Playboy can access! Malingsia cannot access?

Try to access this website:

Chances are, if you’re using Streamyx or any other GLC ISP, you can’t.

Now try accessing Malaysia Today.

Chances are, if you’re accessing from within Malaysia, you can’t either. Or at best, you can after several tries or hours.

Now try accessing Playboy here.

(This is strictly for experimental purposes! HartalMSM does not endorse nor promote pornography in any form at all!)

No problem, eh!

Now this is extremely odd.

Rais’ proposed Green Dam internet filter was supposed to protect Malaysian internet users from “child pornography”. But he reluctantly backed down amidst public outcry and the Prime Minister’s assurance that there will be no internet censorship.

But now we have this odd issues with accessing certain politically flavoured websites, but websites of other flavours are freely accessible.

Why? Well, in the absence of official confirmation and verification, we’ll just have to put on our thinking caps.

Of course, we all know why Malaysia Today is blocked. It’s because of the 18 page Cabinet paper proving that the Cabionet turned a blind eye to the financial shenanigans of the PKFZ and endorsed the massive cost over-runs.

But why block What is so wrong about this website that it warrants censorship over porn?

Could it be that this anti-Malaysia website has been around since 2004? Yes, contrary to what our government wants us to believe – this whole Malingsia thing (“maling” is Indonesian slang for “steal”) didn’t suddenly flare up overnight because of the Indonesian media playing up the pendet dance issue.

There is actually a long-standing grassroots resentment towards Malaysia among many Indonesian citizens.

So what, you might say, the Singaporeans generally have a pretty low opinion of Malaysia too. That hasn’t affected our lives in any way. If so, then why should be blocked? Who is it a threat to?

Maybe this paragraph in its introduction page can shed some light:

“Malaysia sering membuat masalah dengan Indonesia, tapi Indonesia selalu mengalah. Masalah satu selesai, pasti si Malaysia bikin masalah baru lagi. Emang enak mengalah terus. Nih website untuk mengupas keburukan Malaysia a.k.a Malingsia terhadap Indonesia, akan kah kita mengalah terus, coba kita yang bikin masalah pasti mereka marah, tapi mengapa mereka bikin masalah seenak udelnya sendiri?”

(Rough translation: Malaysia always causes trouble with Indonesia, but Indonesia always gives in. When one problem is past, Malaysia creates a new problem. And we keep on giving in. This website is to reveal Malaysia’s a.k.a. Malingsia’s evils towards Indonesia. Are we going to keep giving in? If we were the ones giving trouble to them, they would be furious, but why are they enjoying themselves creating problems for us?)

Does this sound familiar? Does it sound Utusan-ish to anyone? Let’s see…

“ANDAIAN sebelum ini bahawa kaum Cina hanya berminat untuk menguasai ekonomi sementara kuasa politik akan terus dipegang oleh orang Melayu, nampaknya tidak lagi begitu. Pasca Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-12 membuktikan bahawa banyak pihak kaum Cina sedang mengasak habis-habisan untuk turut sama menguasai politik negara ini.” Awang Selamat, Selepas Kuasai Ekonomi.

“Apa yang saya tahu, kita selalu mengalah berhadapan dengan golongan ekstrem ini. Paling menyedihkan, mereka langsung tidak bersyukur apabila kita beralah.Ridhuan Tee, Nasib Melayu di Bumi Melayu.

“Bukankah ia menampakkan BN terus dipermainkan oleh pengundi bukan Melayu.” Awang Selamat, Kebijaksanaan Kaum Cina Berpolitik.

“Ketika DAP, MCA, MIC misalnya makin lantang memperjuangkan kepentingan kaum mereka tanpa sedikitpun rasa kekok, tiada sebab untuk UMNO teragak-agak dan terlalu mahu menjaga hati kaum lain.” Awang Selamat, Jagalah Hati Melayu.

Is this the real reason why is blocked? Because it promotes the same sentiments among Indonesians towards Malaysia as UMNO is promoting among the Malays towards the non-Malays? I mean even the similarity in words is uncanny!

If this is true, then of course would have to be blocked. If it wasn’t, there would be national outrage at the kind of nationalistic sentiments against Malaysia. The UMNO-led government would then be forced to respond.

And any response will show up UMNO’s complete hypocrisy. Because if UMNO claims the right to protest, then they cannot possibly deny the non-Malay Malaysians’ right to protest UMNO’s same actions here in Malaysia. If they demand that action be taken against the webmaster, that would be a slap in their own face because they are spreading the same sentiments here in Malaysia, via the Utusan and blogs. Besides, the international media would be all over the story, so there’ll be no place to hide.

And it goes further. Anyone reading malingsia will notice the fiery patriotism of the Indonesians, who are aware of their racial heritage but identify themselves as colour-blind Indonesians first and everyone enjoying equal rights. This puts paid on the all-important Ketuanan Melayu myth that UMNO is built around. But what really explodes the UMNO’s Ketuanan Melayu platform is that the Indonesians are openly disowning Malaysia, declaring that they are insulted to be classified as “serumpun” with Malays in Malaysia.

Well, if Ketuanan Melayu is being bandied around as a concept to unite the Malays under UMNO so that they can achieve political hegemony, we can’t have the Indonesians disowning us can we?

So, there goes – deemed more dangerous than Playboy.

Of course la…watching Playboy won’t put anyone out of political power ma…

3 Responses to “Playboy can access! Malingsia cannot access?”
  1. shar101 says:

    Our foreign minister, AA, is still puzzled despite his recent visit to Jakarta –

    Perhaps, he should have done a ‘Brickfields’ walkabout on the streets instead. Sans bodyguards, of course.

    Meanwhile, the home minister ‘leaked’ information on police investigations, to concentrate on possible high-end source of exposed classified cabinet papers –

    And I thought the PKFZ fiasco was handled in a high-handed manner from the very beginning. Tell us something we don’t already know, HH.

    Otherwise, we’d rather wait for the next revelation from you-know-who since practically every Malaysian netizen worth their keyboards are now familiar with mirror sites, proxy servers and OpenDNS.

  2. Gayathry says:

    Yes, you hit the nail on the head…why block Malaysia Today, or for that matter, investigate Malaysiakini, if its not because Umno is in trouble. That was our concern when Rais talked about the filtering, we all know its about political interests. Anyway, I could access malingsia, I wonder if anyone continues to have the problem accessing?

  3. kres says:

    haha well malaysia gov tried to block everything on internet but thank god we still have web proxy and anti-gov blogs to show the so called “classified document” Malaysian gov stop being an idiot! Rakyat is not stupid!

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