Is Malay Mail so desperate for publicity?

by Eyes Wide Open

Yesterday Reina posed some very pertinent questions about why the Chief Editor of the Malay Mail, Ahiruddin Attan (better known as Rocky) cried “Thief, Thief!” in his blog when Malaysia Today carried the Malay Mail’s scoop on the MIC’s dark secret.

Reina wrote:

“More importantly: Why did Rocky make this ‘Thief! Thief!’ posting
at 2.24am, accusing Malaysia Today of stealing a story which would, theoretically, only appear on the Malay Mail website at noon today? He
cannot claim ignorance – his people had posted the story about 1 hour
earlier and he knew about it at 2.24am.

·         And why is Rocky making this accusation which cannot hold water?

The suspicion has now fallen on Rocky.”

As Reina had pointed out yesterday, the Malay Mail went public with its MIC scoop on its website at 1:05am. Subsequently, the story was carried in Malaysia Today at 1:52am.

Rocky really has no grounds for accusing MToday of stealing Malay Mail’s story when it was already made available to the public.

So why the big hoohaa from Rocky?

Could the answer lie in the fact that the Malay Mail’s circulation figures are hovering around only 20,000 copies a day? Rocky was recently brought into the Malay Mail again to try to revive its fortunes. It must be tough to cari makan when a national newspaper like the Malay Mail has a circulation figure close to that of a medium-sized Klang Valley magazine. I guess any publicity to get themselves noticed is better than nothing at all, eh?

Could the answer lie in the talk that the Malay Mail would be converted to a free paper? The Business Times Singapore carried a story about the Malay Mail in June where it was reported: “The executives said that the newspaper will, once again, change its editorial and business direction by printing a limited number of newspapers that will be distributed free and aggressively going on-line.”

Online? Hmm…What better way to get free publicity than to create an issue that could leverage on Malaysia Today’s and Rocky Bru’s huge readership? As it is now, this issue has attracted intense attention from the readers of both websites. Not bad for a few lines penned in the middle of the night, eh? The MM/MT controversy certainly generated more hits online than the MIC scoop generated sales of the paper itself.

The way I see it, Malaysia Today actually did the Malay Mail a favour by carrying the story because more people read Malaysia Today in a day than the Malay Mail in a week! What’s Rocky complaining about?

Or maybe Rocky knows that his MIC scoop would get more attention on Malaysia Today than Malay Mail could ever hope for and decided to capitalise on it?

I don’t know and won’t presume to judge. But there are some people out there who would do anything to cari makan, eh?

4 Responses to “Is Malay Mail so desperate for publicity?”
  1. Mousetrap says:

    It is NOT a desperate call.

    It is to entice the thief to provide his comments.


    The thief is already well known to be untraceable.

  2. jungleboy says:

    I never bothered to buy MM. The number of pages were not enough to wipe my arse after my pooh-pooh

  3. clearwater says:

    In one word, yes.The Malay Mail has become a casualty of a deceitful brew that just will not sit well in one’s stomach. Reading it gives one diarrhea. The toilet is where it belongs.

  4. Adik says:

    rocky has changed his skin…cari makan.
    I have stopped reading his blog when I sence his” cari makan ‘ inclination. Bye bye Rocky, you have lost a fan

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