Still flipping and flopping from PM to PM

By Reina

HE probably thought the public was going to except his explanation and stop attacking the 50 cow-head protesters.

He didn’t see it coming. The angry reactions flooded blogs and news websites, the calls for his resignation as Home Minister, the accusation against his government for stooping so low to wrest the Selangor government.

Pakatan Rakyat leaders, non-governmental organisations and civil societies have been submitting statements to the press, issuing commentaries on websites and making their anger and disappointment known.

Including the Malaysian Bar. “By not denouncing the offensive actions of some of the demonstrators and instead accepting their weak explanation, he (Hishammuddin) has trivialised the seriousness of the incident,” said the group in a statement here.

Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein looked every inch a man who was trying to reduce the damage he had caused to the reputation of his party and the ruling coalition when he said yesterday that the long arm of the law would get those responsible for bringing the head of a cow during the Aug 28 protest at the Selangor state secretariat building.

Quite a different tune from what he said on Thursday.

“They (the protesters) felt victimised and feel that there is another valid
explanation on their part. There was no intention on their part to cause
racial divide. They, the organisers, who are sitting left and right of me,
didn’t even know that somebody was going to bring the head of the cow during that demonstration,”
Malaysian Insider reported Hishammuddin as saying at a press conference flanked by two of the leaders of the Infamous 50.

However, this time around there seemed to be a sense of urgency in Hishammuddin in wanting to see justice. He says that his ministry “views seriously all issues that could undermine the harmony, unity, national security and stability of this multiracial country.”

And Hishammuddin found a strong supporter in Umno Youth exco member Mukhriz Mahathir, especially when in Hishammuddin’s earlier call not to penalise anyone if a solution was found.

He said: “Barisan National has been handling sensitive issues for 52 years,
and we have been handling it well. Selangor Pakatan government is only one year old, and for a new state not to be able to deal with problems that have cropped up in under one term of office, then that says it all.”

For nearly a half century, the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional played a major role
in establishing large and larger ‘Malay’ enclaves through property developers like the PKNS without further thought on the societal impact in generations to come.

So just how well has Barisan handled sensitive issues for the past 52 years, Mukhriz?

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