Helen pulls out from Hartal

By Helen Ang

My name will be coming down from the sidebar of this blog.

An explanation is owed readers but I don’t know what to say, except ‘Sorry’, and hugs to everyone.

As with most people unsure of where to start, let me go back to the beginning.

The photo below (nicked from Malaysiakini) was taken during a January 2008 Press conference where Hartal MSM announced the launch of ‘Paper-free Tuesday, No buy, no lies’.

At Bloghouse

At Bloghouse; Haris Ibrahim (centre)

Born in People’s Parliament

In the presence of the reporters that day, Haris Ibrahim mischievously sent sms-es on the spot to Zainuddin Mydin, Wong Chun Wai and other MSM top brass to inform them of our call to boycott newspapers.

Seated on my right is Chew. Sharifuddin is at the other end of the table, and the blogger holding the camera is Capt. Yusof Ahmad (‘The Ancient Mariner’) who recently passed away – very sad, and al-Fatihah.

Haris’ website the People’s Parliament still has on its front page our write-ups on Hartal MSM activities. And Haris introduced this blog you’re currently reading to blogosphere when we first came online.

He was instrumental in creating Hartal MSM 1.0, and responsible for a good part of its postings. Although he’s not hands-on with the present 2.0 version spin-off, Hartal’s mediawatch initiative remains a part of the People’s Parliament Anak Bangsa Malaysia project.

New member coming on board

I too will no longer be involved in the day-to-day running of this blog. I’m passing the baton to EWO and MH who are energetically sinking their teeth into the effort. Shar has gotten someone else to take my place, to be introduced soon.

I have to withdraw because I’ve many demands made on my attention, and too little time to do all the stuff required of me.

Even so, the team will pick up any of my writings worth aggregating (just like Hartal does other media unspinners), as and when I write for CPI Asia where I’m a staff. [See right of this page, under ‘NGO’ header.]

Hartal’s favourite folks

Before I sign off, I’d just like to share this picture below of Mohd Noor of Ipoh, and his family. To this day, they wear our ‘Boycott the newspapers’ T-shirt every Saturday. In this end-2007 photo, they’re in the Bersih colour of yellow.

Mohd Noor in blue apron

Mohd Noor (in blue apron)

I’d also like to add a passing mention of Anil Netto who, to my surprise, once turned up for a regional (including journos from Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines) journalism workshop wearing the yellow Hartal ‘Boycott the newspapers’ T-shirt when all the other participants were soberly dressed in office attire. Anil’s article here.

And my heartfelt thanks to the contributors who have given their articles to be published here, and other supporters, bloggers and commentators.

A debt of gratitude to Raja Petra and Steven Gan whose portals publicized our debut on July 30, and helping us garner more than 10,000 hits within our first 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the establishment backing MSM has vast resources at their command but what the heck, here’s ‘Power to the people!’ They can’t fool all of the people all of the time …

3 Responses to “Helen pulls out from Hartal”
  1. Well Helen, all things good must come to end someday. Thanks for your interesting writes thus far and do take good care. Best wishes to your other undertakings.

  2. temenggong says:

    It did occur to me that you may be overstretched in your work. Best!

  3. Thanks for your effort all these while…!
    Good luck..!

    But do try to slip in some news once awhile yah…..!!!

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