Which is worse – the Pakatan rift or the BN rift?

by Eyes Wide Open

The weekend has seen a sudden push by the BN against the PR – Khairy daring PAS to prove its Muslim credentials, Utusan attacking DAP as anti-Islam, UMNO labelling Anwar as a traitor to his race (whatever THAT means!) and more such race-baiting issues. The sum total effect is to create the impression that the PR is disintegrating, or to create enough issues for the PR to disintegrate.

That’s not such a remote possiblity, despite the denials of their top leaders. They PR politicians are coming across as really petty, what with Jeff Ooi and his childish denouncements, Hassan Ali and his Taliban mentality and such.

But…is it all roses in the BN side? Well, of course they would like you to believe so. And since they control the MSM, you could never know if there was anything going on.

Or could you?

Looking beyond the MSM spin

When Najib took over from flip-flop Abdullah, the MSM positioned him as the saviour of Malaysian politics. He was the one who supposedly had the credentials, the wisdom and the experience to unite the BN and bring stability to the country under his firm hand. 100 days or so later, the BN is again flip-flopping in its many policy announcements. The latest embarrassing episode would seem to be the Internet censorship announcements.

One would suspect that the BN was not a united entity at all. I mean, between a “senior official” revealing that the BN was going to censor the Internet, to a Cabinet Minister (Rais Yatim) clarifying that it was only a limited censorship of porn, to the PM himself announcing that there was to be no censorship at all, and now the MCMC announcing that they want to investigate the rakyat’s internet usage for elements that are not “positive or safe” (whatever the hell that means) – who are we supposed to believe?

If the MSM is not able to come up with a coherent story, it can only mean one thing: there is a struggle for prominence in a magnitude never seen before in Malaysia. Just look at the Mahathir era – not a single newspaper out of line. They said what DrM wanted them to say and nothing else! The stories were consistent across the board.

But now we have Najib constantly appearing in the news to “clarify” things for his Ministers and sometimes even junior officers who are not even from his ministry! What’s happening?

Who’s fighting to be REALLY in charge now?

We could understand the flip-flops if it was Tun Abdullah because he lacked control over his minions. Najib however was expected to herald a return to strong arm politics.

But with the various pieces of contradictory news coming out of the spin factories, it would seem that Najib can’t even control his party organs. If he can’t control his media (whose editors depend on the good graces of their respective political parties to keep their jobs), how is he ever going to be able to control UMNO or the entire BN?

All these contradicting news reports hint at editorial confusion. What news to present? Which boss to listen to? And if the tightly-controlled MSM seem confused, then it certainly hints at powerful forces at work – forces that Najib is unable to hold in check – all vying for political prominence.

Not having the privilege of being privy to the workings of the high and mighty, most of us will just have to be satisfied with deducing what is really going on by reading between the lines of the MSM. And what we can see is clear enough, if we look at it with Eyes Wide Open enough.

Signs of irreparable cracks in the BN

Lack of political cohesion – even in the critical time after GE12, even after Najib has taken over as the saviour of BN – would mean that the BN is heading towards an inevitable and possibly permanent breakup. The cracks have become too obvious for even the BN-controlled MSM to hide.

The contradictory announcements we’ve been treated to thus far, taken together with the apparent in-fighting among and within the BN component parties AND the way that the once-very-powerful post of UMNO Youth leader now being almost completely ignored by the media – all point to the fact that the BN is finally imploding under the weight of its various components’ personal agendas.

Don’t believe, ah? Let’s take a very quick look at what’s happening with just ONE of the BN component parties – the MCA, the most senior and UMNO’s biggest partner.

MCA – Too-obvious political in-fighting

Since the days of Tan Koon Swan and Ling Liong Sik, MCA’s Team A & Team B have not been able to reconcile and work together. At the latest MCA party elections, this has become as clear as day with the battle lines clearly drawn and campaigning was carried out on Team loyalties and not party loyalty. So in effect, the party voted for personalities and NOT the cause (To hell with that, yeah?) Let’s vote for the people who WE PERSONALLY LIKE!

That’s a real toss-up isn’t it: sex tape fall guy and multi-billion-dollar scandal fall guy?

This resulted in the unprecedented MCA Presidential election results. Perhaps the MCA delegates thought it was the smart thing to do, electing the Prez from Team A and his Deputy from Team B. Perhaps the MCA delegates thought that this would even out the balance of power within the party. Perhaps the MCA delegates thought that it would be a good way to force the 2 Teams to work together.

Or perhaps the MCA delegates simply had a sense of humour and wanted to see how the Team A/Team B circus would play out with the clowns at the highest level.

Whatever it is, one thing is absolutely clear – with Chua Soi Lek and Ong Tee Keat constantly leading their respective teams into heated battle (for what also I dunno), they have no time or energy left to lead the country or represent the Malaysian Chinese. Don’t believe it?

Ask OTK what he’s been doing about the RM12bil PKFZ fiasco.

MCA – Just covering their own asses

After promise upon promise upon promise, after threatening the Opposition about casting doubt on his sincerity, after stating so firmly “There will be no cover-ups”, what do we have?

A half-hearted PAC enquiry, a half-revealed audit report and ZERO calls to accountability – all coming a year too late after OTK’s promise, made so boldly in Parliament.


The PKFZ lost BILLIONS of taxpayer’s ringgit, caused an international embarrassment when world-renowned port managers Jebel Ali Free Zone pulled out and there is enough open evidence of double-dealings, vested interests and plain corruption going on.

And what has OTK has been busy doing in that one year?

Plotting his Deputy Prez’s political assassination! What else could it be, with the revival of the whole sordid CSL sex tape case in the MSM? And we all know who controls the MSM, right? Certainly NOT the party Deputy Prez!

Amidst the biggest financial scandal in the 600 year history of Malaysia, THAT is OTK’s No 1 priority?!

Sigh…well, this IS Malaysia after all. We can understand his hesitation to really handle the PKFZ issue since several “tokoh” MCA were involved and were in a position to ride on the gravy train. So ok la, you want to cover your asses. You want to cannibalise your Deputy Prez to divert attention from your own impotence. We won’t pursue that issue first.

But then what about all the UMNO media attacks on the Malaysian Chinese?

MCA – Prostituting their integrity

In just one newspaper alone (Utusan Malaysia) there have been repeated attacks on the entire Malaysian Chinese community. I’ll just quote a few of their choice op-ed pieces:

“Persoalannya, kini apakah pengorbanan Melayu dikhianati oleh kaum lain?” (Melayu Dikhianati?)

When UMNO attacks the entire Chinese community in Malaysia as traitors – a term that is VERY sensitive among the Chinese – where was “the voice of all Malaysian Chinese people” – the MCA? Well, it’s obvious that the only Chinese party that has “government representation” was happy to just roll over keep their eyes closed.

“Ketika DAP, MCA, MIC misalnya makin lantang memperjuangkan kepentingan kaum mereka tanpa sedikitpun rasa kekok, tiada sebab untuk UMNO teragak-agak dan terlalu mahu menjaga hati kaum lain.” (Jagalah Hati Melayu)

This is even worse! Utusan directly attacks MCA and openly instigates UMNO to be even more brazen in their attacks on all Malaysian Chinese. Where was the MCA? Nowhere to be seen. Not even a peep from them.

“Apakah hanya kita sahaja yang sentiasa memberi dan selalunya dikorbankan atas nama keprihatinan terhadap keperluan orang lain? Pernahkah, mereka yang lain melakukan perkara yang sama. Kerana semenjak merdeka lagi, hanya satu pihak sahaja nampaknya sudi berkorban. Manakala di pihak yang lain sentiasa mahu mempertahankan haknya.” (Pertahankan satu lagi hak daripada terlucut)

This is an outrageous accusation that since Merdeka, the MCA had been the real powers in Malaysia, as UMNO had always been the one compromising to their requests. This is a blatant attempt to pitch not only the races against each other but also indirectly criticizing all non-Malay parties in the BN. WHERE IS THE MCA? Why did they NOT respond to clarify and rebut these fabrications? Were they too chicken, or were there too many skeletons in their closet that they did not dare to go against the masters who fed them their bones?

“Orang Melayu, Raja-Raja Melayu dan Kumpulan Utusan Melayu yang selama ini sangat bersabar dan sentiasa sangat berhati-hati menjaga hati orang Cina dan India, sudah tidak boleh tahan lagi.” (Melayu Jangan Jadi Bacul)

In yet another veiled threat that the “Malays are losing their temper”, MCA’s response is yet again, predictably – NOTHING. It was up to Opposition parties like PAS to stand up to UMNO and demand that they respect the other races in the country. Ironically, the MCA were the ones who later jumped to denounce the Opposition, who was merely doing the MCA’s job for them!

The coup de grace must be the op-ed by the influential Utusan columnist Awang Selamat, when he delivered two tight slaps to the MCA’s face in full view of the whole nation:

“Malah jika MCA mahu meninggalkan BN, tiada apa yang perlu dibimbangkan. Dengan adanya MCA sekalipun, BN belum tentu dapat memenangi hati masyarakat Cina (termasuk pada pilihan raya umum depan).”

MCA’s reaction?

Yet again.


Not a single word in the official media in defense of themselves or the Malaysian Chinese population.

Despite the repeated attacks on the community they are supposed to represent, the MCA’s consistent response has been merely to tuck their tales between their legs, rub their hands together, kowtow and smile at their political masters while UMNO openly, brazenly, unashamedly spreads racial hatred towards the entire Malaysian Chinese community!

Hey! The MCA owns the Star, another very obedient newspaper. They can easily use their own organ to rebut UMNO’s claims. But the Star didn’t even carry reports of Utusan’s outrageous articles, much less rebut them.

It’s obvious that the MCA have been very effectively muzzled by UMNO, to the point that they can’t even defend their own party’s dignity against UMNO’s aggression.

Malaysian Chinese Association, konon. Looking out for Chinese interests konon. Parti MCA sendiri kena bantai kaw-kaw dengan bertubi-tubi oleh kaki UMNO pun tak berani bersuara langsung. Diri sendiri pun kecut bila kena sound sikit, macam mana nak membela nasib masyarakat Cina di Malaysia? Betul kata Utusan UMNO – MCA ini betul-betul tak guna!

MCA – Betraying the Malaysian Chinese

As we have seen again and again and again, UMNO, through their mouthpieces, have repeatedly used the Malaysian Chinese as convenient whipping boys, much like Hitler victimised the Jews to unite Germans under Nazism.

The Jews then had no political party to represent them. They certainly did NOT have any representation in government to tell their side of the story. Look what happened to them eventually.

But Malaysian Chinese are being sold the story that we DO have a political party to represent their interests. The MCA claims to be the ONLY Chinese party who “has the ear of the government” and therefore are the ONLY ones who can bring up Chinese issues effectively.

But in this, the most important aspect, the MCA has repeatedly stabbed Malaysian Chinese in the back.

By asking people to vote for UMNO while at the same time being in collusion in their excesses. By claiming to represent Malaysian Chinese while continuing to kowtow to UMNO’s brazen rhetoric against them. By not speaking up for the rights of Malaysian Chinese while UMNO fans the flames of racial hatred against them.

Besides officiating at cultural events, being the Chinese proxy during elections and posing as a showpiece of the UMNO administration’s “tolerance” of the “other races”, has the MCA contributed anything to the Chinese in this nation lately?


The MCA Transport Ministers will forever be remembered as the ones who saddled the “90% of Malaysian taxpayers (who) are Chinese” with a whopping RM12billion debt that our grandchildren will be struggling to pay off long after this present generation is fertilising Malaysian soil in our graves.

MCA – imminent showdown with UMNO?

So what next? Can the MCA survive as UMNO’s senior partner in the BN? The MCA surely cannot tolerate this kind of boot-in-the-face politics anymore. There will come a time of reckoning. And it may come sooner than later because the party cannot survive like this – reduced to merely being a trophy wife.

And UMNO washing their hands of the multi-billion PKFZ scandal and threw OTK to the wolves certainly isn’t something that true friends do, is it? Especially when it is abundantly clear the person who benefitted most from the PKFZ’s dubious transactions is a highly-placed UMNO member. Surely the MCA has more dignity than to allow itself to be left with the check after the guests have ransacked the house? I hope not – for the sake of the millions of Malaysian Chinese they claim to represent.

We can see that the inevitable break within the BN is already happening.

See how the Gerakan is moving into the vacuum left by MCA’s reluctance to take on UMNO. They are starting to make small sounds against UMNO’s aggressive hegemony. While not as significantly defiant as the Opposition or civil society yet, it’s a start nonetheless.

The vast majority of Malaysian Chinese already feel increasingly alienated by UMNO’s rhetoric. While they may not participate in loud protests, they certainly are biding their time until GE13 to unleash their unhappiness at the ballot box.

If the MCA continues to kowtow to UMNO while getting slapped (like the lowliest kind of “chat hai chai”), most of the Malaysian Chinese who do not want to support the Opposition will transfer their loyalties to Gerakan.

With the MCA already hemorrhaging support, they cannot afford NOT to make a stand against UMNO. Or else, we could be seeing that in the days after GE13, Gerakan would usurp MCA’s position as senior partner in the BN representing Chinese interests! Surely the MCA does not want to be upstaged by a comparatively small-time upstart party like Gerakan?

We have just looked at ONE of the component parties of the BN. We have not even explored any of the other parties’ fault lines.

Despite the MSM’s best attempts to spin everything positively for the BN, we can clearly see that these massive cracks appearing in the BN dwarf the fledgling PR’s own frictions. All the intra-party and inter-party fighting in the BN has become just too big and obvious for even the BN-controlled MSM to cover up.

BN as a whole is truly imploding.

If the Pakatan want to have any hope of ruling the country, they would be smart to pull their act together and repair their own cracks NOW. Because the BN certainly won’t be viable for much longer – and the PR better be ready when the time comes!

15 Responses to “Which is worse – the Pakatan rift or the BN rift?”
  1. nxghosting says:

    i like this report about political in fightning

  2. Mamma MiaMia says:


    Logically speaking, to showdown over any causes, MCA only needs to respond politically to other political parties directly.

    Utusan Malaysia is just a newspaper. Not worth wasting time over tiny dog barking.

    On MCA internal kungfu fighting between the president and deputy president, non-members have no rights to say anything at all – no locus standi, ma. Is the writer a closet MCA member? If yes, better use your skills to help your party problem solve rather than just trying to kill your party from outside lar.

    • “to showdown over any causes, MCA only needs to respond politically to other political parties directly”

      That’s what they don’t have the nuts to do. And that’s the whole point of this article. MCA is equal partner to UMNO konon – where’s the equality when the MCA is nothing more than UMNO’s eunuch? Being slapped left, right, centre and still kowtow? How to represent the Chinese when they themselves are impotent?

      The showdown I’m talking about is assuming the MCA finally grows enough guts to stand up for its dignity la. If that also they fail to do…oh well. If a party so gutless collapses for lack of support, it’s no big loss to the nation eh?

      “Utusan Malaysia is just a newspaper. Not worth wasting time over tiny dog barking.”

      Based on the Audited Bureau of Circulation (ABC)’s 2008 (Jan-Jun) and AC Nielsen’s 2008 poll survey results, Utusan Malaysia recorded an average net sales figure of 186,994 copies per issue with 947,000 readers, while Mingguan Malaysia recorded an average net sales figure of 455,893 copies per issue with 1,612,000 readers, making it the highest circulated weekly newspaper in the country.

      You have severely underestimated this paper’s influence. Or you are ignorant of the facts.

      “non-members (of MCA) have no rights to say anything at all – no locus standi, ma.”

      Where’s the logic in your statement, pray tell? By your same logic, if you’re not a member of HartalMSM then you are not entitled to make comments here lo…

      “Is the writer a closet MCA member?”

      No, I am not a member of any political party. I did toy with the idea of joining the DAP once. But I decided against it because I believe that the most effective way to bring about change in this country is not changing political masters, but to awaken the rakyat so that we can all demand with one voice that the politicians serve us and not we serve them.


      Thanks for reading this article at such a late hour. Now please get some rest. Go back to sleep.

      • hartalmsm says:

        Utusan Malaysia – 186,994 copies per issue with 947,000 readers
        Mingguan Malaysia – 455,893 copies per issue with 1,612,000 readers

        This means the weekday edition has a readership of about 5 people per copy and the weekend edition has about 3 people per copy.

        This would suggest that on weekdays people read the papers in public places – offices, coffee shops, etc. – thus more readers per newspaper copy. And on weekends, they went to BUY the paper for themselves, thus drastically boosting the circulation numbers while reducing the readership per copy – because the paper is shared with less people.

        Either way, it means that Utusan is the paper of choice for a million or so readers. It would not be a paper of choice if readers did not identify with its contents.

  3. anonymous says:

    actually i think the government has already do a lot of favour to the rakyat much than what can we aspect from the past administration…better u check,what the government are doing and implementing towards the people in this country …come on don’t waste your gifted minds to think ,think towards unity and thats a lot of things to do.

    • hartalmsm says:

      “actually i think the government has already do a lot of favour to the rakyat”

      You seem to misunderstand the role of government.

      The government of the day (i.e. whichever party that the majority in Parliament agrees should admininister the country) is comprised of people who are ELECTED BY THE RAKYAT to REPRESENT THE RAKYAT. Without the rakyat’s votes and support, they are nobody.

      As such, as the RAKYAT gave the YBs their job, the RAKYAT is the boss. The RAKYAT are the ones who amanah-kan these people to do what is best for the RAKYAT – not do them any “favours”.

      It’s the RAKYAT who did the YB’s a favour by electing them into office.

      “think towards unity and thats a lot of things to do”

      That’s what we’re trying to do. Except that certain quarters insist on driving people apart. We can see it in the newspapers every day.

  4. Flo says:

    How to f***ONMU if ACM is impotent.

  5. chanjoe says:

    The first time I know about politics, I know people calling MCA as the “Running Dog” party even more than 40 years ago. Till today, they are still the “running dog” and also became a “lap dog” to UMNO too.

    They took advantage of us Chinese to enrich their ownselves. Look at how much riches they have amassed. No wonder many people wanted to be leaders of MCA and riches are just awaiting them once they have the position and power.

    My very own brother-in-law became rich after he became a branch chairman for some years and got in with some officials.

    Dont worry, we Chinese know who MCA is and will not be easily fooled by them anymore. Its the petty quarrelling within PR thats upsetting most Chinese esp over racial issues and with fanatics like Zukifli Nordin, Hassan Ali, Jeff Ooi, Wee Choo Keong. If this continues, we have no choice but to vote for the devil BN and teach PR a good lesson same as when we taught BN a good lesson in GE12.

    If PR dont wake up, then sorry and bye bye lah….

    • vinnan says:

      It would be silly to abandon the opposition because of people like the Zul F;'[er, Hassan taliban and Wee Hee wannabe. The opposition parties unlike the BN do not have the financial resources to impose the kind of discipline among their members simply because they are not corrupted. Vote for the opposition but be very selective. You can also ‘vote’ against the BN by refusing to vote for their candidates.

  6. You asking “Which is worst”..?
    Both are…!!!

    BN for 52 damn long years…………!!
    Pakatan…, ever since its existence…….!!!

    U do the maths.
    Which “”is”” worst..????????

  7. Gozaimasu says:

    tsk! no wonder our Manglish is world famous. Which is ‘worst’?

    the title says, Which is Worse. Should be teaching our young ones, how to use English with English.

  8. jane says:

    Great write-up. Someone should translate it into chinese and put it up on their blog and let the chinese read them. Then they too can see the ‘chicken’ aspect of MCA, their so called ‘defender of their community’.

  9. Yusoff says:

    I get it now…

    You are trying to tell us that PR is bad.. but its ok , and justifiable because BN is much worse?

    Why do you all have this kind of mentality? If this is what PR is about, then i am going to swing back to BN. How can you all choose to look good by exposing the bad things of BN? why can u all look good by DOING good?

  10. KH Tan says:

    Very interesting and relevant. Keep writing so that many of us could be informed and kept aware of what’s going on politically. We won’t learn this from MSM. Great!

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