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The MSM today seems to be having a field day going round town with various personal attacks on Anwar.

I won’t even begin to speculate on Anwar’s guilt or innocence because I don’t have any information about the cases he’s involved in. But that is not the concern of this article.

But what caught my curiosity is that it all seems to be so coincidental. All these tokoh-tokoh suddenly decided to attack Anwar’s morals and scruples on the same day?!

I counted a total of 4 different articles attacking Anwar in the Star and Utusan. And on the same day that Najib makes another shameless overture to PAS to boot (I guess after all that “Take Beer” insults, he would have to try and make Anwar look even worse than UMNO for it to work!)

Now a coincidence of 2 events is unusual, 3 events is freaky. But a coincidence of 5 events? Methinks that’s not coincidence – that’s coordination, don’t you think?



from the Star:

Chandra accuses Anwar of being afraid

Political analysis Dr Chandra Muzaffar said Anwar’s action of postponing his sodomy trial gave the impression that he was afraid of the truth.

“Why does he want to postpone the trial if he is not guilty? Anwar is acting as though he is afraid of something, afraid of the truth that will be exposed in the trial,” he said.

From Utusan:

Jangan cari helah tangguh proses keadilan

Presiden Peguam Muslim Malaysia, Tan Sri Abu Zahar Ujang berkata, mereka yang sengaja menyebabkan proses keadilan tergendala untuk pihak yang berhak sebenarnya tidak menghormati keluhuran Perlembagaan.

Dalam kes liwat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim terhadap Mohd. Saiful Bukhari Azlan sebagai contoh, kata beliau, keadilan terhadap Mohd. Saiful juga harus diambil kira.


Now those reports are really weird because the Star reports that:

Anwar’s sodomy case postponed to Sept 24

KUALA LUMPUR: The prosecution wants to transfer Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy case from the Sessions Court where he was charged last month to the High Court.

But the defence objected to the move saying it was unnecessary and that the transfer certificate had been signed by Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, who was to have no involvement in the case.

So who’s delaying who?

For Utusan and the Star chose to publish such stories which are blatant lies…well, I don’t need to say any more, do I?

Attacking Anwar from the legal aspect would only appeal to the reasonably highly-educated crowd who are a bit more legal-savvy. What about those who do not have interest in court processes?

Don’t worry, everyone is invited to this circus!


from Utusan:

Liwat: Anwar dicabar lagi

KUALA LUMPUR 7 Sept. – Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sekali lagi dicabar untuk melafazkan sumpah laknat atau mubahalah sekiranya beliau yakin tidak bersalah dalam kes liwat yang dihadapinya.

Bekas Setiausaha Pemuda PKR, Lokman Nor Adam menegaskan sekiranya Anwar seorang penganut Islam yang baik, beliau wajib melepaskan beban sokongan membuta-tuli yang dilakukan oleh ahli keluarga dan penyokong setia terhadapnya.


See? If you’re not interested in legal wrangling, this would get to ya! People are probably not confident in our court’s neutrality anyway – not after Sodomy 1. No worries, just go for an even higher court – court of the Heavens!! No one can question God’s standards, right?

But what’s that? No appetite for hot dogs, you say? No problem! How about a generous serving of steak with nutmeg for dessert?



from the Star:

Anwar’s pledge on VCD

GEORGE TOWN: A VCD showing Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim telling Kampung Buah Pala villagers that the chief minister would personally look into their plight has surfaced.


Ahh…that’s the other hot button issue, innit?

So you got all the bases covered – courage aspect for the liberals, legal aspect for moderates, religious aspect for the conservatives, and kg buah pala for the socialists.

Now, I’m not going into the merits of the Sodomy2 case or the Kg Buah Pala issue. I have no information on those issues and therefore it is difficult for me to judge the rightness and wrongness of it all.


What I am interested in is the neatly coordinated personal attacks. This is a hatchet job if ever I’d seen one. But even that, I’m not surprised – hatchet jobs are normal in politics. The MSM has always been the most effective way to do it the world over.

But in this case, the MSM is publishing blatant lies that contradict even their own reports on the same issue in the same paper?

That’s got to be a new low…

3 Responses to “Bertubi-tubi…”
  1. charleskiwi says:

    I am most surprised that the UMNO goons
    are able to coordinate as you claimed so well not even by a long shot.
    Do not get me wrong, I am not a supporter of UMNO, far from it I am the last person who would vote for them.
    However I am also very curious to know how AI took a ‘coffee boy’ was taken to Hong Kong, Bangkok just to name a few countries ? I love to be taken around the world just making cups of coffee as my job.
    A most expensive cups of coffee indeed !
    I am beginning to wonder AI must have a lot of money to do that !
    Surely anyone is capable to make a cup or two cups of coffee himself , on one needs to have a special skill to make a cup of coffee.
    Even my seven years old son can make me my daily cup of coffee.
    Also why did AI take so many years after he came out of prison to form the opposition party ? Was he waiting to be invited back to UMNO ?
    He should have known the top guns in UMNO would not have him back in UMNO to have the chance to become the P.M..
    It is not because of his lust for a man’s backside, because some of the UMNO goons do too and most of them , like AI,
    would do anything even for corruption ,for money. Which they are very very good at.
    And most of all they all want the chance to become the P.M. of Malaysia themselves someday including the present P.M. !
    Less men more share la. You do not want a lover of backside to be your P.M..

  2. somethingstirring says:

    “Why does he want to postpone the trial if he is not guilty?”

    I can think of many reasons-concern of unfair trial, sick, time to study the charge etc. etc.

    If this logic is valid then we should, to serve public interest, investigate Najib whose name was mentioned during the Altantuya trial. So

    “Why avoid investigation if he is not guilty?”

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