A Dr’s view of Dr Pornthip’s CSI

By Eyes Wide Open

Thailand’s foremost forensic pathologist, Dr Pornthip’s testimony today seriously puts paid the suicide theory already pre-formulated by the government and MACC and vigorously being sold to the judge and the public.

The blatant manipulation of testimony and evidence, and shadowy shenanigans such as the sudden discovery of a dead man’s DNA of TBH’s blazer and secretive summons for TBH’s family to undergo psychiatric evaluation only shows the world an image of the depths of depravity that the ruling junta has sunk to – they are more than ever perceived as willing to resort to anything to hold on to power.

As usual, Dr Rafick is closely following the Teoh Beng Hock inquest. And in his latest article following Dr Pornthip’s testimony, he provides some insight into the larger implications.



2. Dr PR background as a no nonsense person with 10000 post mortem behind her certainly will create a dent in anyone theory that TBH jumped out of the window voluntarily. In my previous CSI series, I have indicated that there is just no motive for him to jump. There are more motives for him to continue living as he is getting married in the next few hours.

3. In her testimony she acknowledges that, Dr PR did not visit the site. She did not examined the body but she based her findings based on the post mortem reports, pictures provided by various parties and findings of her 2 assistants that came over a few months ago. Despite that she is confident enough to conclude that there is an 80% probability that TBH was murdered. Would it be 100% or 50% if Dr PR was on site after the body was found and if she were able to do the PM on the body of the late TBH? In the peoples mind, I believe many would believe that she would have concluded beyond certainty (i.e. 100%) that TBH was murdered.

4. What does this testimony means? To some it may means that TBH was murdered by MACC officers. To me it means a lot more.


(Read the rest of his article here)

14 Responses to “A Dr’s view of Dr Pornthip’s CSI”
  1. aca says:

    he was murdered, period. just like the mogolian lady.

    for who you ask.

  2. Das says:

    Dear Mr Eyes Wide Open!

    To put it bluntly and that too without the usual analogy, TBH was murdered! I do not wish to say any further but to say that TRUTH WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL !!!!!!

    These are the guys, with the NEP advantage to have been educated, who are calling the shots in Malaysia today! Sad! In a foreign land they are nothing!!!! As the old saying goes, YOU CAN BLUFF SOME PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME, MOST PEOPLE MOST OF THE TIME BUT……YOU CAN’T BLUFF ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. veryupset says:

    This again is another “high profile” case after the Altantuya’s unsolved case……!!!!

    I’m waiting for some “smart” reply from our people…!! Let’s see “WHO” gonna go against the good Doctor…!!!!

    Oooo……. his anus????
    That must have been so damn painful man….!!

    I really feel so sorry for his “wife” & family. Sigh…………..

  4. ” Murder,! ” she said, following Agatha Christie famous words.

    Exhume the poor man, TBH, and give more criminating evidence, please, Dr. Pornthip.

    Even the dead will rise up and give solid evidence for the evil , cruel deeds of men who acted like animals.


  5. chrisyong says:

    Based on so much manupulation by BN/UMNO, I would encourage the family to agree to exhume TBH’s body for PR to examine. Justice for him who died for TRANSFORMATION of Malaysia.

  6. fearnoone says:

    Correct Correct Correct.Go all the way…

  7. chris says:

    The dead shall speak!

  8. Maverick says:

    Fairdinkum ,
    the bn spin doctors didn’t do a good job did they and
    on the other side lawyer linggam is having a double
    open house one for Deepavali and the other ?????

  9. Robert King says:

    Go & listen. Malaysians are angry.
    Many said they WILL vote BN out of power.

    The way Dr. Pornthip explains & interpret injuries in Teoh Beng Hock is simple logical and straight forward that a layman understands. It is based on knowledge of science.

    Dr. Pornthip is a world renown forensic pathologist with vast experience.

    An incompetent & dishonest pathologist will distort the Truth and result in injustice and protect liars and licensed killers.

    A pathologist must always seek the Truth to uphold justice and not be under pressure from anybody.

    A judge may depend on medical evidence to convict or acquit an accused.
    A judge must always get the best medical expert to seek the Truth. A judge must NOT be satisfied with a mediocre or pseudo-experts

    We must always seek the Truth and NOT Myths or unsubstantiated claims & beliefs.

    If one controls the Police, Prosecutor & Judge one can convict innocent rivals & acquit criminals.

  10. telur dua says:

    How many people with some grey matter actually believe it was suicide?

    TBH should not die in vain. Get even at the next GE.

  11. shar101 says:

    If TBH’s family accedes to the request for an exhumation leading to a second postmortem, it is understood that the results may bring closure to this tragedy.

    And perhaps, with new irrefutable evidence, the perpetrator(s) to his untimely death can be brought to justice.

    More importantly, a second postmortem will/may deter future transgressions by enforcement agencies.

    Dare we hope for real justice to prevail?

    For that, we need honorable citizens with courage from fellow Malaysians.

    Dr Pornthip has shown us the way. And she’s a lady from a neighboring nation.


    What more can anyone now openly say
    With what happened between night and day
    If only all the dead could still freely talk
    There would be many other culprits to stalk

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 221009
    Thur. 22nd Oct. 2009.

  13. klchong says:

    to all fellow malaysia, time for us to act. pls dont ever belief the mother f*****r of 1 malaysia. you can see it by now

  14. veryupset says:

    YES..!!! She speaks on behalf of the dead..!

    Dr. Porntip world expert & many “bodies” to back her up.

    I ask…….
    Why would she bothered to “offer” her assistance to do another autopsy if what our “own” 2 doctors have done is correct..?????

    I think from what she has seen & read do NOT add up…!!!!!!! Smells funny yah…!
    Better get all the documentation in order……..

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