Guan Eng, don’t “cakap tak serupa bikin!”

By Reina

Lim Guan Eng was one of those second-generation politicians who managed to successfully step out of his father’s shadow and make a mark for himself.

Like his father, he was outspoken and fiery. But he had an edge – he was good looking and had a certain boyish charm that drew women to him. A couple of female journalists who covered him during the late 1980s were smitten by him. The other reporter and many women were probably heartbroken when he picked Betty Chew to be his wife.

He was outspoken the Dapsy chief who went on to become deputy secretary-general and on April 28, 1997, he was found guilty under the Sedition Act for publicly criticising the Attorney General’s handling of a statutory rape case involving a 15-year-old schoolgirl and the former Chief Minister of Malacca, Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik, and the decision of a court to place the alleged rape victim in “protective custody”; and under the Printing and Presses Publications Act with publishing false information by referring to the girl as “imprisoned victim”. He lost his MP status and barred from standing for elections.

On Aug 25, 1999, he was released.

Today, DAP’s secretary-general is the Chief Minister of Penang, the state that his father and their party tried so hard win from Gerakan through the Tajung election campaigns.

Three days after the political tsunami on March 8 last year, Guan Eng was reported to have said that among the first things he would do was to have his new state government enact the Freedom of Information Act and have his state officials publicly declare their assets and that the government would hold open tenders for all government procurements and contract.

A much awaited move for many who had been wanting to see the removal the shroud of secrecy which has covered the awarding of contracts and the implementation of projects.

On World Press Freedom Day in May this year, Guan Eng stresses the importance of the media being allowed to report freely and for the media to fulfil its duties.

And, if I may add, for that to happen, the media must have more access to information – in tandem with Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which says the establishment, maintenance and fostering of an independent, pluralistic and free press is essential to the development and maintenance of democracy in a nation, and for economic development.

Which is exactly what Guan Eng would probably have had in mind when last month he asked the Federal Government for information on why 76% of the RM7.6 billion allocation for projects for Penang under the 9MP had not been

Then how could he possibly not want to declassify the minutes of the Pakatan Rakyat state executive council meeting regarding the Kampung Buah Pala issue?

All we get from the news report is a brief statement of what transpired during the meeting.

Shouldn’t the people get the full report especially since the Gerakan ex-government is saying that the sole blame lies on the Pakatan government over the approval given for the development of the land. And it is even more important to reveal the facts of the matter now, because Guan Eng has been contradicting himself lately. On Monday, he said that there were no minutes on the Kampung Buah Pala issue.

And besides, wasn’t Guan Eng the one who said that the Penang Port was making losses and wanted a boost from the Federal Government only to have the port officials say that his statement was erroneous and that the port was making money. Guan Eng then blamed the news report from which he quoted the facts and figures.

In the light of Guan Eng’s recent tendency to issue statements and clarifications, it is wise to come out in the open, declassify documents and explain the real situation. Just as he had always demanded from those in Barisan Nasional.

Jangan cakap tak serupa bikin!

15 Responses to “Guan Eng, don’t “cakap tak serupa bikin!””
  1. khensthoth says:

    I have to agree with this. One of the best ways to clear Pakatan’s involvement, if any, in the Kampung Buah Pala fiasco is to declassify the EXCO meeting minutes. If there’s any state secret in those documents that will jeopardise the benefit of the state (the state, not the political party government the state), then just cross out those sections with black markers, like the declassified documents in the USA.

    On a FOIA, I vaguely remember I read somewhere that the state is eager to implement it, however the state legal advisor said that it would not be legitimate as it is in contradiction with federal legislation. Also on some article was that Penang is waiting to see how the FOIA is being implemented in Selangor first. This might also be of interest.

  2. 1266 says:

    To all PR Adun & Mp,

    Please start to learn how to be a good government and stop acting like opposition anymore if you guys want to win the next GE.

    1st at Kedah, then Selangor and now Penang, because you guys are still like opposition dude fighting each other over little issues.


  3. nxforget says:

    Come on Mr Lim, don’t act like the BN/Gerakan fella lah. If things are above board, show to the people what CAT means. After all, majority have supported you and will continue to do so if you stick to CAT.

  4. HS Choo says:

    Buck Up PR if you wish to see a bigger political tsunami (13th GE). You either shape out or ship out by the voters. Where is the CAT policy ?? Yes voters (except the voters in Sabah/Sarawak who may not know ) are fed up with BN corrupted government but PR nust work harder to achieve a bigger political tsunami. You have about 2-3 years from now before the next GE. Wake Up……

  5. Dass says:

    Another Cat & Mouse game, by Mr.Lim Guan Eng. He is talking CRAB now. …. Wake up …. People watching you now.

  6. TQBANG says:


  7. LGE says:

    DAP LGE have made some empty election promises that they can’t keep for sure because they didn’t expect to win at all. LGE walk the talk.

  8. shar101 says:

    Will the KBP debate come to pass?

    And will the FOI run in tandem with FOS?

    I’d like to see/hear lotsa I’s and S’s respectively, and not just ‘spittle-talk’.

  9. 1266 says:

    MR LGE,

    You must debate with KSK to show that you as you said about (CAT). About KBP & other land issues. People of Penang are watching your ash soh now. BUCK……………..UP before it too late.

  10. katdog says:

    Kampung Buah Pala land was sold off by the previous BN government to an UMNO linked crony company. That much is fact.

    Secondly, the KBP issue was first ignited by MIC and other BN parties to try and smear DAP as chinese racist party. That is also an undeniable fact.

    The issue of KBP has been clouded by BN parties and people are missing the whole point. Legally, KBP residents are only TOL holders. I.e. Its NOT their land. The Malaysian courts do NOT recognize them as owning the land.The land had been LEGALY sold off by the BN government to a crony company.

    The big hoo hah is about why PR did not reverse the land transfer when it had the opportunity to do so. Personally, i think the whole thing is therefore pointless. We are basically debating about how LGE could have prevented a LEGAL land transfer and why he didn’t prevent a LEGAL land transfer. Honestly, do we need a debate about what LGE could have done to prevent a legal land transfer? Is that so important?

    I prefer our leaders to debate on issues such as why do we need to spend RM500 million a year on NS to foster racial unity? Now that’s one debate i’d like to see. Not this paltry KBP issue.

  11. Obefiend says:

    good and well written piece

    too bad LGE is now playing from the BN rule book so it seems. i guess if you cant beat them join em ey?

  12. Gunnfan says:

    Found on Malaysiakini comments section:

    “by Jerusalem Cross – 48 minutes ago

    As expected once again the pathetic DAP supporters are now passionately arguing against transparency. And during the KBP episode they were arguing for greedy development against social justice. So there you have it folks once the DAP is in power, the DAP supporters believe in greedy developers and are anti-transparency. And they wonder why everybody else has lost faith in Lim Jr and the DAP.”

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