Utusan’s late, late news

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff

Firstly, you need to read “Churches bombed – Where is Utusan?” for context.

Then, look at the time-line(s) of the following screenshots showing how belatedly slow Utusan published their news articles on yesterday’s firebombing incidents in KL and PJ.

It’s as if the Utusan editorial team were waiting for instructions from their owners, UMNO, on how to ‘inform’ their readers about the irresponsible acts of provocation (terrorism?).

And if we are to ignore the ‘Bernama’ reports altogether, Utusan had ONLY TWO articles published with their by-line which in fact contained very little details.

Were their reporters specifically instructed to cover the protest locations and skip the ‘bomb’ stories?

Or was Utusan gagged by the-powers-that-be?

(Originally published @ OBE)

4 Responses to “Utusan’s late, late news”
  1. Greenhornet says:

    They might be the one

  2. r says:

    the greatest prenteder of 1melayusial is the pm najis @utusan@umno@perkas’a’ial………

    • 4RAKYAT says:

      we are all for umno bashing, but NOT malays bashing, or chinese bashings.

      so “1melayusial” is un-called for.

      with apologies to our malay brothers & sisters.


    • Your “melayusial” misnomer is completely uncalled for and a great insult to our fellow citizens.

      While we may bash the ruling UMNO-BN govt, we are proud patriots. DO NOT make fun of our beloved country’s name or any of its inhabitants.

      We bash not because we are anti- anything. We are pro-Malaysia, pro-diversity pro-freedom of speech and pro-democracy, and we bash those who deliberately stand in the way of a better Malaysia.

      I hope you can open your eyes to your own unconscious biasness and put down your prejudices for a better Malaysia.

      To our Malay fellow citizens: forgive him. This person perhaps has much more to learn about life

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