Media supports govt rape of citizens!

by Eyes Wide Open

On Thursday, 17 September, the Star carried this report:


Timber blockades: Sarawak govt and Penans agree to deal

MIRI: The state government has agreed to several demands from the indigenous Penans of interior Sarawak as part of a peace deal to end a series of protests and blockades against logging operations in timber concession zones.

These include the state acknowledging the Penans’ right to have their own land, Telang Usan assemblyman Lihan Jok said on Thursday.



Now read this:


from Hornbill Unleashed

Press statement by See Chee How, lawyer and Keadilan Sarawak Information Chief, in Kuching on 19.09.2009

Lihan JokSee Chee How, a lawyer acting for Penans and indigenous communities in NCR land cases, today expressed his shock and disgust with Lihan Jok. See said Lihan, the Telang Usan State Assemblyman, did not tell the truth when he reportedly said that the Penans had agreed to dismantle blockades and to allow logging to resume in the timber concession areas.


“After hours of speeches and a break for discussion between the Penan headmen and village representatives with officers from the Resident Office, the headmen and village representatives had relaxed on their demands, saying that they only wanted Lihan Jok to give a written commitment to bring in the government’s surveyors to verify the NCR boundary maps presented by the 16 Penan communities. And Lihan Jok was allowed to state the time he needed to take such a single small step to show the state government’s commitment to recognize their native customary land rights,” said See.

“To the disappointment of the Penan village headmen, representatives and all those present in Long Bangan, Lihan Jok refused and rejected the good gestures of the Penan leaders, saying that he had no authority to commit on the Penan’s native customary land rights.”

The village headmen and representatives of the 16 Penan settlements in the vicinity of Long Bungan present at the meeting therefore unanimously objected to the dismantling of the blockade, and this clearly angered Lihan Jok who then ended the meeting abruptly and stomped out with his entourage.”

The blockade in Long Bangan was dismantled the next day by the police, army personnel, government officials and logging company workers, completely without the people’s consent. This is in direct contradiction of what has been reported in the mainstream media.

(Click on the title to read the truth of how the Sarawak indigenous peoples were screwed over again.)


Have the MSM no shame at all?

Spinning a story is one thing. Publishing pure unadulterated lies is quite another. This is a blatant case of government corruption and oppression of Malaysian citizens! Has the MSM no conscience at all, supporting the rape and plunder of helpless Malaysians?

Some journalists have made comments here before about how we should not blame them as they are only cari makan.

I say that’s utter BULLSHIT! Screw your justifications!

If you work in the lying press – you are party to it, whether you like to admit it or not. Let’s say you stood guard outside the door, diverting people away with bullshit stories while the loud screams of a woman being raped was coming from within the room – are you not at least partly responsible for the evil deed in progress?!

Isn’t that EXACTLY what you’re doing now? The loud screams of the East Malaysian citizens being raped – figuratively and literally – are being muffled and justified away by the MSM trying to divert the public’s attention away from the truth of the evil being perpetrated upon the weak by the corrupt and powerful!

If you have the ability to suppress your conscience (if you have a conscience) enough to continue working in such an organisation that aids and abets the government  in their oppression of your fellow citizens, then God have mercy on your soul. May you not be stoned and shunned like the Nazis supporters were when Germany was defeated.

This was a press statement, let’s see what the MSM is going to publish. As of 20 September, this hasn’t seen the light of day yet.

(Also read anil netto‘s report on this matter.)

2 Responses to “Media supports govt rape of citizens!”
  1. Paul Warren says:

    You know, the taxi driver who sends the prostitute from one customer to another also is only doing his job. And the security guy manning the prostitute den is only doing his job. Providing security!!


    The cries of those raped will be heard
    There’s a limit to their tolerance of hurt
    Human beings aren’t to be treated as herds
    ‘Vengeance belongs to the Lord’ must be heard

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 230909
    Wed. 23rd Sept. 2009.

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