If you fail Math/Science in English, you can work as a journalist.

This write-up appeared on Patrick Teoh’s blog on Aug 21st. Nothing like a bit of plastic patriotism to celebrate Merdeka, eh? ————- On page N36 of the street version The Star today there is a photo of some members of the Ipoh City Council staff waving little Malaysian flags. Nothing wrong with that I guess. … Continue reading

Words fail me

By Malaysian Heart DPM slams Pakatan for ‘smear tactics’ before Ramadan …deputy prime minister Tan Sri Muyhiddin Yassin today slammed the opposition for its campaign to “smear” Barisan Nasional, saying he was surprised they would do it with the Muslim fasting month just around the corner.

Fail, Mr Home Minister, fail!

– by Eyes Wide Open And the crap factory keeps churning out the propaganda. There are so many things wrong with this article (or rather, the statements being reported by this article). Any decent newspaper would have destroyed such propaganda statements with a scathing commentary. But this is Bernama – the state owned propaganda machine … Continue reading