Will the real Hasan Ali please stand up.. and leave

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff

PAS FOR ALL is the rallying cry I started to hear during the Bukit Gantang by-election in March ’09 which Nizar won handsomely despite the loss of Perak to BN under dubious circumstances.

The slogan captured the hearts and minds of practically every decent Malaysian irrespective of their religious or agnostic inclinations.

And Nizar fitted the billing effortlessly.

But that’s Perak. The story of a person who should be MB.

In Selangor, there’s another tale of another type of MB. A wannabe MB by the name of Hasan Ali.

TMI carried the latest episode.

Khalid lets PAS settle Hasan Ali flap


  • Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has shrugged off the mixed messages being sent out by the state PAS leadership on its status in the Selangor government while Datuk Dr Hasan Ali, who sparked the debate, is keeping mum on the issue.
  • Hasan sparked off the latest controversy when he publicly accused the Select Committee for competency, accountability and transparency (Selcat) of bullying public servants in an ongoing public inquiry into how Barisan Nasional (BN) was allowed to use millions of ringgit of tax payers’ money ahead of last year’s general elections.
  • Iskandar, who is Hasan’s colleague in the state executive council, told The Malaysian Insider today that he blamed a hostile BN-controlled media for blowing the issue out of proportion.
  • He [Iskandar] added some PAS supporters felt the party had given in too much to other PR partners. “They are saying it’s no longer PAS for all but PAS gives all but for the sake of the nation, we’re still committed to the coalition despite the disrespect shown to PAS leaders by some PR leaders in Selangor.”

Let us list down the deeds of Hasan Ali since March ’08:

a) Involved in the post GE12 discussions with UMNO with the possible intention to form an alternate UMNO-PAS state government in Selangor.

b) Opposed the selection of a non-malay as acting general manager in PKNS.

c) Without seeking the royal assent of the Selangor sultan, he announced the appointment of mosque officials who will be given powers of arrest in cases of muslims drinking alcohol.

d) Tried to enforce a blanket ban of beer sales in malay-majority Shah Alam, an exercise in direct contravention to the existing local council ruling.

e) Proposed a close-door instead of a public Selcat inquiry into possible financial misappropriations by BN aduns, and the appointments of eminent persons instead of politicians to helm Selcat.

(You can get the full analysis at Nutgraph)


If Hasan Ali is arguably the leading personality in all these incidences, why is Iskandar blaming ‘the hostile BN-owned media for blowing the issue out of peoportion’ when it is obvious that Hasan, being an EXCO member of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition in Selangor, should by right have better avenues to voice his concerns.

And If Hasan prefers to make statements through press conferences which invariably will be attended by ‘hostile BN-owned media agencies’, does he expect ‘glowing and positive’ reports to be filed by these media practitioners?

Fact is, even PR-friendly media agencies reported in like manner i.e. publishing the truth of what was said by Hasan Ali.

Much has been written about Hasan Ali being an accomplished motivational speaker. Even my brother in law who is an ardent PAS supporter describes Hasan as such.

Therefore, if Hasan has this innate oratory skill to convince others to better their lives, should he also take another look at the material he’s trying to peddle.

Because, IMHO, it is definitely PAS, NOT FOR ALL.

Update: 1010HR 26/09/09

Hasan Ali to face PAS central working committee – read here.

6 Responses to “Will the real Hasan Ali please stand up.. and leave”
  1. sembilan says:

    It will be interesting to watch the likes of Hasan Ali in the next GE whether or not they would win again (if ever they are fielded). Well, we have witnessed Trengganu returning to UMNO. With MB Nizar, we quite believe PAS is for all. With some shadowy-others, it seems more like PAS frightens all.

  2. budak ma-layu says:

    That Iskandar guy is hassan Ali’s sidekick!

    He and hassan are the real mole planted by umno in Pas to create this ‘ill feeling’ within Pas leaders and SUPPORTERS when he stirred the message that Pas for all is in actuality and more of ‘Pas give all!’…….

    These are me-layus of umnos planted in Pas …..in PKR, we have loyloyar zul doing all the STUNTS!…..

    Let them PLAY BALL, and all we do is to smile at their antics….EXPOSING their TRUE UMNONESS!……

    I believed, malays and non malays who are FED-UP with mere polpolitics can see THROUGH THEM!…..

    budak ma-layu @ orglama @ The MIND!!!

  3. shar101 says:

    Budak ma-layu @ orglama @ The MIND,

    You know it, I know it too and I certainly hope others will also realise that individuals like Hasan Ali, Zulkilfli Nordin, Ibrahim Ali, etc do not represent the aspirations of the PR coalition.

    The Selcat hearings should be given more support if we are to rid of corruption amongst politicians and their sidekicks in the civil service. No two ways about it.

    Put the fear of exposure and possible punitive actions in them so that the “saya yang menurut perintah” types can apply their conscious when dealing with scoundrels.

    And let’s have a ‘Toyo’ inspired annual award – a gold plated broom figurine for the cleanest civil servant with the words “The buck stops here” inscribed.

    P.S. Why so many nicks, bro?

  4. Muhd Ali says:

    Hassan fart alot

  5. Yamashita says:

    Hassan Ali is planted by UMNO to destroy PR’s credibility. His actions can be construed to frighten the non-malay voters from supporting Pakatan Rakyat. PR’s loss is BN’s gain.

  6. chong says:

    PAS will go down if continue to let this moron running amok without punishment.

    it will only give malaysian the impression that PAS & UMNO are no different.

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