Teoh Beng Hock: Perspectives On Inquests

Malik Imtiaz Sarwar is a leading Malaysian human rights lawyer and activist and the current president of the National Human Rights Society (HAKAM). Through HAKAM and a coalition of NGOs callled Article 11 (after the constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion) of which HAKAM is a member, he has been actively involved in efforts to promote the rule of law and constitutionalism, particularly in the face of worrying trends of Islamization and race politics in government and wider society. He further actively promotes a civil rights discourse both in and outside court. In August 2006, a poster declaring him to be a traitor to Islam and calling for his death began circulating in Malaysia.

Malik is representing the Selangor state government in the Teoh Beng Hock death inquest. This article was posted on his blog “Disquiet” on 29 August 2009. Amidst all the swirling speculations from the MSM to the alternative media to the local kopitiam, the purpose of the inquest can be easily lost. This is a good reminder of the issues that need to be clarified from someone who is in the thick of things.

I apologise for the protracted silence. Commitments these past few
months have left me no time to write meaningfully. For those who had
written messages of concern and encouragement, thank you for having
taken the time to do so.

As has been made obvious by the tremendous publicity the inquest into
the death of Teoh Beng has received, I represent the Selangor State
Government in the proceedings. Gobind Singh represents Teoh’s family.

There are a few aspects that I think need to be put into perspective.
I will not delve into the merits of the inquest as the matter is still
under consideration. There are however certain objective areas that
need some clarification.

(You can read the rest of his article here)

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