Who needs a social contract?

(This article was originally published in the Sun on September 4, 2009.)

Who needs a social contract?
Kee Thuan Chye

LAST week, I heard on BFM Radio an interview with a Malaysian about the meaning of Merdeka. When he was asked about the so-called “social contract” that was supposedly made by our founding fathers, and whether he believed it existed, he said that if it didn’t, why don’t we make one now?

Who needs such a social contract? Why should there be one 52 years after our nation attained independence? You mean, after all these years of Malaysian citizens living together and co-developing this blessed land, we still need a social contract? Whatever for? Because we don’t trust one another? We need something akin to a pre-nuptial contract? Hey, brother, the wedding took place 52 years ago!

By now, we should have settled in nicely to the marriage, come to understand one another better, respect one another’s rights and beliefs, feel secure in the partnership. And most of all, not take each other for granted.

(Continue reading the full article here.)

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