Beng Hock-tragedy upon tragedy (pt 2)

By Eyes Wide Open

How come JMD has so much insider information about the MACC investigation? Since he knows so much, is JMD going to be a material witness to the police? Or is he just passing off 2nd hand information? Or worse – is he fabricating lies to help the powers that be cover up the real case involved?

So who was Zulkifli Ahmad then?

By Helen Ang To recap, some Bangsarites raised a hue and cry over the Kosmo! story on Yasmin Ahmad. Apparently, Yasmin’s mother was unaware of the offending front page until the Utusan top guns showed up at her doorstep proffering their apology. So who was the Zulkifli guy pictured in that tabloid story on Yasmin? … Continue reading

Beng Hock-tragedy upon tragedy (pt 1)

By Eyes Wide Open

Recently, Jebat Must Die posted a plausible-sounding but utterly improbable theory on his blog that TBH and TBW (Tan Boon Wah) were so pally with the MACC that they REFUSED to go home after released. He/she bases his entire article’s exoneration of the MACC upon these (and a few other) plausible-sounding “facts” and fantasies. While I respect JMD as a writer of talent and a diligent researcher, I cannot help but feel utterly disgusted by this article.

As for me, being a no-bullshit kind of person, I hereby present my shit-shovelling service to the blog-reading world at large. I present JMD’s article in full, with my comments in red.