Astro not 1Malaysia enough for Rais

By Reina

FIRST it was his Green Dam proposal to put blocks on the Internet. Now Datuk Seri Rais Yatim wants to go for Astro.

It was reported that his Information, Communications and Culture ministry is reviewing Astro’s exclusive 20-year operating licence and wants the pay-TV company to include more government-friendly and 1 Malaysia programming. For details, read the Malaysian Insider article here.

Rais’ overzealous attempt to put filters on the Internet ran aground when
the Prime Minister said the Internet would not be controlled.

In this case, chances are that Astro will still get its operating licence simply no matter what because there is a lot at stake.

The present economic situation could use the boost that T. Ananda Krishnan would give if and when he re-lists mobile operator Maxis Bhd. That’s a RM2 billion shot in the arm for the local bourse. The main shareholder of Astro who also owns Maxis could withdraw re-listing plans.

Let us see what the Cabinet decides when it meets today.

3 Responses to “Astro not 1Malaysia enough for Rais”
  1. FenceSitter says:

    As if Astro is not “govt friendly” enough? I think he mean is there are too much air time given to PR, most of which are also negative anyway. In other words he wants astro to be more “opposition hostile” like MSM and esp. TV3. For all I care, I dont watch the news anymore except when out of curiosity to see what news msm chooses to “miss” out.

  2. Ananda Krishna says:

    Agreed with Fencesitter, I too, do not watch news in TV1, TV2, TV3, TV8, TV9 and ASTRO anymore. It’s all BN propaganda and biased news.

    Some foreign news are biased too, so I seldom watch CNN too. But I do watch this news from HK’s stations on Guangdong (Shenzen and its vincinity), the newscasters have brains unlike in Malaysia whose newscasters are brainless.

  3. astro says:

    rais the babi flu minister without the brain is trying his luck on everything.

    Just sick of these BN goons.

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