You sure you’re a journalist, Azmi?

By Reina

Some journalists have difficulty understanding the meaning of the word “blogger”. They think that bloggers are paid to report for the masses and therefore they should follow journalism ethics especially when it comes to ethics, objectivity and accuracy.

But a blogger is not a journalist because the blogger does not operate in an environment and under the circumstance that a journalist does. A blogger operates in a public sphere, gives fodder for public discussion.

A journalist is like the notice board – he puts out information for the public as accurate as possible. Sometimes, the journalist shows points of view to give the public a better idea of a situation or issue.

A blogger, on the other hand, is the man who stands on the soap box at Hyde Park. He expresses his own view and the public has an option to stand and listen or walk away.

Of course, if the blogger violates the law, then he is liable for prosecution – if he is caught. But that is his own funeral. There are bloggers who went wild with their accusations and are now facing lawsuits for defamation.

Journalists are also governed by the same laws and much more (Printing Presses and Publications Act, Broadcasting Act, etc) but with an additional element – ethical journalism is expected of journalists, but not bloggers.

And so, it is odd for an experienced person like Azmi Anshar from NST to write in ‘Cyber anarchist with a belligerent agenda’ about RPK and how his website is sought after by drooling “fanatical fans” each time he launches “fantasist allegations against politicians, lawyers and academicians”.

In the first place, it is none of Azmi’s business what RPK writes and how people flock to his site.

Secondly, Azmi himself has broken the basic tenants of journalism and here are some:

  • Thou shalt not write without evidence
  • Thou shalt not be one-sided or have an agenda
  • Thou shalt not be a mouthpiece for anyone

So, Azmi, should we still call you a journalist?

2 Responses to “You sure you’re a journalist, Azmi?”
  1. ajc says:

    As long as you are umno or umno backing you you can do whatever you want and get away with it. Evil self interest is their agenda. They can even swear over the Quran but everyone else knows what happened. Arrogance is their tagline and it’s like -yes I’m doing/did it what can you do about it. Well, me think before they have your time with Allah, I hope they answer to the Rakyat first.

  2. Das says:

    In Malaysia the UMNO President is “ALLAH” and whatever he says and/or sanctions is the word from the Almighty! The Rakyat, having voted them to their comfortable seats in Putrajaya, must obey their instructions failing which the might of the Government machinery will be used to “sodomize” them !

    JUST ONE QUESTION…..what right had Najib to swear on the Quran to prove his “innocence” in the Altantuya murder?! Was it his “privilaged” position as a member of UMNO?! He can “wayang kulit” with the Rakyat but will have to answer to the Almighty when the time comes!!!!! MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!!!


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