Utusan Melayu…or Ugutan Melayu?

This article appeared on Azly Rahman’s blog on August 5th, amidst the fierce attacks emanating from Utusan Malaysia. It is certainly a reasoned and reasonable response to Utusan’s slanted reporting.

Dr Azly Rahman is a renowned academic currently based in the US. This Anak Malaysia’s very impressive profile is just too much to summarize, so you can read all his very lengthy credentials here.


Utusan Melayu…or Ugutan Melayu?

by Dr Azly Rahman

What is the function of a newspaper in a multicultural society? Is it to expand the mind of readers or to instill fear of others –or even of oneself?

Utusan Melayu (I am still familiar with this name rather than Utusan Malaysia) or the Malay Messenger has some good stuff to contribute to society but generally its and mission and vision is to build soul cages of the Malays. The mind of the Malay is warped, distorted, and archived into a realm of fear of itself and of others. Through the Malay language it brings thinking into a tabloidic dimension and relegates politics into a subject of advancing the backwardness of ultra-communalism.

Utusan Melayu is synonymous with Ketuanan Melayu, Tuntutan Melayu, Rasul Melayu, Kongres Melayu, Kesatuan Melayu, and other forms of glorified anomalies of the progressive Malay mind yearning to be free from the shackles of feudalism, superstition, and neo-feudalistic and urban-superstitious beliefs.

Utusan Melayu claims to be “Penyebar Fikiran Rakyat”. But does it expand the mind nor spread the message of peace of the Malays in relation to the much-needed marhaenism with other races?

By calling the Malays not to be “bachul” or “wimp” and to “bangkit” or to rise, the newspaper is showing its irrelevance and outdatedness of rhetoric. Tabloidic and tantric treatment of totalitarian thinking. The Malays are confused what these messages mean because they now have no reason to de-wimp themselves nor to rise. Against who? Are Malaysians not seeing the emergence, though with growing pains, of a two -party system that in which a multicultural coalition is gnawing the roots of ethnocentric-based political alliance that have survived on fear management?

Back to my confusion on the role of Utusan Melayu. On the idea of “kebaculan” and “kebangkitan” (wimpiness and wakefulness)

Perhaps there is a hidden message in all these. The call to de-wimp and rise is a call to arms against the few Malays in power that are using the media to create a false consciousness of who the real enemy is and what the real issue has been. Perhaps the call is to revolt against all forms of authoritarianism and totalitarianism that have made the Malays of these days carry an unpleasant name.

Perhaps the call is to rise against all kinds of organizations, paid or volunteer, that seems to advance the “rights of the Malays” and insist on keeping repressive intact to bludgeon others.

Is Utusan Melayu a threat to the advancement of the Malays? Is it still a popular tabloid that now uses threatening means to maintain readership? Or is it merely a continuation of a cultural transmission of fear and trembling, superstition and sensationalism, to get modern Malays to do shadowboxing/shadowpuppet play with bogeymen and bogeymen created from an old script of Ketuanan Melayu?

I do not know. But is it called Ugutan Melayu or Utusan Melayu?

4 Responses to “Utusan Melayu…or Ugutan Melayu?”
  1. Paul Warren says:

    I think the Malaysian Malays have found for themselves a new enemy to have to contend with by their Ketuanan Melayu posturings and one-upmenships. Indonesia.

    Indonesia and Indonesians probably hate the Malay Malaysians so much that the continued ketuanan mentality of the UMNO Malays actually becomes a threat to the security of the nation. So many things have happened recently that the Indonesians are piling up one infringement after another. From the loss of an Island to infringement of their territorial waters by our navy, to plagiarising songs such as Rasa Sayang and lately a Balinese dance Indonesians from the President down are pretty damned mad. Even at the religious level there are conflicts where Halal Certifications became an issue.

    And yet, it would seem like UMNO Malays are more occupied creating for themselves an enemy they do not need and do not have.To be honest, UMNO leaders soon enough realise their total uselessness to their own community and so they create this bogey enemy, the non-Malays, the non-Muslims. They make it sound like the Malays are under threat and need protection. and they are the protectors. Sounds no different from the local bully.

  2. JJays says:

    Something must be seriously wrong with U.Melayu. Najib say 1M’sia, Utusan say Melayu bacul, Bangkit and etc.

    “Things Do Not Change, We Do”.
    People are changing their stand. Non-Malay is voting PAS. Whatelse the UMNO can say now?

    I prefer PAS then Umno racist. I will never support Umno untill they learn how to respect Non-malay.

  3. bangkalipoeylukiaka says:

    Well said, Dr.

    This MSM is also known as “Putusan Malaisee”, due to the act of the evil, selfish, racist political DESPERADOs who are the real TRAITORs of Bolehland.

    It has F%$# Najis 1Malsysia many many times, what a shame.

  4. mahu duit says:

    Utusan is shaming the malays for the whole world to see by always blaming everything conveniently on the non-malays, their favorite bogeyman. Except in Israel and formerly South Africa,no other countries in the world now enjoy blaming their fellow countrymen for their whatever fantasied misgivings.So don’t insult the Jews,we are the same like them.

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