Stop pretending to be the people’s paper

By Reina

On Monday, The Star published a commentary ‘Stop pretending to be in power’ by Baradan Kuppusamy saying the Pakatan Rakyat should stop living an illusion by pretending to be the Perak government when Pakatan is actually the opposition.

It’s amazing that a commentary that lacks depth and hardly a whiff of an attempt to make it appear objective is allowed to be published in a newspaper that presumes to call itself ‘The people’s paper’?

Which people is The Star speaking for and to when it allows a commentary that only dishes out the arguments of one party and ignores those of the other party. And what about the opinions of civil societies (the Malaysian Bar included) and the Perakians themselves?

There are a few fundamental issues that the commentary has ignored in its rush to present its case against the Pakatan Rakyat:

·        The opposing view was not presented – there were no arguments and counter-arguments presented that would subsequently lead to the readers to form their opinions. There seemed to be the need to shove down one train of thought down their throats.

·        The “coup e’etat” and the circumstances in which the Barisan “took over” were conveniently ignored. Please grant the readers more intelligence than that!

·        Statements like Pakatan Rakyat pretending to be in power to “keep alive the flames of grievance among Pakatan members and supporters in the state” are unsubstantiated. The writer has not attempted to support this statement and several others like this with any facts or analysis.

·        Very preachy in nature, condescending even. It would have been better if the commentary had gone along the lines of suggesting that the Nizar “government” should start re-strategising. That would have beem a neutral ways of presenting arguments / opinions.

Sure, The Star has its political masters to serve and ensure they remain in power. But there still should be an attempt to be impartial. At least APPEAR TO BE as impartial / objective / balanced as it is humanly possible.

But perhaps this commentary on the Pakatan government in Perak is Baradan’s make-good attempt for his commentary ‘Tee Keat takes the hard – but right – course’ which riled up Najib Razak terribly the very day it was published. The Prime Minister’s Office immediately issued a statement refuting the commentary’s suggestion that the BN was indifferent towards the PKFZ issue.

If so, it is alas too little, too late and too lame.

4 Responses to “Stop pretending to be the people’s paper”
  1. jungleboy says:

    This Baradan is a double-headed snake with the venomous head aiming at PR and the other harmless head at BN. I read some of his articles and yes there were some ‘slap on the wrist’ with the harmless head for BN to convince us that he is a non-partisan commentator. Suddenly he will bite PR with the venomous head believing that readers bought his non-partisanship. Recently I came across M’kini that someone set-up a ‘TROJAN’ web-site. Could it be by Baradan? Sounds familiar?

  2. segar says:

    this baradan kuppusamy is nothing but an umno ass licker.”stop pretending to be the govt”,who the hell are you to decide which is the govt of the day.we,the majority of people in perak,voted in pakatan rakyat but the bn and its goons shamelessly manipulated the federal constitution,used enforcement agencies to deny us the very govt we chose.these shameless bn cowards did not have the guts to call for a dissolution and face us the people of perak but go on pretending to be the so called is there for everyone one to see.we the people cannot be taken for a ride anymore.we will deliver to these the true meaning of people power come the next for you baradan,crawl back into whatever hole or sewer you crawled out of.journalistic integrity,where you are concerned,is a definite no no.please go to hell.

  3. chris says:

    jom, sama-sama rayakan kenaikan harga petrol!!!
    harga petrol naik = harga barang naik = mutu & taraf kehidupan malaysia naik!!! bijak sungguh minister BN!!!

    1 malaysai, rakyat disodomikan, poketku diutamakan!!! hurray!!!

  4. Soul of Malaysia says:

    Baradan Kuppusamy is a ghost writer, he will write for whomever you pay him. So dont take his opinion seriously as anything that appears is always favour one dominant party. That is the problem when truth is sacrified to cater for political expediency.

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