What’s Gopala’s DNA doing on TBH’s clothes?

by Eyes Wide Open

The Malaysian Insider reports that Dr Seah Lay Hong, a government scientist, concluded that the DNA labelled “Male 1” came from M. Gopala, a road accident victim.

This is extremely strange! First of all, aren’t bodies minutely examined for evidence, then all clothing removed and the body washed before being placed on the autopsy table? I would have thought that was standard autopsy procedure! Just how did Gopala’s DNA get onto TBH’s blazer then?

A conclusion like this is incredible, and especially disconcerting in this case where witnesses are recalled to present new questionable evidence. It is only going to open up more speculations of a highly suspicious nature!

I am not going to debate the pros and cons of Dr Seah’s conclusions as I have no evidence nor access to evidence nor any insider information on the autopsy.But Dr Seah’s conclusion gives rise to many important questions that go beyond the significance of Teoh Beng Hock’s death and refelcts on the credibility of the medical standards practised in Malaysia!

The questions raised by Dr Seah’s conclusion raises even more questions. Here are some that come immediately to my mind:

1)  Why was Teoh Beng Hock fully clothed when he was laid on the autopsy table?

Is it the normal Malaysian procedure to lay fully-clothed bodies on the autopsy table?

2) Why is the autopsy table not cleaned and sterilised after every autopsy?

Wouldn’t traces of the previous autopsy compromise the findings of the next autopsy?

Wouldn’t compromised findings also compromise the trial in court?

Is Malaysia so lax in its attitude towards ensuring factual accuracy and evidential integrity?

3) Where was Gopala’s DNA found on TBH’s clothes?

Was it found on the inside of TBH’s belt? If so, how did it get there?

How did it get on both the blazer AND the belt? Normally, the blazer would be long enough to cover the belt.

4) What kind of DNA sample was found on TBH? Blood? Semen? Skin? Hair? Sweat? Saliva?

Can Dr Seah reproduce the balance of Gopala’s DNA?

Why were Gopala’s & Jeganathan’s DNA samples kept? Is it normal government practise to keep DNA samples of every road accident victim? Why – what do they need it for?

5) How was the mysterious DNA discovered on TBH’s clothes?

Was is obvious to the naked eye, or did special equipment have to be used? If it was visible to the naked eye, medical examiner / police photographs would show whether it was visible before or after being placed on the autopsy table.

Who came up with the idea to match the DNA with others who shared the autopsy table?

I hope these questions can be satisfactorily answered in due course of the inquest. To leave such quesions unanswered or to have them glossed over with vagaries would be a great injustice to the deceased at it does not satisfactorily get to the facts of the case.

The people desperately need some evidence that our country still has some semblance of credibility left.

(Read here for other questions spinning in Vijay Kumar’s mind)

Dr Seah’s conclusion gives rise to many important questions that go beyond the significance of Teoh Beng Hock’s death and refelcts on the credibility of the medical standards practised in Malaysia!

17 Responses to “What’s Gopala’s DNA doing on TBH’s clothes?”
  1. @ EWO , thanks for raising those pertinent points, other than the link you provided, there are some interesting comments and perpectives on my facebook notes as well, link http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=165049260756&ref=mf

  2. d'evil says:

    I wonder if this Dr. Seah is ashamed of himself and his organisation for such shoddiness and professionalism. If I were him, I would know where to hide myself.

  3. Dass says:

    These bastards are covering up.The more they cover up the more their stupidity revealed. The Rakyat are not stupid. The BN Government and it’s officers are working against God. The wrath of God will destroy them.

  4. OrangKampung says:

    It is simple the docter Saeh was been threatened or paid
    a little white lie is worth a few hundreds thousand RM.
    Who does not want to sell to escape atrocities > He stupid

  5. drrafick says:

    Q1. Yes, he was fully clothes when body was place on the table. Clothing is removed while he is on the table

    Q2. Stupidity, clumsiness etc..

    Q3.Gobind must direct this issue specifically and work out a theory on how is it possible for the DNA material of the decease to come in contact with the clothing and belt.

    Q4. Good question for Gobind to find out. I think it must be some skin cellular residue.

    Q5. Best if Gobind grilled Dr Seah

    • Eyes Wide Open says:

      Thank you Dr Rafick for your input. Your answer to Q1 suggests that the Malaysian autopsy SOPs need some serious updating!

      I’m of the opinion that if the govt wants to pursue the theory of suicide, let them present whatever evidence they want. Then at the end, have them re-enact the suicide scenario and see if it is physically feasible.

      Because I feel there are just so many physical features – the window type/size/position, the clothes he’s wearing – that make suicide difficult.

      E.g. why would he wear his blazer to jump? Wouldn’t it restrict his movement especially his arms? If TBH seriously intended to die, wouldn’t he remove the blazer because it would make it easier for him to pull himself out the window?

      These and many questions remain unanswered and unexplored in the inquest and the media…

  6. don says:

    I agree with some of the comments. It is obvious whether scientist or not as long as they work for the government (BN) they do not think. Others think for them. Like TDM was doing the thinking for the Ministers, the AG, Police, the then ACA, Judges etc. For 22 years he was doing the thinking for them. Now they are paralysed. Look at how home minister Din is making all the din like an empty tin.
    Gobind grill and roast the scientist. This is the result of the DNA Bill. All the lawmakers now can convince us that the DNA bill will not be abused. They are already demonstrating it. The Govt appointed councel by AG should hang himself for betraying the trust of his profession.

  7. pandian says:

    Dr. Seahs eligibility as pathologist should be questioned. her pay is being paid by the taxpayers so not any Tom, Dick and Harry should be employed as pathologist. she is rather a Pathetic Pathologist! malaysia boleh!

    if you don’t how to take a sample
    if you don’t know when to take a sample
    then you should do your premedical again!

  8. davidtclee says:

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,god help malaysia.

  9. davidtclee says:

    ………………..what is happening to our beloved country???

  10. ha1223 says:

    Mr Gobind should request the checking of DNA samples from the investigating officers of MACC HQ@putrajaya. These are the people who were at the scene. The Shah Alam officers were asked to `stay aside`…..

  11. wira says:

    Accident patients often bleed profusely. It’s quite probable that the careless attendants could touch the blood of one and stain another while shifting or undressing the bodies.

    Check first the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in preparation for an autopsy (if there is one at the Klang hospital). Check also the adherence to SOP.

  12. stupid says:

    malaysia Boleh,
    It is really sad to see how Malaysian expertise and top politicians
    bring out their capalities through media and judiciary about their findings and comment. lately our government scientist telling the worldthat a dead man’s previous DNA is on Beng Hock’s.
    What a genious scientist he is telling everybody how stupid we Malaysians are. Ni….

  13. Sutagaran says:

    You would have also noticed that the scape goat always apponted to testify are always a non-malay.They are the pawn to clear all governmental wrongdoing.Unfortunately the ones who are testifying are not head of departments.
    If this is the practise (autopsy), just imagine all those unaccounted deaths i.E Francis Udayappan, Kugan etc.

    I sincerely believe there is no SOP for autopsy.

  14. org urban says:

    Why all the hoo ha. Teoh is dead. Gopala is dead who cares?
    Life goes on.

    Teach you not to be involved with DAP corrupt MPs they will let you carry the can while you do the dirty work of falsifying invoices..

    in china they shoot corrupt officials.

    • hartalmsm says:

      “in china they shoot corrupt officials”

      Yes they do.

      And in Malaysia, the PM & DPM support their election bid

      Doncha just wish we had China’s anti-corruption system here too?

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