More antics of Mr Tee

by Eyes Wide Open

(The B.Malaysia version of this post can be read here)

Mr Tee’s latest article in Mingguan Malaysia entitled “Bahaya musang berbulu ayam” once again showed up his petty character and small mindedness. In it, he blasts any and every argument against him as words coming from the “ultra kiasu” race – his favourite derogatory term for the his parents’ ancestry.

He laments “The facts that I present are not debated.” Excuse me, they have all been debated, Mr Tee. It is only you who cannot accept others’ points. That is the thing that has led to various criticisms about Mr Tee’s character – among them is his arrogant attitude. When his weaknesses are pointed out, he does not bother to reflect and learn from others’ opinion. Instead, he takes it as a personal attack.

As a respected religious teacher, is Mr Tee not aware that we are all fallible humans? The Chinese have a saying – even on one hand the fingers are of various lengths. Does Mr Tee have such a high opinion of himself until he cannot believe that people have a right to criticise him and have a differing opinion from him? Is Mr Tee’s intellect so superior that his opinions cannot be questioned? Or is Mr Tee so perfect that he cannot be said to have any weaknesses?

Actually, all his denials and counter-attacks only show up his immaturity! Ironically, he himself wrote “Do we think we so great to the point that we cannot be criticised?” when he was attacking his critics in one of his articles. What then is his own evaluation of himself?

But amidst all Mr Tee’s enthusiastic personal attacks on his critics (calling them ultra kiasu, wolves in sheep’s clothing, skilled in manipulating the Malays, and various other choice insults), we can see how cowardly Mr Tee actually is. Rather than defend his points against criticism by strengthening his arguments based on principles, he plays up Malay Muslim sentiments and uses the political machinery (in this case, the Utusan press) to defend himself personally.

Well Mr Tee, no need to lament anymore. Let’s have it out here – a debate based on the facts gleaned from your own writings. And we will debate you without the help of powerful allies or government machinery.

Mr Tee – Converting to Malay or converting to Islam?

Kepada orang Melayu yang menyertai parti ultra kiasu ini, saya menyeru keluarlah sebelum terlambat. Musang berbulu ayam ini amat licik. Mereka akan mempergunakan kita bagi menghalalkan matlamat yang ingin dicapai.”

(To those Malays who have joined these ultra kiasu parties, I plead with you to leave before it’s too late. These wolves in sheep’s clothing are extremely sneaky. They will make use of us to justify the objectives they are trying to achieve.)

Doesn’t this statement prove beyond a shadow of doubt that Mr Tee now regards himself as a Malay? In fact, from his writings we can conclude that Mr Tee regards himself as not only a Malay, but an ultra-Malay!

Actually, there’s nothing wrong with appreciating the culture of a particular race, there’s nothing wrong if you want to indulge in it. In fact, there’s nothing wrong if you want to discard your old culture and adopt a new one as your own. That’s your freedom to decide your way of life. But what is wrong is Mr Tee’s hypocrisy in labeling one race as “ultra kiasu” (or “ultra Chinese” depending how you interpret his writings) while his own ultra-Malayness is so obvious for all to see.

Mr Tee’s hypocrisy is also very obvious when he denies that he is Malay even though his UMNO-flavoured ultra-Malay stance is clear in his writings. But when his ultra-Malayness is exposed for what it is, Mr Tee denies it and goes on to make it a convoluted anti-Islam issue to fan the anger of Malay Muslims towards their fellow Malaysians who are not of Malay descent.

This is a very irresponsible act on the part of Mr Tee. But because of his arrogance, he has no qualms in proclaiming “As an academician and writer, I am responsible for whatever I write.” Hah! If that is true, Mr Tee, then please take responsibility and admit that you are an instigator creating racial disharmony and apologise to the majority of multi-racial Malaysians (especially Malay Muslims) who wish only to have peace!

The blatant hypocrisy of Mr Tee’s writings not only damages the image of Islam, but also brings disrepute to the refined culture of the Malays and betrays his own ethnic heritage and that of his own parents as well.

Mr Tee – His head is too big for his hat

Mereka cuba mendapatkan semaksima mileage politik dan mengecam peribadi seseorang yang dianggap mengancam kedudukan mereka.”

(They are trying to get the maximum political mileage and condemn the character of someone who they think will threaten their position.)

Mr Tee, Mr Tee…

As the Chinese say, if you don’t have such a big head, don’t wear such a large hat. This is to teach us not to think so highly of ourselves and judge ourselves accurately. But Mr Tee seems to have forgotten all the traditional wisdom of Chinese culture. This response from Mr Tee shows that he is more accurately described as “big headed”.

He shows his utter arrogance when he assumes that he is so important and influential that he is a threat to his “ultra kiasu” race, that is to say, the Malaysians of Chinese descent.

Mr Tee, here’s a little lesson for you – if there is someone who is willing to debate you, it means they are giving you a chance to prove the strength of your points. If you were regarded as merely an empty vessel, no one would bother with you. As a person with dignity and manners, Mr Tee should have countered with more facts and logical arguments and answered with courtesy, magnanimity and humility. A person who is mature and secure will not feel threatened by dissent. On the contrary, he would reflect on himself and see if he needed to improve himself in order to meet the challenge.

But this is not the case with Mr Tee. He counter attacks with various accusations against the race that his parents belong to, provoking ethnic sentiments, personal attacks on his critics and he slanders them with various insinuations and dubious assumptions. This is not the response expected of someone who is matured, educated and ethical!

Mr Tee – Not practicing what you preach

Umar seorang pemimpin yang amat low profile atau tawaduk dan bersikap terbuka, termasuk menerima kritikan rakyat.”

(Umar was a very low profile leader and he was very open-minded, including accepting criticisms from the people.)

Instead of attacking his critics, Mr Tee would do better to practise some self-reflection before pointing fingers at others, or else he is just opening himself up for more ridicule. Is Mr Tee similarly open-minded, including accepting criticisms from the people”?

Clearly not!

Mr Tee – A wonderful accuser

Umat Islam perlu ingat, wakil rakyat tersebut pernah menuduh orang Islam sebagai pelampau atau ekstremis dan mahu menghalalkan arak serta lain-lain yang diharamkan Islam. Pernahkah beliau meminta maaf, walaupun telah didesak melakukannya? Jawapannya, tidak, kerana mereka sama sekali tidak akan bersetuju dengan Islam, malah cuba sedaya upaya untuk mencabut identiti ini dari orang Melayu.”

(The Muslim brethren must remember, that politician had accused Muslims as extremists and wanted to legitimise liquor and other items that are forbidden in Islam. Has he ever apologised even though he has been urged to do so? The answer is no, because they are absolutely against Islam and will try their absolute hardest to wrench this identity from the Malays.)

This statement is extremely ironic because at the beginning of his article, Mr Tee states that “Even if I have been accused of hypocrisy, at least I’m open and upfront. But not like those who say one thing but really have something else in their minds.”

If he is really open and upfront, please state clearly who is the one accusing Islam as extremist and wants to legitimise what is forbidden in Islam, etc. Please quote from his speeches or writings so that he can be exposed to public scrutiny and can be condemned in the strongest terms. If you’re going to accuse someone, do it openly. Why do you need to play hide and seek with his identity. Are you a afraid of defamation suits?

Be a man and openly state what you really have to say! Don’t launch sneak attacks with numerous unfounded accusations, insinuations, half-truths and lies!

Mr Tee – Insulting both his old and new races

Perlu diingatkan, golongan ini bijak membaca psikologi dan memainkan sentimen orang Melayu.”

(We must remember that these people are very good at reading the psychology of the Malays and playing on their sentiments.)

This is a tremendous insult to the entire Chinese race, who is called the “kiasu race” by Mr Tee. He judges the entire race as instigators, traitors and having no qualms about making a fool of and manipulating the Malays for their own selfish agenda.

I’m interested to know, on what proof does he base his judgement on the entire Chinese race? And upon whose authority does he make his pronouncement? And I would especially like to know – does he regard his own Chinese parents in the same way? This is truly the antics of an ungrateful child. I truly feel sorry for his parents!

What makes it worse is that his provocations and insults are published by the largest paper in Malaysia boasting a million-odd readers a day. Will his words not sow the seeds of prejudice and suspicion among the ethnic groups in Malaysia? Or is Mr Tee too concerned with defending his own ego to worry about such things?

Bantuan mereka ini menyebabkan orang Melayu mudah terhutang budi. Kedudukan sebegini menjadikan Melayu menjadi serba salah, ibarat ditelan mati emak, diluah mati bapak.”

(Their help will easily cause the Malays to feel obligated. This position would then make the Malays feel torn as to what they should really do.)

This statement is also a huge insult to the Malays because he assumes that the Malays are so weak in mind and spirit that they would sell the soul of their race for a plate of rice and rendang at a Opposition politician’s open house! Does he really have such a low opinion of the Malays?

Does he not trust in the wisdom of the Malay citizenry? Does he not think that the Malays are able to judge things objectively for themselves? Can he not accept that the Malays can make proper decisions on their own without his guidance?

From his writings, we can see that he truly believes the Malays cannot! How can he call himself a motivational speaker and Malay intellectual if he has such a low opinion of the Malays?

Ironically, in his article entitled “Strengthening the national agenda as opposed to the ethnic agenda”, Mr Tee himself wrote “Insulting your own race is to insult the creation of Allah.”

Whether Mr Tee is a hypocrite or not, let those who have eyes see for themselves.

Mr Tee – Hypocrite of hypocrites

Saya terpaksa campur tangan sebab saya orang Islam. Kerja orang Islam ialah membetulkan kekusutan, bertindak atas dasar amar makruf nahi mungkar bagi menyelamatkan umat Islam.”

(I had to intervene because I am a Muslim. The Muslims’ duty is to right what is wrong, acting on the basis of enjoining good and rejecting evil in order to save the Muslim brethren.)

It is right for Mr Tee as a Muslim to live the principles of amar makruf nahi mungkar (enjoining good and rejecting evil). But for all the enthusiasm that he shows in attacking his critics, how come we don’t hear anything from him about the PKFZ scandal that is costing the rakyat a whopping RM12billion plus of their hard earned money?

What about the number of death in custody cases that have exceeded 1500 people between the years 2003-2008 alone?

And what of the widespread rape of Penan girls and the grabbing of NCR land belonging to the dirt poor natives of Sarawak?

It is clear that these issues are of too little significance to attract the attention of Mr Tee compared to the pressing need of preserving his pride and defending his ego.

The real reason why Ridhuan Tee is facing so much criticism from various parties is not because of his Malay-ness or because he is a Muslim. It is because of his arrogance and hypocrisy in judging and slandering the Chinese as well as the way he covers up the weaknesses of his assertions by turning criticisms into a racial and religious issue.

If you want to peek into the mind of a Malay who disagrees with Mr Tee, click here. For an article written by a Malay who supports Mr Tee based on facts and logical reasons please click here.

Perhaps Mr Tee can learn a thing or two from them about how to carry out a proper debate without his ego getting in the way.

19 Responses to “More antics of Mr Tee”
  1. Paul Warren says:

    Hello, Mr T is obviously an idiot. Just because he gets published in Utusan does not make him less of an idiot. Indeed, on the contrary, it makes him more of an idiot and proves him to be one. So why waste so much space on him reducing him to the nothing that he really is.

  2. frankie says:

    We are wasting time on this scumbag. I am gonna puke if I have to read about him again.

  3. Helen Ang says:

    Paul & Frankie,

    Why Hartal has spent time on Ridhuan, I suspect, is because Utusan is the voice of Umno.

    The Utusan media group has a larger market segment share in terms of circulation than the Star Publications group. Malay language readership (33%) of print media is greater than English (30%).

    EWO’s rebuttal in BM — published in his personal blog — is more necessary than this version in English for a comparatively converted audience here in Hartal.

    Paul, since you don’t watch local terrestrial TV, I doubt that you’re aware of how much airtime this guy is given in religious talk shows, giving him ample opportunity to corrupt viewers’ minds.

    And since you’re not in M’sia, I doubt that you’re aware that Ridhuan goes around the ceramah circuit, giving talks to mosque audiences & is apparently well received.

    And since you speak little BM, perhaps you’ve not exchanged views with Malays who are persuaded by Ridhuan’s rants.

    Therefore, your assessment of the menace posed by Ridhuan (he’s not a “nothing” given that the govt machinery is propelling him hard & fast) is somewhat limited.


  4. Steven Yang says:


  5. jungleboy says:

    Ah Tee is doing exactly what he accused the “kiasu” of doing. Wolf (chinese ah Tee) in sheep-skin (malay songkok and a convert) manipulating the mind of malays so as to serve his master (UMNO)

  6. 4RAKYAT says:

    no, paul warren, just bcos mr tee gets himself published in utusan is proof that he IS an idiot.

  7. MD says:

    Excuse me? Please do NOT associate that Chinese moron with us Malays. Ah Tee, just because you change your name and embrace Islam, you are still Chinese. So don’t give me bullshit that you are fighting for Malay rights. Siapa musang berbulu ayam? Kau ingat Melayu bodoh ke? Pandai juga engkau cakap bila si ultra kiasu memuji Islam, Melayu mudah lembut and lupa. Kau pun samakan? Seorang Cina yang kononnya memperjuangkan Melayu dan Islam.

    • hartalmsm says:


      In his previous articles too, Ridhuan has consistently positioned himself as ‘kita’ among the Malay-Muslims,

      and protecting the — in his eyes — “naive and vulnerable” Malays from the — in his eyes — greedy, conniving, backstabbing, immoral, drunkard, ultra kiasu, kacang lupakan kulit, pot-calling-kettle-black Chinese.

      He is a pariah among the Chinese community. They don’t see him as a Chinese.

    • bennyloh says:

      Mr.Tee is a copycat, he is emulating the other guy who runs the country for 22 years. If anybody is manupulating the malays (like he claimes) it is him. Pergi-lah pariah!

  8. tony says:

    am just curious to know when this chinese guy embrace Islam? did he cleanse himself of all the haram food consumes in his younger days and how was it done?

  9. tony says:

    I know may friends and even relatives who embraces Islam but have yet to meet one like this riduan tee. they are humble polite and god fearing people who converts because of their beliefs and bascially are proud of their family and race. There is even one muslim from china who told me that they are proud to be a muslim and chinese as well. they will insist that their race is chinese and will not take away heir surname.

  10. Rihuan,
    This is something for you to think about .
    Pariah Mahathir’s descendants becoming a Chinese soon or may be even have, while you are giving up of being a Chinese.
    The pariah’s grand father sold his Indian culture to have his descendants ‘become’ Malays when he married a Malay and then had his half breed son, too married also a Malay to complete the cycle of becoming a Malay.
    That was according to another blogger who recently stated that because pariah Mahathir had a Malay grand mother plus also a Malay mother and as such he is a true and pure Malay.
    By the same token the pariah’s multi- millionaire son who is married to a Chinese
    woman and has children who are half Chinese. And when they or one of them married another Chinese, not a surprise at all, very good taste like father like son, they surely would have pure Chinese descendants .
    Though the thought is most spooky but it is a reality, an Indian first becomes a Malay and then becomes a Chinese in a matter of few years. I cannot imagine pariah Mahathir’s descendants as Chinese, they might end up living in China as Chinese.
    Only in Malaysia can his ‘magic’ be a reality. From an Indian to a Malay and then to a Chinese, what a nightmare and of all things you want to become a Malay or may be even have Indian descendants after some years ! Think again Mr. Tee.

  11. telur dua says:

    ‘Nang po tee nang, kui po tee kui.’

    Translation: Neither human nor devil.

    What is he?

  12. telur dua says:

    T is a victim of Stockholm Syndrome.

    He may not be a physical hostage, but his mind is. It is taken hostage by BTN.

    There are so many more like him whose comments borders on the incoherent.

  13. telur dua says:

    His parents send him to University to get an education, but he returned home a mental cripple. Totally mind f—ked.

    They really did a thorough job on him.

  14. GoMalaysian says:

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  15. amoker says:

    waste time on him la. he is quite a scum

  16. Anti Ridhuan says:

    This joker always claimed he is the best national language writer and speaker among all Chinese in the country. Comparable with Kepong MP Dr Tan Seng Giaw, you are just a small potato ! Dont be so cocky tee chuan seng

  17. Maz says:


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