Ganyang Singapura?

This article was published in Patrick Teoh’s blog regarding Ng Yen Yen’s call for Malaysian foods to be claimed as exclusively “Malaysian”. The news item was funny as heck, but I think Patrick’s comments are as funny as 2 hecks! – Eyes Wide Open


Eh! All gone already la.

She yens for the time when Laksa, Chick Rice and Nasi Lemak were still ours.

The minister of Tourism, Ng Yen Yen made a lot of noise yesterday launching the annual Malaysia International Gourmet Festival yesterday. Why was she making more noise than usual? She was apparently upset that other countries have ‘hijacked’ our FOOD!

“Chilli crab is Malaysian. Hainanese chicken rice is Malaysian. We have to lay claim to our food,” she lamented.

Ng Yen Yen also said that Laksa, nasi lemak and bak kut teh are some of the food Malaysia will lay claim to.

I wonder how Malaysia intends to do that? Through legal means or follow the example of our Indonesian neighbours when those flers accused us of stealing their songs and dances by taking to the streets.


(Click on the title to read the rest of Patrick’s article)

11 Responses to “Ganyang Singapura?”
  1. shar101 says:

    And the other wok sez –,4136,214199,00.html

    Hmmm .. do they still grow chilies and coconuts over there?

  2. emir says:

    IS SHE MOCKING INDONESIA? IM INDONESIAN AND I FEEL PISSED WITH HER SAYING “…follow the example of our Indonesian neighbours when those flers accused us of stealing their songs and dances by taking to the streets.”

  3. hartal says:

    go to hell damn yen yen !!!!!

  4. bangs 1059 says:

    xxxx you bastard!!!!!!!!!!!1 tae lo njink… babi monyet kontol, memexxxx… bantai aj ne org
    Comment moderated for explicit language – Admin HartalMSM

  5. danil says:

    seriously don’t have anything better to do than just stealing someone elses culture??

    I mean come on!!! you say everything is from malaysia?? stupid

  6. graham says:

    I think she will say hamburger is from Malaysia. lol

  7. wa2n says:

    Even he will say Obama is from Malaysia. lol

  8. what so great of indonesia’s cultures? Nothing and not much different compare to indian and other immigrated races.
    Your culture are mixed and crossed culture, so Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.
    Why you are so greedy hah…? What so big ah…you thick we not eat rice? Why not we sharelah. You should be proud, I really like your nasi Tamato and Nasi Padang……Hot and specy….sedap…..fuhhh….

  9. Erm…wouldn’t Hainanese chicken rice be from Hainan by definition?

    But what do I know, I’m a chiak kantang (eat potatoes) English-speaking banana.

    If there is a list of real Malaysian foods we should add Ramly burgers. Yes, burgers are originally a Western food, but the Ramly variation is something quite…different.

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