Hassan Ali – hero or Nero?

by Eyes Wide Open

Who is Hasan Ali trying to be a hero to with his antics?

a) The Malay electorate

b) Selangorians in general

c) PAS



Hasan Ali’s various unilateral pronouncements about what the Selangor State government will and should do is becoming an unbearable thorn in the Pakatan’s side. But all his heroics is tantamount to Emperor Nero playing his fiddle while Rome was burning to ashes.

I won’t go into all his other histrionics about other issues that only serve to show up his hypocrisy and shallowness. I’ll just use his latest moronic outburst about the SELCAT hearings.

Hasan Ali is so worried about Malay DO’s being embarassed when being asked about the BN ADUN expenditures. He is very concerned that SELCAT is government-controlled and not independent. He is extremely disturbed that making the DO’s feel and look bad is un-Islamic.

Ahh…the sound of his voice – so like the infernal scratchings of Nero’s fiddle while the burning questions remain unanswered:

– Why did the BN spend all the millions of their annual allocations within the first 2 months of the year?

– Why were stacks of almost 200 applications approved en bloc within a minute?

– Why did the DO’s not do their job, which is to vet and approve only if the individual projects had merit?

– Why did the DO’s not advise the BN reps not to spend all the money within 2 months, leaving nothing for the rest of the year?

– Why did the DO’s not put their feet down and reject the applications as were in their rights and power (and indeed their DUTY) to do so?

– Why was all these kept under wraps?

But instead of seeking to find the answers to these questions and thus upholding the principles of Amar Makruf Nahi Mungkar (enjoin good, reject evil), Hasan Ali seems more interested in Bela Salah, Tutup Benar (defend the wrong, cover the truth).

Bela Salah because Hasan Ali seems to be more interested in making sure that the DO’s (who did not do their duties properly as neutral civil servants but chose to obey their political masters) are not embarassed, rather than to get to the truth of the matter.

Tutup Benar because instead of upholding the CAT (Competence, Accountability and Transparency) in SELCAT, Hasan Ali wants all the dirty secrets to remain as secrets by having the hearings behind closed doors.

On that score alone, Hasan Ali deserves to be called a moron.

A public hearing would ensure Accountability and Transparency, and exposures of wrongdoing would let people see the level of Competence in the civil service and politicians. If the SELCAT hearings were held behind closed doors, isn’t that going against the very objectives of SELCAT in the first place?

The whole SELCAT idea might as well be thrown in the dustbin then!

And his assertion that the SELCAT is government-controlled and calling for it to be comprised of neutral eminent persons is an insult of the highest order uttered by a person of an intellect of the lowest order.

First of all, does Hasan mean that the current SELCAT is NOT made up of eminent persons?

Secondly, his outburst shows the shallowness of his understanding of the doctrine of separation of powers. He cannot seem to understand the difference between Executive and Legislature, between political party and government. Heck, he can’t seem to even understand the difference between being held accountable to principles and being personally embarassed for having their wrongdoings exposed.

Hello! Don’t want to be embarassed, then don’t do wrong la!

Bodoh macam lembu!

But the PR and even PAS itself seems to be fed up with Hasan’s antics. The Malaysian Insider reports that PAS denies plans to leave Selangor Pakatan, despite the announcements by Selangor state liaison committee secretary Mohd Khairuddin Othman.

The other PAS Selangor ADUNs have flat out denied such reports, saying that Hasan and Khairuddin are acting unilaterally. Khalid Samad even went so far to say that if Hasan and gang cannot function as “team players” they should resign.

Hasan and gang’s antics seem to have finally caught the eye of the PAS leadership at the national level. The Malaysian insider also reports that PAS wants Hasan Ali to explain Selangor controversies. The report quotes PAS central committee member Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad as saying: “I’ve spoken to most of the other central committee members and we are of the view he has gone too far.”

And this is where the MSM news reports gets “interesting”.

NST reports Pas divided over Selangor pullout threat, Utusan published a gloating Awang Selamat editorial with the headline Tunggu PAS keluar. And Berita Harian reports “Isu Selcat dedahkan Pakatan Rakyat Selangor tak serasi”.

The widely divergent reports is just another indication of the MSM’s eunuch status in relation to UMNO. Nothing new.

But in the absence of decent reporting by the MSM, we will simply (as usual) have to put on our thinking caps to answer the question posted at the beginning of this article.

Who is Hasan Ali trying to be a hero to with his antics?

a) The Malay electorate

b) Selangorians in general

c) PAS


a) As the past 7 bye-elections have shown, Malay votes have largely remained unmoved despite the best efforts of the Ketuanan Melayu UMNO campaign, the Malay Unity campaign, the Malays Under Threat campaign, etc.

So it is unlikely that this latest version of Ketuanan Melayu/Islam is going to have any significant impact on the electorate. It especially does not make sense since PAS has already been voted into power with the ruling PR coalition.

b) Selangorians are largely urbanized and modernised. So Hasan’s antics are viewed by and large as ridiculous by Selangorians as can be seen from the backlash following his anti-beer announcements recently.

c) He is risking disciplinary action from PAS for his antics. Nuff zed.

d) Ahh… the ex lover (politically) of Hasan Ali. Although he denies that what he’s doing has anything to do with trying to maneuver PR out of power and get himself installed as the PAS MB of a UMNO/PAS ruling coalition, it is the most popular rumour going round the people’s minds.

Is there any truth in this?

We don’t know because we have no sources in either Hasan’s or UMNO’s camps to verify this. But we can think with the brains God has given us.

Let’s see…you have UMNO-owned Utusan and Berita Harian defending Hasan, the issues brought up either the very familiar UMNO-agenda or benefits UMNO to no end, and Hasan was in secret talks with UMNO to abandon PR in Selangor and form a ruling coalition.

So difficult to figure this out la!

If Hasan Ali wants to really prove that he is a man of principle and not after the UMNO carrot of the MB-ship, let’s see him answer a few questions.

1)  If he is truly concerned about the morale and image of public servants, why is he not making noise about the various cases of political persecution in the country – the most controversial case involving the death of a political aide?

2)  When Ronnie Liu is called up to face the SELCAT, is he going to similarly demand that the hearing be held behind closed doors so as to not embarass Ronnie Liu?

3)  The largest beer factories in the country as located in PJ and Shah Alam within Malay-majority areas. I’d like to see Hasan Ali lead a raid by mosque officials on these two premises to haul up all the Muslim employees. After all, they are working in a company whose primary objective is to sell beer.

4)  I’d also like to see Hasan Ali initiate and lead a campaign to have these 2 beer factories moved out of Muslim-majority areas.

If he doesn’t take action on his principles but continues to merely lob verbal attacks, then he is merely a tukang cakap or NATO. And what is for sure, this NST report reveals that Hasan Ali and gang are people who only know how to baling batu sorok tangan.

We can safely conclude that Hasan Ali is nobody significant in the current Selangor State administration. He has no guts and no principles because he runs and hides when the heat gets too much. He contributes no constructive views for the state and does even less in terms of concrete actions. He seems to be guided only by his lust for power.

Hasan Ali is definitely no loss if he was sacked.

If only the MSM had the integrity to say that, instead of defending him like they defend various other rascals.

In the meantime, like Nero, the burning issues that are afflicting the nation remain unresolved while the MSM and Hasan Ali fiddles merrily to their own tune.

13 Responses to “Hassan Ali – hero or Nero?”
  1. mccann105 says:

    thank you for the write.i been very irritated by hassan ali.big cover news recently..after some checking on his back ground..he just a nobody more or less like those multi level sale speaker and recruiter…nothing spectacular..of his perceived “achievement” it just tag along the wave ..of changes..some people just have luck..to be at the right place right time..

    on his political statement..and intention..it is very obvious..we have a RUNAWAY TRAIN..

    HERO , NERO or ZERO.

    he is just a nobody..i suppose we gave him too much attention….just sacked him…!

    he be rotting drinking beer all alone ..!

  2. Shit says:

    Bodoh macam Shitmuddin.

  3. Perakian says:

    Hassan Ali only wishes he were the Menteri Besar of Selangor.

  4. double agent says:

    All the actions of this Hassan Ali fler points to one thing – he is a sleeper agent of BN and has been summoned by his handlers to provoke the people using racial tactics to topple the Selangor gomen.
    If PAS still thinks that this fler is doing this for the good of their party, they must be blind and will reap the damage sown by this moron.

  5. sam says:

    Today umno selangor has come out in support of this moron’s suggestion re selcat should have hearings behind closed doors.What more proof do we need that this hassan ali is a trojan horse of umno and is trying very hard to please his masters by creating so much problems for pr. If pas is not careful the same will befall selangor as what happened in perak.Before its is too late pr or pas has to sack hassan ali from the party.
    He has been placed in pas to bring down the govt of selangor and hand it to his masters. And his prize the post of mb of selangor.

  6. Gan says:

    If the DO’s needs Hassan Ali to stand up and defend them – then the persons helming the DO position are probably not suitable for the post.

    If a person does the right thing by the books, nothing canshake or intimidate them.

    It’s only those who circumvent or breaches the books or have things to hide would then try to do everyhting behind close doors.

    Furthermore – DOs being civil servants are the servants to the people and therefore answerable to the people, hence, whatever the people should be privy to the proceedings to know how the people’s money is spent.

    It’s only BeeN or their stooges who will try and means to derail the proceedings.

  7. ibnmohamad says:

    ah san just playing good cop roles. mah..

    They all still neds the DO approvals for nw applications.

    So DOs easy mah, Selcat has got no prosecutions powers.

    Just apologized and promise to follow the CAT policies strictly from now on especially the Gombak Setia area.

    al Maaidah , 5:2

  8. Meng says:

    He is a donkey working to cover up all the umno scandal. Get him out in the next GE.

  9. Just ask him point blank – What action does he intend to take regarding the bear producing factories, sale of bear and liqour in MAS planes etc. What are lhis answers to these questions. Print it in black and white and circulate lto all concerned. What about the taxes collected from these sources – where does it go ? Where does his huge allowances come from? I can go on and on, regarding this matter, but it is no use – he just selects on certain matters and magnifyes them for the sake of publicity. Why only malay children go and buy beer from these shops. You have no morals that’s all.

  10. jungleboy says:

    Dormant AIDS virus planted into PR by UMNO wakes to distroy the whole body

  11. AnginBarat says:

    And to think that the government financed up to RM1Million for his studies. For what?

  12. Shahab 3 says:

    bila org islm nak bela isu islam … kene belasah
    bila org bkn islam hentam isu islam.. org islam kene belasah balik

    cakap2 belakang rakyat dah muak dengan semua penindasan ni nakbagi kejutan kt org2 kafir zionis minded pilihanraya nti

    tggulah nati… the moslem strikes back in the next GE!!! full of surprise

  13. Shahab 3 says:

    Baru setahun berkuasa dah buat huru hara itu yg nampak.. yg belakang2 xtau lagi bodoh ke apa cina ronnie? da jadi warganegara msh xtau lg islam xsuka arak..xsuka babi lagi nak letak semua tu dekat org islam …. lagi baik negara ni diperintah tentera

    Org islam masih memegang kuasa tentera

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