Adoi…who to believe, hah?

by Eyes Wide Open Same event, vastly different story! The Star has it that: He (Chua Soi Lek) told a press conference that he had received a copy of the disciplinary board’s recommendation. “As a loyal party man, I have to abide by the decision of the disciplinary board and the presidential council,” he said. … Continue reading

“MACC man contradicts own ‘proof’ of corruption”

By Eyes Wide Open That should have been the headline in the Star’s story today in page N10 on the TBH death inquest. But then, this is Malaysiam MSM, so… “ROW IN THE TOILET” screams the headline in the Star. “MACC man claims Teoh had an argument with Kajang councillor” proclaimed the sub-header breathlessly. Putrid … Continue reading

Malaysian government brings in PR firm, will need all the help it can get

(It’s no secret that APCO Worldwide had been appointed by the Najib Administration to upgrade its image and lobby for international acceptance – particularly by the US. But is PR enough to solve Malaysia’s problems? This is an interesting take by an independent observer. Ben Bland is a freelance journalist based in Singapore, reporting for … Continue reading