It’s not the candidate, stupid!

by Reina

The mainstream English media’s singing the same song, namely from The Star and the New Straits Times. And the song is called “It’s the candidate, stupid!”. Was there ever a chance that the electorate might have believed that Rohaizat Othman, whose details of disbarment from the Malaysian Bar and claims that he had a second wife emerged right in the middle of the campaigning, was the MAIN reason for Barisan Nasional’s defeat in the Tuesday by-election, the latest in a string of by-elections since Barisan’s disastrous showing in March 8, 2008 general election?

But this is the song the mainstream is singing today.

Joceline Tan in ‘Choice of candidate matters’ in The Star says: The Barisan had a very good chance to cut big into the majority won by the late Datuk Mohd Hamdan Abdul Rahman had it not been for Rohaizat’s baggage.


New Straits Times’ Zubaidah Abu Bakar says in ‘Lame duck candidate could have contributed to defeat’:
Permatang Pasir seems to have been a wasted opportunity for Umno to have sustained the momentum from Manik Urai … Umno could have fielded a more credible candidate to represent Barisan Nasional and keep the momentum alive in yesterday’s (Tuesday’s) by-election.

It is as if the ruling coalition could have wrested the Permatang Pasir state seat that is in Anwar heartland if not for the scandal tainted candidate.

This was probably what the political masters of the media wanted them to say after Penang PAS commissioner Mohd Salleh Man defeated Rohaizat Othman with a 4,551-majority on Tuesday.

The fact that the late Mohd Hamdan was a well-respected and well-liked state assemblyman who was close to his constituents and this probably gave the Pakatan Rakyat a better standing among the electorate did not matter at all.

And the fact that this was the state seat where PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his wife PKR president Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizan Wan Ismail vote and that this seat was in the Permatang Pauh constituency where Anwar is the elected MP was irrelevant.

And the fact that “vote for progress” slogan would have worked for the Alliance during the 1960s but not now because the electorate are expecting accountability and transparency was not a factor.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak says he knows the reason for the defeat but still wants to look deeper at the people’s sentiments. Don’t look at the mainstream media, Sir, you’ll never find it there. That’s because they sing the songs that you want them to sing and nothing else.

15 Responses to “It’s not the candidate, stupid!”
  1. zane says:

    Stupid indeed! It’s BN that makes people sick. They want you out, it’s as simple as that. And who is the most tainted of them all? Your very president himself is ten times tainted than the candidate! Do you really think that by putting your most glamarous figure would increase the vote or makes BN win? You are dreaming man!

  2. Star the toilet paper says:

    Once upon a time, I thought this Jocelin Tan is respectable. Now I think she is no different from her whore boss , the “Spineless” Chun Wai.

  3. fearnoone says:

    You are right, it is the not the candidate.Is the bloody Umno and BN. Dare them to call for any election and see what they will get from the rakyat!!

  4. truthseeker says:

    u guys refuse to see the evils in pakatan rakyat

    • zane says:

      Yeah and what is that? I think it’s the other way round. It’s you who refused to see the evil in BN.Study the PKFZ case you’ll find out why BN is a traitor to the entire Malaysian. And PKFZ is not the only case, study BMF scandal as well. And better still you study the case of DSAI being ejected from his ministerial portfolio in 1997. Are you denying the fact that he was arrested and beaten to a pulp by the very IGP himself? Are you denying the fact that he was wrongly accused of being a sodomiser? Are you denying that while Dr Munawar and Sukma were jailed and tortured for confessing of sodomizing Anwar, Azizan the driver who did the same was spared and given a company to run? I don’t have to present you with evidence, you can find that in youtube, google it and woila!

      Only if you are blind hearted that you will ignore all the facts.

  5. rakyatMsia says:

    truthseeker 11:45

    Compare wif BeEnd, which u think is better? which is more evil? 52 years in helm, how many damages had been instilled?

  6. apapunboleh says:

    No party is pure, only one is more evil than the other. 52 years for them to plunder billions from the Malaysian public and getting away with crimes (rape, murder, you name it).

  7. iskandar says:

    actually, i don’t think the Joceline and Zubaidah was saying that if the BN had a better candidate, the BN would have won.

    I read both articles. They’re saying that, sure BN cannot hope to win, but, if they had a better, more credible candidate, then they would not have suffered relentless attacks (on Rohaizat) with the leaders having to spend so much time just edfending him.

    i am not a BN supporter. Neither a Pakatan. And I’m not even from Penang. but fair is fair.

    BN has lost all (except Batang Ai but thats’ aah..uh-huh, I hear you) the by-elections since March 08. the last one in manik urai, it did not lose too badly. The thing is, in all the by-elections, the candidates were never discredited so badly.

    i think the Star and NST were, in fact telling Umno to put their act together. To be serious. i think that’s a fair comment.

    And my friends in Penang (Pas supporters) told me “habis lah…calon macam tu…)
    So, yes, it is the candidate that’s ruining any chance of BN to do a little better.

    thank you.

  8. Another Rakyat says:

    Your story is misleading. Anwar was jailed on two counts. He was first jailed six years for corruptly abusing his power to get the Police to arrest and torture a young woman who had written and signed a letter accusing him of being involved in a sexual affair. Her accusation was later verified by DNA evidence presented in Court.
    In Anwar’s own words in Court, he had instructed the Police to just “shake her up a little bit”.
    On a separate charge of sodomy, Anwar was found guilty by
    the Sessions Court in Kuala Lumpur of sodomising a man and then jailed for nine years. His conviction was upheld by the High Court and later by the Court of Appeal. Finally the Federal Court overturned his conviction for sodomy.
    However, the judges said that although technically there was no proof for the sodomy, they were convinced that sodomy did take place.
    10 judges in all concurred that Anwar did sodomise the man.
    These are facts.

    • zane says:

      Yes, in the kangaroo court of Malaysia you can find 10 judges that were convinced of Anwar sodomized the men. And the fact was that some of them were tortured and humiliated ( watch Munawar confession in youtube),while some was given luxurious token for “cooperating”. And what happened to the women that spread lies, Umi hafilda and Ziela Jalil? They are free, as free as birds! Umi Hafilda surfaced again last year when she was accused of breaching a government contract under Azalina. And did MACC go after her? No! Why? Because someone feel grateful of her for bringing Anwar down from his throne!

      And this is fact!!!

  9. Tony Chew says:

    I had commented in another blog that the BN candidate was a sacrificial lamb and potential scapegoat for blame when BN loses. BN or UMNO (since when the other BN component parties had any say !!?) knew they could never win and therefore nominated a terminal case so that now the MSM can do their spin on why BN candidate lost. But you are right, it;s not the candidate, stupid…it’s that many Malaysians, if not a majority of them, today have no more confidence and trust in UMNO in leading Malaysia out of the boondocks. Take a look at the current government leadership and then peek into the crystal ball for future leaders in UMNO to lead this country out of the hell hole she is in now and what does one see ? I don’t have to tell you the answer !!!

  10. awang bahaya says:

    What do you know? Umno has past 6 post mortem after each defeat, they know the best. If not the candidate, what else? BN is not prepared to look into real issues, they can make real reform excpet empty slogan.
    The Umno leader has major value conflict being leader of country at the same time leader for Umno. For example;

    a) 1-malaysia, what can be more right than 1 malaysia for a country. But when come to Umno, MCA, MIC, 1-malaysia put them out of business, these parties only relevant if malaysian are divided. Umno is so racist, Utusan is so racist, Awang Bin Selmat is still bahaya.
    b) MACC, those issues under MACC are those close to Rakyat, they are easy to understand by rakyat. The MACC issues will hit BN right on the heart. You say : no stone left untruned, but in actual : no story left unspinned.

    BN has to face the real issues in order to win votes, the question is BN is not ready to face them untill they lost GE.

  11. KOK Yoon Lee says:

    Despite all his baggage, 35% of the voters still voted for him. What does this say about Malaysians?

  12. Angelo says:

    You’re right,folks!
    Even before the EC had officially announced the vacancy in Permatang Pasir,BN already knew that they could not win the by-election.
    So,the poor Rohaizat fit the bills,conveniently,for being the reason of the predicted defeat.
    This shows that BN has mastered the art of manipulation.

  13. Ex Neutral says:

    My mind has been made up. Not that PR is perfect but I’m definately taking my chances with PR. On umno/bn they have proven time and again they are worse than devil. The hypocricy, acts and things that they did… and the list goes on. This country would have been a wounderful country. Hoping for a truly Merdeka day soon.

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