Who will Hindraf back in the Bagan Pinang by-election ?

by Vijay Kumar Murugavell

Video : Friday, October 9, 2009

Waytha on the future of Hindraf

Please view above video and discuss.


In my opinion HINDRAF can no longer mobilize the “thousands” it did on Nov 25th 2007, case in point the recent candle light vigil and the threat to mobilize large numbers nationwide. Hindraf was born out of the M.Moorthy case and given impetus over insensitive temple demolitions. Hindraf often says that Pakatan states did not improve the lot of the Indians.

Hindraf says that though PR is not helming the Federal Govt, they should do whatever they can within the Framework of PR State Govts, but until today I have not seen Hindraf listing down what they are. Have you ? If that is done at least there is a platform for PR to either take action or at least explain why it cannot be done.

Waytha opines that “people” are asking him why the Pakatan is not doing “this and that” would a true leader not engage with the party concerned for an explanation than just echo what his supporters are asking without discerning if those requests are reasonable, well grounded or acheivable?

As opposed to being just a sounding board and issue press statements that are gleefully published by the MSM only for the reason they are critical of BN’s political enemies. The MSM is deafeningly silent on Waytha’s press statements critical of the BN.

The video also mentions Hindraf distancing itself from Thanenthiran and his Makkal Sakhti party who is backing BN and received the blessing of Dr.M and whose opening ceremony was graced by none other than PM Najib- but is silent on Uthaya and HRP (Human Rights Party)

MSP has pledged to campaign for BN in the coming Bagan Pinang by election, what is Hindraf’s stand, there can only be 4 possible scenarios:-

1) Back BN
2) Back PR
3) Neither – Remain neutral
4) Hindraf is still undecided on their stand.

So what will it be ?

(You can read the rest of Vijay’s article here.)

2 Responses to “Who will Hindraf back in the Bagan Pinang by-election ?”
  1. Vengai says:

    Its not the matter who Hindrft support.Its undeniable that they are the one who wakes up indians in this country from a long sleep and let the community knows all the empty promise by the UBN and their ass licking MIC.

    But it doesnt mean, when comes to vote, the Indians will follow what the so call indian leaders are saying.

    They already wake up from a long sleep and know how to caste their vote.They seen with their own eyes the Kugan Teo and Kepala Lembu.

    Most indians support the PR and Expecialy DSAI and Tok Guru.They say Tok Guru is real men of his word.

    At least 70% of Indian vote in BP will go for PAS.

  2. jungleboy says:

    Hindraf was a one-off group to consolidate the indians. After gaining popularity, the leaders got big-headed and started using the indians for their own selfish agenda. As for the poor indians, it is back to square one until another devil in disguised mahatma gandhi comes along.

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