        terima kasih sajalah..tak payah. tiada agama di dunia adalah lebih mulia daripada agama lain.

  17. FraidyCat says:

    You have proven that Ridhuan Tee was absolutely correct in his observation and assumption that you Chinese would not probably understand his article written in Bahasa Melayu, the national language. Still some of your commentator ask is it wrong to learn their mother tongue. Some probably don’t read it because they can’t understand BM. Some like you probably smarter but still have low grasp of the language. You analyze his arabic origin word hikmah then you open Malay dictionary and mistakingly compare his word to another word that almost spell the same which is ‘hikmat’.

    You live in this country for how long? 100 or 150 years and you still cannot see that the word hikmah and hikmat are world apart. hikmat is like the english word MAGIC. Even a lower secondary Malay schoolboys know this difference. Your Malay is no good when you have been living in this country for so long. what is the excuse? where is the proof to your ‘taat setia’ to this country? with this kind of terrible grasp of language still want to bark about other language besides national language?

    Helen’s response:

    hikma; hikmah; hikmat
    “A term which in the Qur’an means ‘wisdom’, and later acquired various technical meanings referring to religious, gnostic or esoteric philosophy.”

    Also my Kamus Pendidikan Islam (Fajar Bakti) says ‘hikmat’: Tujuan di sebalik sesuatu ibadat yang disuruh kita melakukannya.

    ‘Hikmat’ and ‘hikmah’ are spelled interchangeably, just like ‘ibadat’ and ‘ibadah’.

    I do agree with you that in the context of Tamingsari, the meaning is closer to ‘sakti’.

    As to whether there is possibly any “esoteric philosophy” in connection with the word where it applied to the keris, I don’t know as I admit I’m unfamiliar with Arabic, and with the history of Islamic philosophy and how it was later adapted by the various cultures that have embraced the faith.

    I welcome readers who are more arif on the matter to share their knowledge.

    • hartalmsm says:


      You asked me: “You live in this country for how long? 100 or 150 years and you still cannot see that the word hikmah and hikmat are world apart.”

      Aiyah, I’m not yet 100 years old lah. My age is a secret but I whisper to you: I’m 98, wink. — Helen

  18. ntahapahapantah says:

    Alamak.. ini hal kecik laa.. but we still keep on argue each other. do this will fix all the problem…??? why dont we give our opinion on how to harmony our country. so the intruder like AS will never easy to control on us.. Bangsa tetap bangsa, kalu u tukar agama, u punya bangsa tetap itu jugak. Jadi kalu u nak sambut perayaan bangsa u, tak jadi hal janji takdak pesongkan akidah u.. Jadi betul la apa yg dr.riduan tee cakap, “dah ditakdirkan cara dia mati mcm tu mungkin ada hikmah disebaliknya” bukan dia kata “dia layak mati sedemikian rupa dan itu merupakan satu tuah”. moyang datuk nenek org melayu dulu2 ikut hindu. selepas kemasukan Islam ke tanah melayu, mereka kekal sehingga sekarang. Islam bkn utk org melayu. Islam utk semua. Syukurlah bagi mereka yg dibukakan hati utk kembali Islam. Saya ada kawan ustaz, asal bkn Islam. Dia tidak mahu dikatakan masuk Islam tetapi kembali Islam. Jangan kerana Politik agama tergadai… jadi renung2 lah..

  19. dlm alquran allah memang menjadikan maknusia berbangsa bangsa supaya kita boleh berkenal kenalan antara satu sama lain.tapi kita semua dari keturunan adam sebab maknusia ramai dan berhijrah serata dunia dan cuaca lain lain jadi warna kulit kita lain2 bahasa juga lain2. kerana maknusia berpisah dari negara lain2.

  20. mustaqim says:

    saya fikir cina di Malaysia tidak bersyukur dan hanya memandang mereka sahaja yang betul dan tidak mengambil kira pendapat orang lain. Orang Cina di Malaysia juga terlalu ingin menjadi tuan di tanah air orang lain. JIKA TIDAK SUKA BERADA DI MALAYSIA BERHIJRAHLAH KE CHINA. KAMU BOLEH BERAMAL SEBEBAS- BEBASNYA DI SANA. (i think you all can understand what i said if you are true malaysian)

  21. mustaqim says:

    memangla Allah jadikan kita bebilang bangsa untuk kita saling mengenali. tetapi bagaimanakah bagi orang yang tidak akan faham konsep ini selama- lamanya? (orang yang bukan beragama Islam). ada yang beranggapan isu ini kecil, mungkin dia seorang yang terlalu lena dengan keadaan sekarang. janganlah bila dah merempat di tanah air sendiri baru nak melalak yang bukan- bukan.dengan sistem yang dikuasai orang yang bukan Islam (kapitalis).bolehkah kita survival dengan hanya mengharapkan semua rakyat malaysia faham akan konsep di atas? tanpa mempertahankan hak ketuanan Melayu. mungkin saudara yang berpendapat begitu berada dalam kalangan keluarga yang senang. tetapi bagaimanakah nasib mereka yang berada dalam keadaan yang susuah seperti di kampung dan oran miskin-majoriti orang Melayu. Ini semua terjadi akibat tindakan pecah-perintah pihak British dahulu. Orang Cina perlu faham keadaan itu. Orang suruh belajar sejarah tak mahu!!

    • saya tak sentuh ketuanan melayu. kerana ia tetap negara malaysia yang di iktiraf dan melayu bumiputra. itu semua kaum faham tak perlu risau. cuma saya inginkan sikap kerjasama antara semua sahaja. sebagai orang islam kita mesi memberi contoh terbaik pada bukan muslim kerana islam itu adil, perundangan islam itu sangat bijaksana. dan islam itu adalah penuh kesabaran bagi orang2 yang mengetahui. islam itu agama yang benar.

  22. baba mooda says:

    Well, the baby is Teoh’s since the family of the wife have accepted him. They also have many withnesses that know their relationship. So legally more speaking the baby is teoh’s baby. If you go to remote areas on this world, they are many marriages and many babies born without registrations, but the villagers or tribes do know who marries who. It is better than Nikah Mutaah since it takes only two persons, the bride and the groom, to make the marriage become valid. How we know who is the father of the baby since the marriage can last a few days only. Furthermore, how can we trust two people only without any withness?

  23. LN says:

    First of all, I think all politicians are human beings. They can easily be corrupted especially if they desire power, attention, money, etc. They also make mistakes.

    I’m not entirely sure Riduan Tee made a mistake by accidentally coming across insensitive. But his choice of words was terrible given that Teoh had just passed on for reasons still HAZY until today, nevermind the “special investigation” and all.

    Having been objective about this, I can now safely say that he does sound very harsh for a public figure who should be more careful with how to phrase his PERSONAL comments.

    Because some nasty few have been stirring up shit on the “racial platform”, many Malaysians are becoming suddenly “race-aware”. We have been harmonious and tolerant for 52 years and over the recent years we have begun to slide back…it’s almost as if we are going backwards and the sentiment in the air is negative. So I can understand also that even in this thread, there’s a clear non-Malay versus Malay sentiment going on. It is sad and perhaps I was wrong to cirticise the latest 1Malaysia ad campaign for having to REMIND US ALL TO HELP EACH OTHER IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. After all, isn’t it a given after so many years of living together?

    Moving on to “Ketuanan Melayu…

    “Ketuanan Melayu” has always existed. The fact that Bumiputera gets 5-10% off down-payment when purchasing a house, the quota system at universities, the mandated 30% bumiputera staff in companies – these are all examples that in Malaysia, Malays have preferential rights. And yes, the intention for it is to help them prosper given that a large % of the population is Malay and a larger % are poor. The British, during the colonial days, chose to collaborate with the Malays because they felt they were the simplest and easiest lot to “control”. So let’s thank our forefathers for realising this and deciding to give Malays a fresh start when they said bye-bye to the Brits.

    However, we cannot FORGET (because it is part of our history and heritage as Malaysians) that Malaysia has prospered with all races working together. Each race contributed to the economy in their own way. Each race has its strengths and the combination took Malaysia forward in relatively short time. I don’t have to go through the Sejarah Malaysia to remind us all that we were a nation of farmers, miners and rubber tappers/palm oil planters/etc exporting a lot of our natural resources to the world, before we became fully industrialised under the guidance of capable prime ministers.

    Now, at that time, the AGENDA of the government was to build Malaysia, progress the country. However over the years, we have lost track of what the country NEEDS because a few politicians have chosen to stir trouble via race-related comments to protect their own position in cabinet or to rise to the top. They think that by emphasising on “Ketuanan Melayu” and by making it sound as if the Malays were under threat of losing it, they would get votes from the very large Malay population so they can be powerful and reach their personal ambition.

    Because of this “Ketuanan Melayu” suddenly seems like a MAJOR issue. We HAVE to ask ourselves, that, since there has always been “Ketuanan Melayu” and the government has essentially NOT changed hands at all (still BN with UMNO as leading party), why is it that the Malays – especially outside of KL – are still poor?!? Why is it that some poor Malay folk still have to ration water? It has been decades since the NEP went into action. Is it the corruption of a few nasty people who are paranoid about losing power? The same people who keep harping on sensitive issues when NO MALAYSIAN BORN AND BRED here wants another May 13?

    I am not pro PKR or BN or ANY party precisely because there are just too many “renegade individuals” being emotional and promoting values that are corrupting what Malaysia stands for. And of course they DON’T CARE what happens to Malaysia because they would have made enough dirty money to BUY a new life in London.

    I hope Allah/God saves Malaysia. We are not getting any better.

  24. hartalmsm says:

    Thank you LN for a very balanced comment. Here’s hoping that our nation has enough people who think like you going to the polls in GE13.

    • LN says:


      I’m hoping all those years of brainwashing by irresponsible politicians has not totally damaged the conscience of our Malay friends. That they will vote wisely too at the GE13.

      Forget religion for a while – Malaysia belongs to all of us. Nobody has minded Ketuanan Melayu for umpteen years although you get gripes here and there which is understandable because it is not an easy concept to grasp.

      It’s only because of “racial hotpot stirring” by some people that has made some Malays fearful and non-Malays reactionary.
      It only takes one group of people to be overly defensive about their race to get another group to behave equally.

      Anyhow, isn’t it some kind of a good thing that all races feel ownership of Malaysia? It’s only when no line is drawn and opinions and actions become provocative and people speak without being considerate that the animal in us comes to the fore.



      I am in agreement with you but I will take some exception to this one line.

      “I’m hoping all those years of brainwashing by irresponsible politicians has not totally damaged the conscience of our Malay friends.”

      brainwashing and propaganda is not only purveyed by the ruling government and the Malays are not the only ones affected.

      Racial myths exist among every racial group in Malaysia and it is perpetrated at the grassroots level. We ALL need to stop any and every kind of racial profiling and just see each other as humans. Then whatever official propaganda foisted upon the rakyat will not hold.

      But there is ONE major idea that affects every Malaysian that most people have been conditioned into believing and accepting without question, to the point that they don’t even realise that it’s there. And that is…

      Anyone want to guess?


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