The unscrupulous, stupid gossip

By Eyes Wide Open

I was browsing through the Star’s news site this morning and came across an article entitled “Ageing Ku Li gives up on UMNO top post”.which reported that Ku Li had given up trying to take the helm of UMNO and is retiring to focus on armchair criticism.

But KuLi has taken exception to the tone of the report. He writes in his blog:


How kind of The Star to editorialise some words their reporter overheard while I was speaking to a Singapore news channel into a sweet little retirement story for me, complete with a helpful coda about my retiring into harmless “constructive” political commentary.

I am sorry to disappoint these aspiring scriptwriters but news of my departure is premature. Among the things I am pushing for in my undead condition is the repeal of the Printing Presses and Publications Act which, by protecting a small number of licensee newspapers from competition, and keeping them leashed to political masters, has given us the kind of lapdog journalism you see quoted below.

I made my call for the repeal of the PPPA in a speech on Friday, a message that one mainstream newspaper did not find as newsworthy as the observation that I am going through the novel process of “ageing”(as opposed to just being “old”) and the manufactured news that I have given up an option inconvenient to some.

I may be a little too “old” to be patronised by supine editors.


Ku Li…always the gentleman.So nice with his words. I would have been much less kind.

A few issues stand out in this report:

1.  Ku Li was NOT even talking to the Star.

Let’s forget the hoity-toity ideals of journalism for a moment. if you overhear something and you spread a juicy story to all and sundry about what you heard without verifying anything, what are you?

Well, the Oxford dictionary defines gossip as: casual talk about the affairs of other people, typically including rumour and critical comments.

I think the Star’s piece perfectly embodies that definition.

So the Star is a gossip.

2.  Ku Li was positioned as if retiring from active politics

Has the Star forgotten that Ku Li is the sitting MP for Gua Musang? And that he’s a much sought after speaker? And that he’s made many policy suggestions (which were completely ignored)?

He is hardly the sunset politician he is being painted out to be!

Not only has the Star reduced itself to being an irresponsible gossip, they have also proven to the world that they have absolutely no idea what is going on in this country.

So the Star is a stupid gossip.

3.  Ku Li has given up all hope to helm UMNO

Has the Star also forgotten that Ku Li made an attempt to at the UMNO presidency a year back? And that he has been an open (although gentlemanly) critic of the UMNO Prez cum PM’s policies. That he has been completely ignored speaks less of his relevance that of the corrupt arrogance of those holding the reins of power now.

And Ku Li himself has called this a piece of “manufactured news”. Of course, the other word for “manufactured news” is “lie”.

How difficult is it for the Star to verify the news with Ku Li? If the reporter was near enough to hear Ku Li quip, wasn’t he near enough to ask a simple question like: “Is that true?”

Well maybe the reporter did. But one thing is for sure, the editorial powers that be decided that the truth was not newsworthy enough, so they had to “manufacture” some. Obviously, the editors had no qualms about publishing lies about Ku Li.

So the the Star is an unscrupulous, stupid gossip.

Please…spread the word to everyone: why would you pay your hard-earned money to buy the lies of an unscrupulous, stupid gossip?

Surely we can put our money to better use – like flushing it down the toilet? At least flushing money down the toilet won’t damage our brains like buying the Star would!

Let’s seriously spread the word to boycott these papers. Let’s bankrupt these political lapdogs so that they know that the rakyat is not going to put up with their nonsense any more!

6 Responses to “The unscrupulous, stupid gossip”
  1. Govindasamy Annmalai says:

    Luckily I stopped reading star quite some time ago, mainly due to its onesided reporting.
    A paper that never inspires you and reports only that is favorable to the ruling elite , no balanced reporting and has no pride of its own. Just a junk paper

  2. veryupset says:

    The Star..??

    What other newspapers are better…????

  3. Fedup says:

    Thank God i have stopped buying BN govt. controlled papers for its onesided reporting.

  4. Ravin P says:

    To veryupset.

    Forget all MSM go straight to the online sources. Check Malaysiakini, Malaysia Insider and so on. And no I do not work for or own shares in these companies 🙂

  5. Logical says:

    To those who expressed indignation over the Star’s fabrication
    of Razaleigh’s withdrawal from UMNO power struggle may I ask
    whether you were asleep all this while.

  6. Philip says:

    i’m so glad i stopped subscribing to the MSN years ago.

    if The Star can so proactively attempt to mothball Ku Li because of the progressive speeches he’s been making recently, it’s clear to me they aren’t interested in real journalism.

    if you are a boss in a private firm, would you keep on your payroll anyone who consistently lies to you day in, day out?

    so why are people so dumb to keep buying that rag? hoping the MSM will one day decide to come clean and report REAL news to you?

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