Showdown at the OTK corral

By Reina

THE commentary in yesterday’s Sunday Star probably wanted to make MCA
President Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat look like John Wayne trying to clean up
vermin-infested Dodge City and that he (OTK) has been as misunderstood as
James Dean.

Problem is OTK does not emerge looking like a hero.

All it looks like is a feeble and desperate attempt by Baradan Kuppusamy to
paint OTK as a noble man who is determined to clean up the mess made by
others in the PKFZ scandal in ‘Tee Keat takes the hard – but right – course’  

This is how it starts:

AS far as whistle blowing goes, there is simply no comparison to what MCA
president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat has done with the Port Klang Free Zone

Ong’s battle for transparency and accountability over the PKFZ fiasco is
significant as his actions tally with the new mood in the country post 2008
– to punish culprits and make them accountable for massive loss of public
funds and, if possible, recover the losses.

For that, he is now facing enemies within and without as he battles to make
the people behind the PKFZ fiasco own up for the huge losses.

As MCA president, Cabinet member and dogged reformer, Ong has no comparison in the higher reaches of Government for his single-minded mission to reveal the truth behind the PKFZ fiasco and punish the culprits.

But Baradan’s overboard attempt to make OTK look like a lone hero in a big
bad world backfired as Prime Minister issued a comment saying that the
government was not indifferent towards the PKFZ scandal.

Since day one, OTK has been wanting to cash in on this scandal. When he was
made Transport Minister after the 2008 elections, all eyes were on him to
see how he was going to deal with the then freshly unearthed PKFZ issue by
R. Nadeswaran of The Sun.

OTK said he would investigate this issue and get to the bottom of things and
there was a glimmer of hope as far as the public was concerned. He is
probably hero material after all, the public thought.

Then when the issue blew at all our faces, OTK again repeated this pledge.
By this time, the public would have been somewhat convinced that he is a

But it all stopped there. As the days passed, the hope slowly eroded as the
focus now shifted to RM10 million and free plane rides he was supposedly
given by PKFZ turnkey contractor Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd’s CEO Datuk Seri
Tiong King Sing.

Then OTK files a RM500 million suit to clear his name and somehow the hero
idea has just fizzled out.

And now after Najib’s outburst, Baradan’s article makes OTK look even
sillier in the eyes of MCA, Umno and the public.

Baradan used to be, I repeat: used to be, a fantastic writer who could move
heaven and earth with his reasoning. His thoughts and analyses were often
quoted by the movers and shakers in politics and socio-political circles,
and also top Indian businessmen. Many Indians looked at him as their

As for OTK, he has bigger battles to handle like to upcoming campaign to
overthrow him by Chua Soi Lek alongside a powerful ex-MCA leader and another campaign by probably some other disgruntled MCA leader to get rid of both OTK and CSL.

OTK is probably looking at the worst crisis the party has ever seen, far
worse that the Tan Koon Swan-Ling Liong Sik one, and one that could break
the party.

MCA desperately needs a hero who has the trust of the people and who can
lead the party through thick or thin. Not John Waynes who shoot from the hip
and ride away into the sunset.

16 Responses to “Showdown at the OTK corral”
  1. Lim says:

    My support to tee keat. Corruption not a way of life in Malaysia.

  2. Minang says:

    Better OTK the sharp shooter rather than Chua Soi Lek who is said to be frontman for Ling Liong Sik and sons.

    Remember Ling Liong Sik who brought MCA to lapdog status in his 22 years at the helm?

    Now that MCA is getting to be a little bit more exciting than his time, this Ling wants to return.

    Aiya, potong trip only.

    P/S: I just remembered, wasn’t Ling Liong Sik also called in by PAC for his part in approving PKFZ expenditures? If I remember correctly, the GM OC Phang was his right hand woman.

    Somebody please verify, thanks.

  3. Bliss88 says:




  4. Hwangte says:

    OKT did the right thing to expose the PKFZ scandal created by his predecessors. OKT has no choice, as concerned parties and individuals have publicised this scandal. Thus, the issue of OKT being a hero did not arise. The unfortunate thing is that both OTK and CSL could not work or tolerate each another. CSL should not have stood for election for a MCA senior post, given that his extra-marital activities were exposed by those who wanted to bring him down. If CSL is to be reinstated and subsequently become MCA President, there would be a total loss of confidence in MCA, as tainted leader cannot be a credible leader. Thus, the only option for MCA members is to vote in favour of OTK in the impending EGM. From hindsight, CSL should not be sacked. Instead, OTK and CSL should have tried to work together for the common good of the Chinese community and the nation.

  5. Hwangte says:

    Oops! Typo error. OKT should be read as OTK.

  6. CPK says:

    I agree with you that MCA desperately needs a hero who has the trust of the people and who can lead the party through thick or thin. And the hero is the current MCA President OTK.

  7. tony says:

    the showdown is between the ones involved in the PKTZ and the ones not involve. chua is supported by the 2 ex to get rid of tee keat so the pm can appoint a new transport minister who will then stopp all investiations into the PKTZ scandal

  8. simon toh says:

    Dear OngTK, as from now on, We declare You as the Sold Proprietor of MCA, and should “MCA” be address as “MCA (OTK) Pte. Ltd.” or “OTK (MCA) Pte. Ltd.”

  9. Malaysian says:

    OTK will be the hero. He’s the one who dare to expose PKFZ. The allegations about his taking RM10mil is not proven and remains mere speculations.

  10. Bryan says:

    Baradan Kupusamy article is well thought. This is also concurred by The Sun Editorial. Emotions aside. No one has dared to open the cans of worms of PKFZ. Only One Man is doing it amidst all the Red Herrings thrown in eg allegations of RM 10 mil internal political chaos by CSL teams etc. I can also claim that I have given 20 million USD to Obama as donations via my staff to his friend. But in the court of law, evidence must be perpetuated. The claimant must proved evidences & not the defendant must backed his theories. If one is involved in the PKFZ scandal the right things to do is definitely to remove OTK at all costs

    OTK never claimed to be a HERO only CSL is uttering it & not supporting the PKFZ issue wholeheartedly. I am not a fan of either man or MCA but to have someone courageous enough to stand up against all the Goliaths is something really rare. It is unfortunate that OTK sits in the government thus his efforts his not appreciated by the public.

    Maturity of everyone is called here. If a person is tainted & sits in the Transport Ministry he will not be able to function at the maximum. Political blackmail & return of service to political Masters will be a constant feature. If I am involved in PKFZ scandal I would obviously go all out to elect a Puppet that I can monitor to steer the investigations.

    My 76 years old mother is no politician but she still supports OTK in his efforts to recover the money loss in PKFZ.

    Wisdom is a Rare feature in one’s Life. Use it well!

    Happy Merdeka & Selamat Berpuasa!

  11. espinauldchan says:

    MCA has lost their creditality OTK should used the Presidental Council sacked his Deputy Dr. Chua, afterall he is elected by the delegates in the last MCA election. Actually OTK should abide to the delegates decision and work together as a team for the chinese community unity in MCA but OTK is selhfish for himself and not share with his Deputy President. Two heads is better than one. They should looked into strenghtening the Party. Most of us have loss confidence in MCA. Wake up for the sake of our chinese communities.

  12. Justice for All says:

    From the Perspective of A Lawyer

    Overreacting over Chua
    Glad to be a Malaysian
    Sep 1, 09
    I refer to your article Five EGM resolutions to oust Ong, return Chua. I learnt that Ong Tee Keat has called for an EGM of the General Assembly.

    I’m not an MCA member. I’m a lawyer. I used to admire Chua’s forthrightness and ability to speak up when he was the Minister of Health. Now, I prefer to dissect the controversy surrounding him purely from the legal perspective, based on what I read in the papers. Sure, there has been an outpouring of sympathy for the man, but I think there’s a need to separate emotions from facts.

    Chua’s sex DVD case first surfaced in January 2008. Under tremendous public pressure, he quit as Minister of Health, as an MP and all party posts, although initially he had announced that there was no reason for him to step down.

    As far as the layman is concerned, yes, he had ‘paid the price’. A once high and mighty minister, who was used to the trappings of power, like being chauffer-driven and showered with VIP treatment everywhere, was reduced to a nobody.

    But from the legal point of view, justice had not been served yet, because he had not been brought to book. If the CEO of a company swindled money and the external auditor found out, the CEO could not just wash his hands, quit his post and say: “I’m sorry, please forgive me”.

    True, the CEO who used to be driven around by a chauffer and earned tonnes of money now finds himself unemployed. But he had not paid the price for cooking the books yet. That, to me, is a fundamental legal principle.

    Another issue is why the delay in meting out ‘sentence’ against Chua. I used to handle many criminal cases in court (now I let my junior staff take over). It is quite normal for justice to be served years, if not decades later.

    A defendant must be given ample opportunity to defend him/herself. One is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, I think it is quite normal for Chua’s disciplinary case to seemingly drag. In fact, the disciplinary proceedings against Chua was put on hold due to the party elections last year.

    This reminds me of the disciplinary case against Isa Samad, the duly-elected Umno vice-president who was suspended for money politics some years back. I remember reports were lodged against him as early as 2003, but the Umno disciplinary board only came up with a verdict in 2005 – a process which took about two years. Action was taken against Isa too although he had been duly elected as the vice-president who garnered top votes.

    As to the issue of Chua having been voted in by the delegates, we lawyers hold by the maxim that “one is innocent until proven guilty”. When Chua stood for the MCA election last year, he was “innocent” under the MCA regulations. Now that he been found guilty, he had to go.

    Similarly, a candidate with a criminal case pending can stand in the general election. In the 1995 general election, voters in Bukit Bintang elected Wee Choo Keong as their MP, although he had a contempt of court case pending, related to the BMF scandal. Not too long after the poll, the court found him guilty and removed him as the MP.

    There is also the question of whether the sacking was too harsh. Yes, in law, one can argue about mitigating factors and judges do take them into account when meting out sentences. I guess Chua’s seniority in MCA and vast contribution as a leader cuts both ways – it can be used to reduce sentence or it can be used against him.

    Being a senior MCA leader and minister, he was expected to observe a higher standard of morality. And it didn’t help that he said: “My only regret was to use the same hotel and same room with the same girl over and over again.” And in Chua’s case, obviously the disciplinary board took the latter stance.

  13. ooitongep says:

    Give me one good reason why CSL should replace OTK in the MCA presidency.
    Is it because OTK did not recommend him to be a minister, or a senator, or is it because all those who are allied to CSL do not benifit from OTK’s lineup of office bearer. Or is it because those veteran who were voted out are trying to create a tussle in MCA so that they can catch some fishes in the mudly water. Or is it to provide for someone’s children to come back to the main political platform.
    Central Delegates of MCA, as a comrade I beg you to use your wisdom to pick the right man to lead our party. Because justice will prevail, and your action will be recorded in the Malaysia Chinese History. Long live MCA!

  14. KW Lai says:

    OTK is a stupid leader for MCA and he will lead to its probable demise in the not too soon future;A leader who cannot cannot manage and lead the chinese community to its past glory and a burden to BN !
    I just hope our PM will step in to assist MCA before it is beyond redeemption and the whole chinese community desert BN totally !

    OTK failed miserably the KPI set by PM ! The opposition is laughing all the way to the election.MCA is now a liability to BN. Wake up -OTK ; Time for you to go and let CSL manage the MCA before it is too late

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