The inevitable demise of Ketuanan Melayu

By Eyes Wide Open

Sigh…times must be tough for all these Ketuanan Melayu UMNO (KeMaNo) types lately. What with the Indonesians openly rejecting and ridiculing Malaysia for stealing their batik la, folk songs la, dances la, etc.

This could be the final nail in the Ketuanan Melayu doctrine’s coffin. I mean, how can they continue all this talk about the supremacy of the Malay race across the Nusantara (as defined by these KeMaNo-types) when the Nusantara taiko thinks you’re a childish idiot and refuses to play with you?

I mean, just look at some of the articles being published in the Jakarta Post – one of Indonesia’s most respected papers. It’s really putting the UMNO regime and Malaysia in a terrible light among the international community!

Nothing seems to be going right for these KeMaNo types and their lackeys these days. I can’t help but wonder whether all that is happening in the country is a Divine message to UMNO/BN. Something like the 10 plagues God sent to Pharaoh to teach him a lesson and compel him to free His people from captivity.

I mean, NINE bye-elections in 1.5 years since GE12? That’s definitely a record in any country! And SIX of them because of death? Whoa…! Like I wrote in HartalMSM, 2 events coinciding is unusual, 3 events is freaky. Now this is SIX death events – it looks a lot less like coincidence and a lot more like coordination, don’t it? Divine coordination, that is!

Anyway, back to the Ketuanan Melayu UMNO proponents.

Their fantasy had always been that the Nusantara was the seat of Malay hegemony until it was unceremoniously conquered by the Western forces, who then polluted the pure Malay racial demographic with immigrants from China and India. The sore point for such Ketuanan Melayu UMNO proponents like KijangMas and Jebat Must Die is that these immigrants are still maintaining some semblance of their racial identity in Malaysia – which is anathema to their idea of political hegemony via complete racial dominance.

As KijangMas of the wildly popular DemiNegara blog puts it:

“Fundamentally, a member of the Bangsa Malaysia should speak the national language of the Federation, Bahasa Malaysia, fluently and as a primary language; be fully versed with adat-adat and tatasusila orang Melayu and other Bumiputras of the Federation; demonstrates respect and deference to Islam as the official religion of the Federation and exhibit traits and mannerisms acceptable to the Malays and other Bumiputras. Non-Malay members of this Bangsa Malaysia may speak in their own dialects in private and may practise their own cultures and religions in the private confines of their community. Also, Budaya Malaysia is based on the budaya of the Malays and other Bumiputras of the Federation – in their various representations.”

That is to say, to be worthy to live in the Nusantara area (specifically Malaysia), you need to be either a pure Malay or a pseudo-Malay. No other option is “acceptable”. According to the wisdom of KijangMas, this can be achieved by forced assimilation programmes, ala Indonesia and Thailand:

“Thailand is case in point. In the 1930s, ethnic-Chinese make up over 30% of then-Siam’s population. They were vigorously assimilated under Field Marshal Phibun Songkhram’s Thai Ratthaniyom (Thai Customs) Decree of 1938, where their ethnicity was abolished; anyone speaking Chinese in public would be smacked by a 10-ft bamboo stick by the Thai Culture Police; Chinese schools and newspapers were closed; chopsticks were banned; and the Chinese were compelled to adopt Thai names. Within one generation, the Chinese of Thailand was totally assimilated into Thai society”

This piece of “wisdom” so praised by the KeMaNo types is nothing but pure drivel! And sheer hypocrisy. Because in the same article where KijangMas praises Thailand’s forced assimilation programme, he writes:

…the old Malay kingdom of Patani, was overrun and annexed in 1902, and today three million Malays there simmer under Thai occupation. Kelantan extricated itself in the nick of time in 1909. Otherwise, KijangMas would be posting as ศรกนกกระจง from กรุงเทพมหานคร.”

Oi! If KijangMas wants to praise the forced assimilation of minorities, at least be be consistent about it la. He should be also praising the forced assimilation of the Malay minority into Thailand and not be “simmering” about them being under Thai occupation!

KijangMas – what a bloody hypocrite!

But, I’m digressing even further. I don’t want to write about the drivel emanating from the “eminent” KeMaNo blogs like DemiNegara and Jebat Must Die. This article is actually to highlight the imminent demise of the Ketuanan Melayu UMNO doctrine – and about time too!

(Read the rest of the article here.)

10 Responses to “The inevitable demise of Ketuanan Melayu”
  1. hartalmsm says:


    Another KeMaNo blog on the same track.

    “Kita lihat di Thailand, pada tahun 1930an semua identiti kaum Cina dihapuskan termasuk meroboh semua sekolah Cina. Hari ini, orang Cina di Thailand sudah tidak seperti orang Cina.

    Mereka telah diasimilasikan menjadi orang Thai (Siam). Tidak ada beza antara orang Thai dan orang Cina. Cina yang sudah tidak ada semangat Cina. Malah mereka tidak ada keinginan langsung untuk pergi ke negeri China. Begitu juga di Indonesia.”

    Excerpt from Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah’s ‘Kacang lupakan kulit.

  2. Mata Sepet says:


    You called KijangMas a hypocrite when you discussed the forced assimilation in Patani.


    Patani was “invaded” by the Thais and the situation is incomparable!

    In Malaysia, the “minorities” CAME from foreign lands to Tanah Melayu and they are being accommodated by the people of Tanah Melayu (Orang Melayu & Bumiputera)


    In Patani, FOREIGN people (Thais being the larger group) “invaded” Patanis (being the smaller minority group).

    See? Minorities in Patani was “invaded” whereas “minorities” in Malaysia CAME here from foreign lands to continue their living!

    In Malaysia, these people are not being forced to assimilate but rather being “requested” to be MALAYSIANS (read Rukun Negara & Perlembagaan on what constitute a Malaysian) . But they stay adamant to their foreign values, cultures & languages, befits the title “Pendatang”

    Read the history before you accused people, and open your eyes wider!

  3. Maverick says:

    Fairdinkum ,
    I knew sooner or later this will happen, about 500
    vigilantes from Indonesia have just declared WAR
    with Malaysia, not realising that we have about 1.5
    illegal ruffians already in the country : any takers.

  4. camcamni says:

    Mata Sepet,

    Malays are not the original inhabitants of Malaysia. The Orang Asli are the original inhabitants of this land. Look where and how are they today? Minorities like Chinese and Indians may come later than Malays to this land but our forefathers gave our blood sweat and tears to this land and now we are also giving the same blood sweat and tears to this land and yet we are considered “Pendatangs”. Mana ada adil?

  5. francis ngu says:

    In the globalised world, apologies it should be globalisasi, the Thais and the Indonesians are reversing much of their Chinese-suppression policies. The Aussie kids learn Bahasa Indonesia and Japanese as second languages in school. Mainlander Chinese learn English and several European languages. In Europe and N. America, they are in the race to learn chinese.

    All of them, excepting Malaysians, would seem to be, according to the twisted logic, “polluting” the culture of each other all over the world !

    If we wish to stay in “pure” culture, I would fully support Malaysian students learn Bahasa Indonesia for 1-2 years , as well as the Iban and Kadazan languages of East Malaysia.

    Ngu H. H., Kuching

  6. The_Same says:

    Why called themselve as Bumiputra and not Orang Asli?
    When not original, forever it is not original.

  7. FenceSitter says:

    “be fully versed with adat-adat and tatasusila orang Melayu and other Bumiputras of the Federation; demonstrates respect and deference to Islam as the official religion of the Federation and exhibit traits and mannerisms acceptable to the Malays and other Bumiputras. ”
    This is simplistic and assuming that “other bumiputras” exihibit the same trait and mannerism. Come to E.Msia and you will find some 40+ “other bumiputras” having their own language, culture, religious belief and mannerism. Obviously KijangMas have never mixed with the east msians.

  8. Mat Setia says:

    Semua mesti ingat TUAN RUMAH Malaysia ia lah ORANG ASLI.
    Semua lain ia lah Pendatang .
    Melayu dari Indonesia
    Cina dari China
    Indian dari India
    Jika 3 bangsa tak suka duduk di Negri Orang Asli semua Tiga Bangsa boleh keluar dari Malaysia.
    ini ia lah ‘FACT ‘.
    Malaysia bukan UMNOputra,MCAputra atau MICputra punya tapi Orang Asliputra.

  9. Mek Setiu says:

    Hallo Mat Setia,
    Orang Melayu Kelantan pun datang dari Indonesia ka? Pulau Indon mana? Bahasa Melayu Kelantan-Patani pun dari loghat Indon ka?

    Now, based on Mat Setia’s logic:-
    The Japanese are pendatangs from China; the Ainus are the Orang Aslis there.

    The Tamils and other Dravidians are pendatangs to southern India; the Vedda people are the Orang Aslis.

    The Chinese in Taiwan are pendatangs also; the Alisan people being the Orang Aslis there.

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