Insult Christianity with impunity and get praised!

by Eyes Wide Open

This is from the blog Pure Shiite. After a lengthy article about the court battle between Bible publishers in Indonesia (of which our friend provides no background so that people cannot judge the situation within the proper context) this is his conclusion…


To my Muslim Brothers and Sister let us now do what Munshi Abdullah could not in 1832


Just some observations:

Bumiputra Christians in East Malaysia denied their Constitutional right to use their normal reference to their God = a supreme insult to Islam and a hidden agenda to Christianise all Muslims?

Pure Shiite’s widely supported views such as calling Christianity a blasphemy of Islam (even though Christianity came before Islam) and equating the Christian God to 3-in-1 coffee = THE ABSOLUTE INDISPUTABLE TRUTH?

Now where have we seen such trampling of citizens Constitutional rights, ghettoising of minority religious beliefs, and the belief that only one point of view must reign supreme before?

Oh yaa…

It was during the rise of the Third Reich!

And it is the views of monkies like this dude that are being nurtured by the current ruling regime. Already, more than 200,000 facebook members are being indoctrinated with such views and attitudes towards their fellow Malaysians.

It’s only logical that if the means are the same, then the ends being sought are also the same!

Hallmarks of the Third Reich:
– Absolute hegemony by the ruling party
– Control over all instruments of govt power
– Brutal suppression/extermination of dissenters and non-approved persons/parties

God help us all!


This article was first published in the Eyes Wide Open blog, on 12 January 2010.

6 Responses to “Insult Christianity with impunity and get praised!”
  1. Gestapo says:

    Facsist & Rise of Hitler….Pure Shiite is Nazi lover. Hail Hitler! Hail Hitler!

  2. I’ve seen the History Channel.

    The only differences between the N party and the BN party :
    1)that funny mustache
    2)the N party: stop the leader, stop the war.
    3)the BN party: no such thing, cos there’s always another psycho replacement and because it’s become so institutionalized.
    4)the N party moved really much faster- admittedly they were also much smarter with all that canggih research.

  3. charleskiwi says:

    There is nothing anyone can do about them ! Don’t expect the good for nothing to do about the situation caused by a ‘few’ Malay Muslims, most if not all of them, are Malay Muslims themselves.
    Just wait till the sun comes out from the west before a ‘few’ of them get indicted in court.

  4. Collla says:

    Then ask the Singapore or the US to invade us and relieve our misery

  5. joehancl says:

    If you have faith in Allah, the mountain comes to Mohamed. If not, the devil has a home.

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