Hisham’s hoof in mouth disease

By Reina

THERE was uproar when the public saw a video clip of Minister Rais Yatim telling off a reporter for not using the national language at the press conference. The clip got circulated and this was probably the first time many saw a minister behaving so rudely.

But for journalists, this is nothing new.

This is usually the way ministers, deputy ministers, political leaders, captains of the industry and other VIPs respond when confronted with issues they do not like, or when claims and accusations made by others are presented before these VIPs for statements.

Journalists get shouted at when these VIPs are unable to deal with adverse publicity. Here are examples of some of these unprofessional responses:

“Which paper are you from? They don’t teach you manners, ah?”

“Just because you ask a question, I must respond, is it? Who do you think you are?”

“Is this the way you speak to a minister? How can you ask me such questions? Are you working for the opposition?”

The readers and viewers do not get to see these responses because the MSM makes them look good. Some of their responses are downright rude – one political leader got angry over an issue and used the F word on reporters but the following day there was no indication of this at all in the news reports. Even opposition leaders behave this way some times.

But somehow Mahathir Mohamad was not like that – he had a way of diverting from an issue that amazed many. He may not be comfortable responding to your question and you can tell by the way his mouth curves to one side – but he will give a response worthy to see print.

Too bad Mahathir’s good sense didn’t seem to rub off on one of his favourite boys – Hishammuddin Hussein.

Hishammuddin came out of a Cabinet meeting last Wednesday and then held a press conference defending the cow head protesters.

The Malaysiakini video clip of his highly criticized statements probably circulated the globe three times. Perhaps every Malaysian who goes to the Internet for socio-political news has seen it at least twice.

Now after the damage had already been done, the Home Minister decides that this is bad public relations and uses the MCMC to order MalayskiaKini to remove the “offending” clip.

Hishammuddin probably thought that this would be a tame affair and Steven Gan would say “Yes, Minister’ and pull out the clip (and that of the protesters
stomping on the cow head) without much fanfare.

Well, it didn’t quite work according to script, did it?

Now with Gan saying no, the issue has become even bigger. The MCMC officials are pursuing the matter vigorously by recording statements from all and sundry at MalaysiaKini – from journalists to technicians – for hours and hours.

All because the minister did not know when to keep his mouth shut.

Thanks to Hishammuddin this issue has grown to the point of being ridiculous. It is now being perceived as a case of a senior minister trying to cover up his own wrong or refusing to admit his mistake by challenging the right of the press to publish the truth.

Why clean up a small mess by demolishing the very place the mess was made and create a bigger problem in the process?

Well, as a public service, I would like to make some suggestions on what the minister can do to avoid future embarrassment and hassle:


2)  Get your PR people to write down your statements BEFORE a press conference and just not fax edited transcripts after the fact

3)  Drop this silly MCMC investigation and say the case against MalaysiaKini is closed – before it gets worse.

What say you, Hisham?

16 Responses to “Hisham’s hoof in mouth disease”
  1. kesava says:

    MCMC will most probably throw the mkini computers from 14 floor twin towers

  2. Melayu Tertindas says:

    this Senior Minister Hisham is a faggot minister, one that think thru through his dick…. ooopps! pussy. PM given him opportunity to be a Minister, he wasted it. may God bless his souls, resting in peace.

  3. chen shiung says:

    No worry lah friends
    Only paper tiger

    The big U-turn will come
    Maybe from Min Rais

  4. jungleboy says:

    Now McDonald gonna double sue McMc for copyrighting their trademark Mc twice

  5. GreenMan says:

    forget abt these two idiot …. if both working in private firm …. would have been FIRED already. Shame KPI minister …… just talk and no walk.

  6. Malaysian says:

    One-eyed Kings in the land-of-the-blind and so they perceive. The times are-a-changing folks. Stupidity has it’s limits.

  7. paul says:

    not to worry…the indonesians will teach these numbskulls a lesson or two on the word “apology”.

  8. leekh says:

    Sooner or later the truth will emerge! Suppose you can get along on your grandfather and father’s for a period. When everything is open and transparent it will become obvious how good you are. Now we know! With capabilities shown by Hishmamuddin should be worried about our situation?

  9. veryupset says:

    I want to know how can MCMC do all these “act” of raiding without any police report…?????
    Do they “have” the authority to “abuse” whatever they are doing..???

    Malaysiakini……. do you know your rights…????

    I don’t wanna go thru my life without reading “decent” news from Malaysiakini & Malaysia Today…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. chong says:

    a big mouth dog can understand english?

  11. silly see silly do says:

    Why dont cowheadmuddin sticks his foot permanently in his mouth with permanent glue? That way he will be able to speak and keep out of trouble?

    On another thought, reporters or someone should record a video of all these press interviews and put them on youtube for all to see. I can bet you, very soon, all ministerrs and vips will behave.

  12. RICKO says:


  13. Dr. Amir says:

    Dear Sir,

    It is not easy to control oen temperement and to respond to fielding questions, which maybe pleasent or antagonising. However, being a public figure it is ones’ duty to be seen as presentable. I think most of our government ministers and oppositions must go through a training course in human relationships and public appearances. I am sure most have not been exposed to such courses. Tun Mahathir, is an excellent public figure and he has the capability to tackle questions under intense pressure. Bro. Anwar is another excellent example. Leaders must not be seen to humilate the public audiance otherwise he is humilating himself. The way one response to questions will diffenciate one charasmatic qualities. Malysians leaders fail by the dozens.

  14. Helen Ang says:

    Re: Reina’s guesstimate on the Malaysiakini video clip circulation,

    it’s 204,653 views at Malaysiakini.tv (at about 3.30pm today) and another 90,637 views on YouTube (mKini version)

    plus several thousands to tens of thousands views of the event uploaded by other YouTube users,

    so that makes roughly 350,000 already views of the episode.

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