More proof that Utusan is just a piece of crap

by Eyes Wide Open

Ex-Chief Editor of Utusan Malaysia and ex-Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin gave the country an “interesting” piece of his mind in Utusan Malaysia On September 1, the day after Merdeka.

The article was certainly in poor taste for a Merdeka season message as it not only fails in building up a sense of Malaysian patriotism, the good Datuk also chooses to antagonise our closest neighbour and ex-member of Malaysia. His story that Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia for questioning the doctrine of Ketuanan Melayu practically paints them as an “enemy of the state”.

It is so reminiscent of the third rate propaganda shovelled out to be consumed by the citizens of countries such as USSR, North Korea, Burma and other propaganda heavy governments. Scare the citizens with stories of the foreign devils and they will run back to the arms of the ruling junta!

Please…that’s so last century!

That line of propaganda only works if the majority of the population is kept ignorant of the world at large, so that they can be easily scared with such stories.

But in case our ex-chief editor and ex-Information Minister has forgotten,
we are living in the INFORMATION AGE. Information is freely available at the click of a mouse button.

There are plenty of websites offering information on Singapore’s secession from Malaysia. Or one could do it the old fashioned way – go to a library and look it up. It’s not too difficult to verify whether the supposed political bogeyman exists or not!

But what takes the cake surely must be this line he penned:

“Singapore sticks to a Third World democracy despite having a developed world mentality, while Malaysia has a Third World mentality but a developed world democracy.”

When I read this, the first image that jumped to my mind was one of an
onion – it smells, it stings the eyes and it’s has so many layers (of stupid).

Just what is a “Third World democracy” as opposed to a “developed world democracy”? Was that meant to be an insult to our neighbours who have one of the cleanest governments in the world? Or is it meant to be a compliment to Malaysia – the country where thugs can be brought into a state assembly to throw the sitting Speaker out?

And just what is a “developed world mentality” as opposed to a “Third World mentality”?

Self development guru, Stephen Covey says that everything is created twice – first in the mind, then in the real world. Lawyers have to plan a case before it is argues in court. Architects have to draw plans before the building is constructed. The skill and quality of the planning directly affects the quality of the final results. Anyone with half a brain would know this!

Now wouldn’t it make sense that a “developed world mentality” can build a “developed world democracy” while a “Third World mentality” will develop a “Third World democracy”?

By proclaiming that Malaysia has a “Third World mentality” Datuk Zainuddin has shot himself in the foot and embarassed Malaysia once again. Already, we are in the world news for all the wrong reasons. The political manoeuvrings, the Teoh Beng Hock death, banning of Muslims from the Black Eyed Peas concert (and subsequent flip-flop on the ban), and the latest the cow head

Now THIS?!

Already the Singapore papers have picked up on this and I can just imagine our neighbours down south snickering at the top politicians’ “Minister-level intellect”.

All these news only shows the world that the BN under Najib’s administration has no idea how to manage the country. Once not too long ago we were one of the 5 tigers of Asia. Now, Malaysia is now rapidly losing credibility in the eyes of the world. Our world rankings in education, human rights, corruption, journalism, FDI and others are slipping year to year.

The international news and opinions about our country have been humiliating enough and we certainly do not need the likes of Datuk Zainuddin creating even more “news” for us, even if he’s been allowed to be loose in the editorial rooms of Utusan!

48 Responses to “More proof that Utusan is just a piece of crap”
  1. kopitelp16 says:

    Utusan is our ONLY hope for nation building….. the rest are crap!

    Long Live Utusan!

  2. Saiful says:

    ISA Utusan & Zainuddin. Utusan ialah untuk buat Malaysia putus.

  3. OrangKampung says:

    How or What is ISA> Internal Scurity Act . Am I wrong. When a MAN hurts or insults my PRIDE, Just put him in the JAIL for 2months without trial and another year, another year. And I have the RIGHT to throw ANAK PATUNG out of the window and tell people HE jumped lah committed sucide. That’s what DEMOCRACY.

  4. Stephen Tang says:

    “Our world rankings in education, human rights, corruption, journalism, FDI and others are slipping year to year.”
    Corruptions is increasing and nothing can be done about it. IGP despite so much negative performances still gets another year to show how poor he can do.
    What else can they(umno) do?

  5. katdog says:

    Malaysia was one of the 5 Tiger’s of Asia? Not really. You probably been listening to UMNO propaganda a bit too much.

    Many considers Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea, and Japan as the 5 Tigers.And this fact is further indisputable due to the developed status they enjoy today.

    Malaysia was only considered one of the Tiger’s in some circles.

    But let’s not dwell on the past. Today, there are talks of the new Tigers of South East Asia: Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Malaysia is now relegated to a ‘could have been but never made it’.

  6. sosong says:

    Until Malaysia No Oil !!! then problem lah.

  7. sosong says:

    Don’t think Vietnam n Indonesia are” tiger” economy yet, they are still backward, but small Brunei n Macao are well developed economically.
    Feel very sad for Malaysia !!

  8. telur dua says:

    Zam still alive? This guy gives new meaning to the word stupidity.

  9. Distorted Mind says:

    In response to Katdog, there are actually six tigers … the five economic tigers that you have named, and Malaysia, a paper tiger. That makes six.

  10. charles chia kwang dong says:

    Now we know why malaysia is going down the drain. Even in football we are way down the list. And our money or currencies also down and if we travel to developed countries with our currency we cannot eat and sleep looking at the exchange rate. Even in the area of fuel, the basic deisel we used here is African standard and the govt. makes more money/profit than car manufacturers thru our taxes. UMNO/BN where are you, no shame ka. Mark my word Malaysia will go further down and soon will be a failed state. Right now of course we are better than Zimbabwe our closest african friend.

  11. talkstupid says:

    After 52 years of ruling the country, it has become a way of life for these UMNO BM Malays. They still think that the rakyat are bodoh.

  12. Rashidi says:

    This Zainuddin Maidin idiot and his cronies in BN is giving my race, my religion and my country a bad name.

  13. shar101 says:

    Ahhh .. what goes around, comes back again.

    Back in 2007, I heard a rumor that RY may replace ZM as the MOI minister.

    With NTR planning to ‘renovate his kitchen cabinet’ soon, maybe ZM is peddling his CVs to get noticed while RY fumbled with ‘Green Dam’ and ‘Black eyed Peas’ to please the boss.

    And Utusan serves up another inedible dish for lack of proper ingredients.

  14. mike fu says:

    why bother to bark back at a barking mongrel? Only deludes him into thinking he is a pure-bred alsation and gives him the attention he craves now that mongrels are losing their hold since the retirement of the chiefmon.

  15. Subramanian says:

    Zainuddin is the mouthpiece of the corrupt government.He and his buddies do not fear the almighty god.If they do then they will not keep on doing injustice to the Malaysian people.The universal law of KARMA will catch up with them in due time.It is just a matter of time.They cannot go escape the wrath of god.

  16. ANTI-ISA says:

    Zam-Zam-Alakazam. This guy still alive???? He should Alakazam and vanish into thin air to save malaysians from further embarassment already aplenty from BN ministers action!!!!

  17. densemy says:

    Malaysians are starting to see the problems, but its unlikely they will ever seek the causes because the causes are too close to their hearts. Instead they will blame everyone and everything else.

  18. Me thinks this Zam-zam-alakazam fler wants his job back as MOI as he thinks RY has been a flop since he took over the post. ZAm-zam is trying hard to get himself on the radar screen again !

  19. RJ Manecksha says:

    His comments were always silly and he has remained consistent.Zainuddin aspires to be an intellectual,a thinker,a writer of profound articles,a debater but in every one of his asperations he has ended a failure.He is thick and foolish.

  20. James Kim says:

    I don’t think Zam has ever been to Singapore. Maybe Utusan can sponsor his trip there to learn from Singapore how ‘not’ to write rubbish.

  21. James Kim says:

    U guys read another rubbish piece on ‘how we actually gain by paying the same amount of money for a lower grade petrol’ by this hung yee. It’s on the 1st page of Star Biz. I guess another crony of the govt.

  22. JawaJongos:) says:

    Remember the saying “The grass is always greener on the other side”? bacalah website niii

  23. Namasaya says:

    ……I have already long stop buying Utusan Malaysia… cos ‘meloya’ since 1998…TQ

  24. ali buja says:

    I love my country but i dont like the system.Semua tak adil.1MALAYSIA 2SYSTEM.

  25. tsunami says:

    This idiot Maidin. I ll change his name to sayur Midin out respect. Know what is sayur midin? its a type of fern normally fried with belacan but yummy..yummy.. This idiot midin talk and speak stupidity at its lowest.. go fly kite..maidin..

  26. tsunami says:

    correction: name changed out of NO RESPECT..

  27. Andrew says:

    No point reading Utusan…..All written by people with low IQ and EQ…….

  28. Alex Lee says:



  29. FenceSitter says:

    Msia is probably the only country in the modern world or probably in history that kicks out a part of its sovereign territory. Anywhere in the world since time immemorial countries have been fighting for unification, even over a small rock. Msia Boleh!

  30. apapunboleh says:

    Who let the dog out? Who? Who? Who? WHO?

  31. Greenbug says:

    This ex-Information Minister never failed to make me laugh. I am still laughing at his performance and his attempt to speak English on AlJazeera interview on the Bersih Rally. Now this…. ROTFLOL!

  32. Denzuko says:

    I worked in Singapore and read the news paper every day. I would need to make a correction on the article. Singapore did not publish anything from the Utasan ‘s ex-chief editor. They are not really bothered with such comments from the guy.

    From my point of view, they don’t even need to because Singapore has achieved much more in promoting racial harmony than Malaysia, its progress and quality of life (minus the high cost of living) is so much more advance than Malaysia. In fact many Malaysians worked in Singapore and many travels from JB to Singapore everyday.

    By comparing with Singapore, it tells us how far we are behind a country which was once in a worse situation than us. In fact we have become a laughing stock to the world and Singapore would be praise to have made the right decision to leave Malaysia then.

  33. shafinaz says:

    Long Live Utusan, Sorry if you guys don’t like the articles that Zam’s wrote.But as the saying says ‘the truth somtiimes hurts”

  34. timugon says:

    all nonsense! actually Malaya + Singapore + Sarawak + Sabah la………when Malaysia-Singapore = Malaya + Sarawak + Sabah = MASAS

  35. cslee says:

    He is spewing lies and a big fat one. I guess he is insulting our intelligence by saying Singapore opt out from Malaysia because of Ketuanan Melayu issue. But I guess he just want to do saving face for his political master and to get notice possibly to make a comeback nothing more nothing less..

  36. Singapore is not democratic says:

    Singaore does have a third world democracy. In fact it has no democracy at all. Just a farce that is very well disguised…

  37. Malaysia has oil while both Singapore and Hong Kong have none, they do not even have enough land to grow their own food. But how is it that in everything the world’s organisations have given them higher ranking than Malaysia ever had including wealth ?
    They have one thing in common, non corrupted leaders and a team of well educated leaders to make responsible decisions for the well being of their own people.
    Their countries’ wealth goes back to their people instead of going into the pockets of the corrupted half cooked UMNO goons.
    Can anyone in UMNO please tell me how many of the leaders from UMNO in particular has a first class degree from a top foreign university. Not from one that is ‘cooked’ in a Malaysia’s varsity kitchen ? From memory only one who just managed to obtain a pass degree from Oxford (no big deal, millions have and millions will have). He is just a king of the blind !
    Singapore present P.M. has a double first from Cambridge his father who is the Mentor Minister has a first class degree from Cambridge. Not to mention that many of his cabinet ministers too. Can anyone name one just name one ? What about you Zam ? What foreign degree have you got ?

  38. Lynn says:

    Ah so! Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia for questioning the doctrine of Ketuanan Melayu so says the not reappointed former Minister of Information! Our history books and all archived articles about the formation of Malaysia did not state as such. Where did our ex-Info Minister learn his history??

    Following his ‘rationale’, therefore, if we, the people of Sabah and Sarawak were to demand for UNMO to stop flashing their ketuanan Melayu, would the 2 states also be kicked out of Malaysia?

    We would welcome it, you know Encik Maidin because 95% of the oil royalty from the petroleum extracted from our soils are taken by the Federal Government and redistributed to all the states.
    We provide BN with 30 out of 31 parliamentary seats in Sarawak and 25 out of 26 parliamentary seats in Sabah, contributing a total of 56 seats to BN compared to UMNO’s 70ish seats. That is to say we provide 56 out of the total 122 or 45% of parliamentary seats and yet we are amongst the least developed states.

    We have the rural folks in the interior running out of food and it took not the govt, but a Church pastor, God bless him, to initiate, appeal and made sure that food supplies reach them.

    The flying doctor service contract of RM64m was given to a West Malaysian company with a paid up capital of RM5m but burdened with debts of RM10m which left the poor rural East Malaysian folks were forced with sporadic medical services due to the inability of the contractor to fulfil his contract terms.

    Yet we have people from UMNO breathing ketuanan Melayu down our necks!! So, go on, kick us out of Malaysia too!!!! Maybe then, we will prosper like Singapore!

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