Beng Hock-tragedy upon tragedy (pt 1)

By Eyes Wide Open

Recently, Jebat Must Die posted a plausible-sounding but utterly improbable theory on his blog that TBH and TBW (Tan Boon Wah) were so pally with the MACC that they REFUSED to go home after released. He/she bases his entire article’s exoneration of the MACC upon these (and a few other) plausible-sounding “facts” and fantasies. While I respect JMD as a writer of talent and a diligent researcher, I cannot help but feel utterly disgusted by this article.

First, disgusted because the underlying assumption that people who read his blog are really THAT stupid as to accept any old spin and even blatant fabrication as truth. His/her entire article consists of nothing more than random potshots at PR politicians’ issues which are totally irrelevant to the TBH death case, unsubstantiated claims and seemingly inside information fed by the MACC. The sum total of all this is nothing less than a barenaked attempt to pull the wool over Malaysian’s eyes to cover up the flimsiness of his case and obfuscate the real burning questions in the TBH case.

As in any investigation into suspicious death and possible homicide by unknown persons, three areas must be established – what are the means (HOW did he die?), motive (WHY did he die?) and opportunity (WHERE/WHEN did he die?). Thereafter, it comes down to a search for the person who fulfils these three criteria. Unfortunately, instead of pursuing these questions, the bulk of the police and MACC investigations seem to be focused on: WHO did TBH call/contact? And WHAT did he tell those people?

We hardly hear anything in the news about the investigations into the MACC themselves. And this is especially strange, seeing that TBH was last seen in the MACC office and it has been pretty well established that he exited the MACC office’s window.

Second, I feel utterly disgusted because JMD’s implication is that any non-Malay who questions the MACC’s methods and professionalism is akin to questioning the Malay rights to absolute power in this country. Does he then mean that it doesn’t matter that the MACC has possibly caused the death of a human being, so long as they are UMNO Malays? So is he of the opinion that UMNOputras can and SHOULD get away with murder while dissenters deserve to be harassed and murdered?

And isn’t it interesting that this statement is coming just days after Berita Harian carried a similar op-ed piece. A concerted effort by the powers that be to muddle the issues? If so, it raises another more pertinent question – why do they feel the need to muddle the issues? What are they trying to distract from or cover up?

You figure it out.

As for me, being a no-bullshit kind of person, I hereby present my shit-shovelling service to the blog-reading world at large. I present JMD’s article in full, with my comments in red.


MACC and DAP: Finding the inconvenient truth

I believe a lot has been said about the tragic death of Teoh Beng Hock. Duh, no shit!

He was a witness of an MACC investigation pertaining the alleged misappropriation of funds by the Seri Kembangan state assemblyman, Ean Yong Hian Wah.

OK. So far, no one seems to have caught this little seed of misinformation – TBH was NOT a witness. I’ll clarify later.

Apparently, MACC sniffed several corruption practices within the administration of the Selangor Government. This should not be a surprise to all as this serious allegations had been brought up non other than members of parliament from Pakatan Rakyat itself; namely MP Wee Choo Keong and MP Azmin Ali.

Both saw it fit to state that some of the exco members in Selangor are involved with the criminal world of organised crimes and underworld elements. The latter even suggested that most of the Selangor members are not fit to govern and should be replaced!

In his blog, Wee Choo Keong stated :

Personally I’ve had and continue to receive many complaints from the Pakatan Rakyat members and business communities in Selangor that the office of a certain exco member had been and is continuing to be used as a meeting place for people connected with the “underground business activities.” This is an open secret within the Selangor State’s administrative office.

Today, a DAP assemblyman in Johor revealed that the Johor DAP is being infiltrated by the secret society members. This is very disturbing as the trend seemed to be widespread and not only occurs in the state of Selangor.

The assemblyman, Dr Boo Cheng Hau related:

He said he believed north Johor DAP has members with underworld background and he was once forcibly stopped from attending a party meeting in the area by people claiming to be party members.

Boo said they were from north Johor told him he was not welcome on their turf, and told him to take care of only his area (constituency) as other areas were none of his business.

He said he had also received complaints that some new branches have recruited members who are linked to the underworld.

This showed that certain people in the party are using secret societies to strengthen their positions, he said, adding that what they were doing was extremely dangerous. – The Sun.

I believe he is aware of what is besieging his party and I also believe that his concerns about the underworld rearing its ugly head in the party are genuine.

Hence, with top 3 politicians within the Pakatan Rakyat showing concerns and making revelations to the public about the underworld powers behind the DAP, should there be any reason the MACC not to make any investigations?

Or, do we honestly believe MACC should not make any kind of effort into these allegations?

Well, do we?

If we do believe that MACC should investigate, how then should MACC approach the case?

Sounds nice. But it’s bullshit all the same.

Since when does underworld matters come under the purview of the MACC? Underworld or secret societies of gangs are investigated under the organised crime branch of the PDRM are they not? Why is JMD using this case to justify MACC’s investigations? Especially when the MACC openly revealed that they were fishing for evidence of the misappropriation of politicians’ allocations and not investigating their alleged underworld links?

So why this confusion with the MACC’s stated purpose of their investigations, the blurring of jurisdiction lines, the mention of political spats that are totally irrelevant to TBH? JMD and his political bosses got no proof of anything on the PR guys so have to drag in some irrelevant cases to make their story sound more dramatic is it? Now do you understand why I feel so disgusted? Anyone with even half a brain to think with should too!

As we ponder on, I would like to clarify a few matter here regarding the MACC and Teoh Beng Hock.

Wow…JMD…How come you are in a position to clarify on behalf of MACC & TBH? You got the inside track on the MACC it seems, what with all your insider info and such.

Hey, it’s OK to come to the defense of another party – hey it’s a free world, right? You have your rights of free expression. No problem there.


If you are gong to defend someone, you’d better be convincing la. Your arguments should be rock solid – either based on indisputable evidence or airtight logic. Otherwise, who’s gonna believe you?

So, the question we need to decide is – can you really trust the apparent advocate of the people widely suspected of causing the death of TBH? Let’s examine further what JMD has to say and see if it’s really as credible as it looks, shall we?

(To be continued…)
One Response to “Beng Hock-tragedy upon tragedy (pt 1)”
  1. Mat Setia says:

    What ROTTEN logic is there for the Malay papers to suggest questioning the MACC is like questioning malay rights ?
    What utter rubbish !
    Is Utusan & Berita Harian suggesting any malay has the right to kill anybody they like without being brought to justice.?
    Do we have Law in Malaysia or Law of the Jungle ?
    Fortunately Malaysia has a lot of Good & Intelligent,Fair minded Malay Leaders & Malays who do not share these ‘racist political views ‘ that Mamak & fake Malays like Mahathir will spit out to protect their illgotten wealth.
    Hidup Reformasi !

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