1Rosmah, de facto concurrent PM of 1Malaysia

By Helen Ang

Uppercaise muses on how the new kid on the blog has no job at the PM’s Office. “She’s not paid by the taxpayer to do anything in government or the administration.

“We already have a Queen. She’s even mentioned in the Constitution. (The Queen, that is.) We have to pay for her upkeep. By law. The Queen ranks No.2 in the country in the official order of precedence. By law. Order of Precedence… vide Government of Malaysia Gazette Volume 42 No P.U. (B) 29 dated 22nd January 1998.”

The gazette lists 70 positions and there is no mention of any wives of those holding office.

1Page, 1Paragraph, one helluva Rosy puff

Uppercaise checked out the White House website and found just one page on the wife of the leader of the free world.

Number 10 Downing Street has a page on the role of the PM. No mention of wife. One page biography of the Gordon Brown and one paragraph in which wife Sarah and sons are mentioned. “That’s it.”

Ha-ha-ha, I very like Uppercaise’s deadpan, wry humour. This dude from the Republic of San Seriffe rocks!

Also check out his Good grief…

11 Responses to “1Rosmah, de facto concurrent PM of 1Malaysia”
  1. richardpoon says:

    the country will be in trouble in the event they bring their domestic problems to the office!

  2. greentree says:

    Ha-ha-ha funny indeed. Some people’s egos are as big as, or shall we say, bigger than their hair. Okay, let’s see, raise your hands all those who want to know more about She who is the wife of the PM?

  3. anak perelih says:

    Who said Rosmah is just the wife of the Prime Minister… he is also the co Prime Minister of Malaysia too…

  4. lakian says:

    The first lady Prime Minister of Malaysia is……
    Datuk Sri Dr.Rooooossssssmmmmaaaaah
    Do you belief oh is up to you.
    Remember she can screw Sultan
    King shack hand to her
    Mahatir kowtow to her
    She is superior

  5. maie58 says:

    rosmah is the first lady of malaysia cum pm of malaysia.why??????because she and umno/bn think malaysians are all stupid.they live in palace while malaysian are just stupid supporters.dont believe????look at rosmah’s website….being surrounded by non other than a group of people who is insulting the level of thier education……

  6. tony says:

    I f she carves for limelight the best thing to do is to be an mp. who knows she might ends up as the next prime minister hahahaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. maw says:

    1malaysia first lady trying to sell 1malaysia to investors so must have inter netlah!,must be in pm’s office to keep pm remain cool.1lady is not only a sleeping partner,she is also a working partner-see pm said our ekonomi amat kukoh very strong,tak percaya hah! !..tanya rosmah.ma.!

  8. Plaza Damas,KL says:

    Any wonder why Lee Kuan Yew paid a visit to see Rosmah personally?Also heard that Malaysia is giving total air rights to Singapore to fly their air planes over.Sand will be sold outright as of next month.This is indeed Malaysia Boleh!


    Behind every great woman is a weak man
    How else can she find a small stool to stand
    On firm solid ground without making amend
    To what’s well known as her personal brand

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 070809
    Fri. 7th Aug. 2009.

  10. Gozaimasu says:

    adopt the 1CivilService concept, Eat First, Sleep Now, Work Later.

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