Propaganda – similarities between the Nazis & BN

by Eyes Wide Open

While doing research on media manipulation and propaganda techniques used by governments to maintain their grip on power, I came across an interesting website by the The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. It was a trasure trove of information about the Nazi atrocities, and they had several articles about how the Nazis used the media to propagandise their murderous megalomania.

I couldn’t help but be amazed at how easily we could draw parallels between Nazi propaganda and the stuff we read in the Malaysian press today.

An even more frightening inference is that, if the the modern day Malaysian MSM finds echoes in Nazi Germany media, does it also mean that the people manipulating them both share a similar type of mentality?

We’ll leave that question aside for the moment – let’s just focus on the more obvious aspects of media manipulations shared by BN Malaysia and Nazi Germany. Below are excerpts from the article about Nazi propaganda techniques and comparisons of how Malaysian MSM complies with them.


When Hitler took power in 1933, the Nazis controlled less than three percent of Germany’s 4,700 papers. The elimination of the multiparty political system not only brought about the demise of hundreds of newspapers produced by outlawed political parties; it also allowed the state to seize the printing plants and equipment of the Communist and Social Democratic Parties, which were often turned over directly to the Nazi Party. In the following months, the Nazis established control or exerted influence over independent press organs.

Within months, the Nazi regime destroyed Germany’s previously vigorous free press. By 1941, the Nazi Party’s Eher publishing house had become the largest ever in German history, and its main daily newspaper, the Völkischer Beobachter (The National Observer) had reached a circulation of over 1,000,000.

In Malaysia, the multiparty system has been effectively eliminated since the May 13 riots, similar to Nazi Germany. Most political parties in Malaysia since then have either been absorbed into BN or given up the fight for their ideologies. In Germany, the Nazis seized press operations. But in Malaysia, the ruling party simply bought the media over.

Today, all four free-to-air private TV channels and several private radio stations are owned by Media Prima, which in turn is owned by UMNO. The NSTP group publishes major papers like the NST, Berita Harian, and the once-great Malay Mail is similarly UMNO-controlled, albeit it is a public-listed company. Utusan group which publishes the largest daily in Malaysia is owned by UMNO. The Star media group which owns the Star and several magazines is owned by UMNO’s eunuch, the MCA.

Of the vernacular press, 2 Tamil dailies – Tamil Nesan and Makkal Osai – are owned by MIC members. And the MCA owns 2 Chinese press – China Press and Nanyang Siang Pau.

Those media who are not owned by the ruling political parties are kept in line by the Printing and Publications Act which requires all media licences to be renewed yearly. This is in addition to the 2 state-controlled TV stations and many radio stations.

So like the Nazis, the BN controls or exerts influence over the mediascape in Malaysia until there is virtually nil press freedom. Like the Nazis, the largest media groups in Malaysia belong to the ruling party, with the largest paper – Utusan Malaysia, with more than a million readers a day – directly owned by the BN’s lead party, UMNO.

…the Völkischer Beobachter specialized in short hyperboles of favorite Nazi themes: the humiliation of the Versailles Treaty, the weakness of Weimar parliamentarianism, and the evil of world Jewry and Bolshevism, all of which were contrasted with Nazi patriotic slogans.

Utusan Malaysia specializes in short hyperboles of favorite UMNO themes: the humiliation of Islam, the weakness of the Malays, and the evil of “kaum pendatang”’s claim to legitimacy as citizens, all of which were contrasted with UMNO slogans.

On the night of November 9/10, 1938, Nazi leaders instigated a wave of violence that devastated Jewish communities throughout the Greater German Reich and outraged world opinion. At the urging of Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, local and regional Nazi leaders engaged in wanton destruction and brutality, using the assassination of a German diplomat in Paris by an angry Jewish teenager to justify the violence.

Even as newspapers around the world reported on the events and consequences of Kristallnacht, the German Propaganda Ministry’s engaged in serious damage control through a stage-managed media campaign that sought to justify the passions behind the violence by attributing it to “spontaneous outrage” of the German people…

While we have no destructive riots in Malaysia, let’s use the Cow Head protest as a parallel. Although it was not physically violent, the Cow Head protest was certainly verbally and emotionally violent.

On August 30th, a group of 50 people hels a grisly protest in front of the Selangor state secretariat, uttering bloodthirsty threats if a Hindu temple were relocated to their area. Even as the news was reported around the world and on the internet, UMNO – including no less than the Home Minister himself – jusitified the passions behind the provocative actions of this group of people by attirbuting it to “spontaneous outrage” of the Malay Muslims against the racist pendatangs.

…the Nazi regime implemented draconian measures to prevent its population from receiving outside information. The German government prohibited its citizens to listen to foreign broadcasts, making doing so a criminal offense. German courts could sentence persons who disseminated stories gleaned from enemy radio stations to prison terms or even death.

Guided by fears that Allied propaganda in World War I had eroded German morale and encouraged unrest, German authorities hoped that the threat of severe punishment for listening to foreign broadcasts would reinforce efforts to insulate the population from enemy “lies.” In spite of the watchful eyes and ears of Gestapo and Nazi Party informants, millions of Germans tuned in to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and other forbidden broadcasting stations to gather information.

The BN government attempted similar measures, especially since GE12 as they suffered huge losses due to the urban public opinion being shaped by internet commentaries.

The BN government has tried to censor the internet, but has its hands tied by the MSC charter which guarantees zero internet censorship. However, some headway has been made in this direction with the arrest of several bloggers and blog commenters for various offences. A Green Dam was proposed but quickly shot down. But suspicions of illegal internet censorship arose when several websites which publishes anti-official articles were inaccessible.

The official position is that any article that does not reflect the government line are “lies” and the MSM are used to tell the people not to trust these articles. In spite of the watchful eyes of the BN agents, millions of Malaysians tune into the Malaysia Today and other forbidden blogs to gather information.

In the face of such media suppression, perhaps the Malaysian MSM practitioners should take the advice of the Nazi Party’s premier propagandist:

Reflecting in his diary (April 14, 1943) during the war on the press’s loss of independence, Joseph Goebbels, a one-time journalist, wrote: “Any man who still has a residue of honor will be very careful not to become a journalist.”

7 Responses to “Propaganda – similarities between the Nazis & BN”
  1. malay man says:

    Don’t buy this stupid argument that BN= NAZI; For years I have been taught by UMNO leaders to vote for BN candidate no matter what race they are; even though it is a Malay majority areas .and for years the Malays willingly to share the power with other races. This was a fact while PAS at that time was expounding that voting and power sharing with the Kafirs (sorry for the strong language) was haram.

    If BN or UMNO = NAZI; I would had expected genocide to the Non Malays or the Non Malays will live in the fringes of the society like the gypsy in Europe because of blatant discrimination by the Malays. The reverse is happening in Malaysia, because the Malays are the race that willing to compromise.

  2. hartalmsm says:


    UMNO=Nazi? We never claimed that. This wasn’t even the point of the article!

    We only pointed out the similarities in their propaganda tactics. We even did a side-by-side comparison! You mean you can’t see any similarity at all in the examples above?

    And *UMNO* taught you to vote any race, did they? I’m sure they gave you all the “proper” reasons for it as well – like the Malays “berbesar hati untuk mengalah tapi pantang dikalahkan”? Where did you first learn it? BTN courses?

    Don’t worry, we have an expose on how the Biro Tatanegara “educates” Malaysians coming up soon!

  3. BN’s media tactics are definitely very Nazi-like. But don’t forget, it was ordinary Malaysian (at least 50-60% of them) that have voted again and again for BN to stay in power for 5 decades. That makes us the willing executioners of BN policies.

  4. ctw says:

    When comparing between Nazi Party and BN, I think we need to recognize one defining feature of Nazi Party; it was not just a political party. It was a a national movement that not only aimed to fuse the party and the state together but to put the state in its pocket. It went beyond merely to protect its class or sectarian interests.

    “The Party is the leadership and the legislature. The state is the administration.”(Adolf Hitler, July 1936) ”

    “Hitler as head of state and of the party maintained a dualistic structure, but in practice Party officials were able to exercise considerable influence on public affairs and the SS, the Party elite, became by the war a law onto itself, a virtual state within a state.”(Historical atlas of the Third Reich)

    To what extent Malaysia as a nation state has a parallel state that is not accountable to the parliament and the people? The lack of accountability in so many institutions is telling. The fine words in propaganda are just fig leaves, if not the in-toxic-ants.

    In September 1933, when the judges made a verdict not favouring the Nazis, Hitler told Goring, ” My dear Goring, it is only a question of time. We shall soon have those old fellows talking our language. They are all ripe for retirement anyway, we will replace them with our own people.” Hitler then put the judiciary in his pocket. Does this ring a bell that we are familiar with?

  5. sing chien ong says:

    Don’t forget…

    1. The Kris .. a weapon used to promote Malay Superiority.
    The Hitler Youth Knife, Hitler-Jugend-Fahrtenmesser, a weapon carried by youth of the Nazi Party.

    2. The minority Jews were rich in German pre- WW2.
    The minority Chinese are the wealthiest ethnic group in Malaysia. The Germans grew jealous… the malays are growing jealous….

    3. Nazi German discriminated against Jews.
    Malays discriminate against non malays and bar them from entering universities such as UITM.. what next, a drinking fountain for blacks and a drinking fountain for whites?
    Barack Obama being a black man.. a minority would spit in Malaysia’s RACIST NAzi infested face.

    4. The Ketuanan Malayu is Propoganda by the Malay Nazi party to instil their racist agenda at racial genocide amongst the minorities..

    Malaysia is a RACIST country with RACIST laws and RACIST people run by Racist Muslims.

    Racism was so 1940’s Malaysia is out of date in every regard.

  6. carlos muniandy says:

    death to malay nazis

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