BN caught in a time warp

The Star proudly reports that Siow Chen Pin, the sole MCA assemblyman in the state, immediately got on the phone to call the authorities and get them to erect street lights in the rural town of Siliau (this name is very cute la – sounds like Hokkien for “die already”).

One of the people who was watching the spectacle – Gan Teck Seng – thanked Siow for his concern and prompt action.

“I have been living here for ages and we never had a streetlight. This is sad and I hope we get our wish soon,” he said.

Come on la…this kind of news ah, maybe tickle the folks back in the 60’s when most of the country still consisted of rural areas and public infrastructure was poor. Now we are well into the new millenium – you still want people to be grateful for having streetlights erected after decades of neglect? Streetlights are no longer a luxury like in the 60’s la. These days, street lights should be a standard public fixture that local governments shouldn’t even have to think twice about installing for citizens!

I suspect Mr Siow is darn lucky that the villagers didn’t rain their spittle on him in anger and frustration – after all, I’m sure the villagers pay their taxes. How come they have got no return for the money they entrusted to the State government?

What makes this piece of news even more atrocious is another piece of news reporting Isa Samad’s boast:

Isa said the Negri Sembilan constituents know all about his efforts to develop the state, adding that the work is being carried out successfully by his successor Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan.

Ahh…true politics in action – give out the sweets to the kids during elections, then take them away after being elected!

“Negri Sembilan is better developed than Kelantan,” he said in his speech during a Hari Raya gathering at Taman Port Dickson Utama last night.

If the state is so well developed,  how come there are no streetlights erected for the residents of Siliau during the entire time Isa was MB of Negeri Sembilan?

See, BN seems to be caught in a time warp – harping on the political issues of 1960’s Malaysia, when people then were yearning for even basic infrastructure and physical development. This is reflected in the kind of news being reported that they seem to think will win them votes.

But does the BN not realise that we are living in the Information Age, and competing for a piece of the global knowledge economy (or have they forgotten, since DrM already sounded the clarion call about this more than 10 years ago?) What the country needs are policies and programmes that would encourage Malaysians to upgrade their skill sets and drive our economy to the next level.

And in the Information Age, whatever spin the BN deems to present can be easily counter-checked and counter-spun by the online media and blogs. A fact that still seems to be lost on BN (perhaps because they’re still stuck in the 60’s!)

But today, on the nation’s faltering march towards the much-vaunted Vision 2020 developed-nation status, our politicians are still promising streetlights, fixing potholes and throwing money at schools?

Basic infrastructure and physical development should not even be an issue already – that is the normal and expected role of government. If Malaysia still has to deal with such fundamental n0-brainer issues after decades of independence and an abundance of human and natural resources, it’s like we’re still at the starting block the rest of the world have all raced far ahead! It’s embarassing for a government with 50 years experience not to realise that!

It’s even more ridiculous for that same government who has been in power for 50 years to boast that they are doing such a good thing by getting a promise (not the real thing yet, mind you) for a streetlight after neglecting their citizens’ need for decades!

Unless the BN is blackmailing the citizens of Malaysia by saying that infrastructure and physical development will continue to be witheld if the votes are not developed?

As a responsible government, I’m sure they would not do that!

And as for the media spinners and media practitioners who think this kind of news is worthy of reporting…

All I can say is…you’d better fire up the Flux Capacitor in the Delorean!

One Response to “BN caught in a time warp”
  1. Paul Warren says:

    I hope the mother of the kid Isa is carrying takes the kid home and gives him a kerosene wash to make sure no part of Isa’s DNA is left on her son. and burn the clothe that he is wearing too. I guess that is what a mother would do if a rapist was to touch her child. Sure Isa is no rapist….but according to UMNO’s standards they are also forgiven just like Isa’s corruption isn’t it

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