Who is “Bedy Nx Muneh”?

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff

Heck, I don’t even know how to pronounce this name.

And you’re probably asking not just who but what all this fuss is about, eh folks.

Well, apparently, this ‘person’ is a Facebook member (i.e. according to that UMNO Baru-managed anti-Herald Facebook group) and the following screenshot was posted in their ‘Photos’ section [1]

The URL link to this image is here.

[2] is the alleged source of the message i.e. pro-Herald Facebook group.

And [3] is the Facebook member ‘Bedy Nx Muneh’ who allegedly wrote –

The screenshot was uploaded into ‘Photos’ section by “Non-Partisan” who also added the following comment –

Strangely, when I did a Facebook search for “Bedy Nx Muneh”, there was ZERO results for this name. I’ve tried generic variations of this name and still got no where.

If you have a Facebook account, you’d know that you need to sign up with the group in order to make any comments.

Thus, if you’re not a member of a particular Facebook group, you’ll get this image on your monitor [4]

Alternatively, if you are, this other image will appear [5] which allows you to make a comment –

Sooo .. points to ponder:

  • Did “Non Partisan” upload a fake screenshot in the UMNO Baru Facebook page to instigate responses from its members with his (her?) added message and if so, why, if it’s not to incite irrational emotions and inflame matters further?
  • “Bedy Nx Muneh” does not exist as a Facebook member nor have an account in Facebook (and I’ve checked again prior to publishing this at 0415HR – 22/01/10 ).
  • Can “Non Partisan” provide the URL link to the alleged message by “Bedy Nx Muneh” as I’ve done with this posting for the above-stated screenshot to prove that it’s genuine? (More URL links below) Don’t try to create a new “Bedy Nx Muneh” in Facebook coz there’s always a way to verify when it was ‘created’.
  • Non Partisan” hides behind a non-disclosure clause in ‘her’ Facebook account. How convenient!
  • Will the UMNO Baru Facebook members be wise to such shenanigans by a person who has an ulterior motive and who deceptively hides behind a seemingly neutral pseudonym like “Non Partisan” or will they just swallow it lock, stock and barrel like any good  BTN-trained conscript would do?
  • The screenshot above is but one of several other screenshots (of dubious origins and/or purpose with an accomplice, possibly) uploaded by “Non Partisan” appearing in the UMNO Baru Facebook ‘Photos’ page with similar sounding incitements as shown above. Go here, here, and here. Mind you, all these were uploaded by “Non Partisan” from 19th January 2010 onwards i.e. when ground sentiments appear to be reverting to normalcy. Is “Non Partisan” stoking the dying embers, so to speak?

Therefore, UMNO Baru’s diminishing popularity since March 2008 is taking a wicked turn for the worse with characters like “Non Partisan” creeping around in Facebook.

UMNO Baru are desperate, financially broke without the rich cash-cow states and totally bereft of true patriotic efforts for nation re-building.

For an entity ‘resurrected’ in 1988, I won’t weep to see its demise in GE13.

And Perkasa will be clutching at padi straws, not lucrative baksheesh (3).

(Originally published at OBE)

38 Responses to “Who is “Bedy Nx Muneh”?”

    It has been a long and windy road
    With each carrying his own heavy load
    Sometimes jumping around like a toad
    But let us never with wrong things to goad

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 230110
    Sat. 23rd Jan. 2010.

  2. lion says:

    I am not that familiar with the rules and regulation of facebook, so I need to know if what that “non partisan” is doing is kosher ?

    Uploading pictures that intend to fool the readers believing in something that is bogus — isn’t that, in plain English, deceiving?

    Does Facebook allow such thing to happen?



    It’s every citizen’s duty to vote
    But first be registered to take note
    It’s your responsibility to devote
    All your resources to cast your vote

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 240110
    Sun. 24th Jan. 2010.

  4. Non Partisan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am sure Pat Lu et. al. can advise as to the reasons for Non-Partisan’s postings.

    As to this Bedy person, I am sure that the admins of the support group can get details as this Bedy person – Bedy being a member of the support group (one needs to be a member in order to be able to post status updates on the group wall).

    Why don’t you check up on the other person? A Muhammad Faizal or smtg.? This other person who posted the same thing as that Bedy person. What is the reason for not doing so? Talk about “ulterior motives”.

    You have a very limited understanding of Facebook. Given your limited understanding, you then pose STUPID questions. Why can’t you search for a person on FB? Well, that person/s could have made themselves “unsearchable”.

    Non-Partisan did not intend to fool anyone. As mentioned in the discussion with Pat Lu and Stephen Ng, Non-Partisan merely wanted to prove that both groups are equally as bad (as a result of being challenged by members of the support group).

    Your prejudice, stereotyping and bigotry is a perfect example of what I term, “The Malaysian Malaise”.

    I urge you to join and peruse the supprt group’s wall. You yourself will conclude that this group is biased – in every sense of the word!!!

    P.S. Non-Partisan is a single individual who promotes the “individual”. Critical and analytical thinking. Blue-sky thinking. Not being fed or having garbage shoved down one’s throat.

    PPS. If you want, I can send you the screenshots.

  5. Non Partisan says:

    And you have the cheek to talk about misleading????

    You wrote,
    “Well, apparently, this ‘person’ is a Facebook member (i.e. according to that UMNO Baru-managed anti-Herald Facebook group)……..”

    How can you equate “menentang penggunaan nama…” with being “anti-Herald”. Again, “Malaysian Malaise”. Stereotyping. Mistrust. Bigotry. Prejudice. The bane of race and religion based politics!!!

    I have been 100% civil in discussions with others in the support group. The same cannot be said the other way round.

  6. Non Partisan says:

    Dear Sir,

    And just to make it crystal clear, further to the last discussion (many days ago) with Pat Lu et.al., I have not visited the support group. I have just tried to go to that group to peruse the wall in order to produce the link here but failed – it’s a “closed group” now.

    Do tell the admins of the support group to NOT delete things from the wall. Then, you yourself get access, go peruse and come to your own cnclusion. I look forward to your thoughts.

    Have a good evening.

  7. Dear “Non Partisan”

    For someone who claims to be “non-partisan” you certainly are eager to defend this Bedy Nx Muneh character and attack the non-UMNO FB pages.

    Also, you have not answered the question about whether you can verify your claims by linking to the URL of the offending comment. Got time to take screenshots and alert others, no time to copy/paste a URL for proof? Why ah?

    And why, as a “non-partisan” party, are you pitching one particular group against another. If you are really a non-partisan batu api, you could at least be pitching BOTH groups against each other, kan?

    What is it about you…”ulterior motives” ka?

    And just to put paid to your “theory” that this Bedy Nx Muneh character is real and that what he/she wrote is true and that members of hartalmsm don’t know what they’re doing…

    You said:
    Given your limited understanding, you then pose STUPID questions. Why can’t you search for a person on FB? Well, that person/s could have made themselves “unsearchable”.

    dear “non-partisan”…make sure you have bullets before you shoot la…allow me to explain the workings of facebook to you.

    when a facebook profile is available to be searched, it will appear in blue bold text. When people click on the bold blue text, they will be taken to the person’s account. The level of privacy can be dictated from just seeing the name to seeing all details in the account. But the account is “searchable”, i.e. can be found.

    An unsearchable profile will appear as thin black text. The thin black text is unclickable. Only the name appears on the group or page, but it cannot be found by anyone who the account owner has not approved. Thus it “unsearchable”.

    The Bedy Nx Muneh screenshot clearly shows BOLD BLUE TEXT for the account. So it is SUPPOSED to be SEARCHABLE!

    You may have overlooked some of these details while preparing the Bedy screenshot.

    It is definitely YOU who are not too familiar with facebook!

  8. Non Partisan says:

    Hi Eyes Wide Open,

    Thank you for your lengthy response. You have just proved my point!!! Many thanks.

    With regards to Facebook, it is YOUR understanding of Facebook that is off. Nope, I take that back. Not off – but old. Hmmmm…. but off does indicate old, no??? Anyway, you CAN make yourself searchable – or not.

    You probably feel stupid right now… but that’s OK. I myself learned a new word today – “cyber-trooper”.

  9. Non Partisan says:

    Hi Hartal MSM,

    Please re-read my initial three posts above. Do not be like “eyes wide open”. I think his eyes were actually closed when “reading” – LOL.

    The gist is (as explained above):

    The offending comments were on the group’s wall. How can I point to it if I do not even have access to the group (eyes wide open, take note!)? Why was I banned? I am 100% positive that ALL members of the group will acknowledge that I have not been rude or insulting or anything of that kind. The same cannot be said otherwise. Think! Shoving “God” or a supreme-being down the throat of an atheist is utterly offensive to that atheist. Think again! Claiming that group is neutral and with no political agenda – but at the same time, further shoving things down one’s throat – is being hypocritical. Loads more to add, but anyway, this is meant to be a summary, so I’ll move to Point 2.

    Given that I do not have access to the group, I suggested that you yourself peruse and locate the offending comments.

    If you can’t find them, then these comments have probably been deleted. If this is the case, I am happy to provide the screenshots I have on me.


    • It sounds like you are not “non-partisan” at all since you have taken the position that

      1. members of the pro-Allah usage group are typically offensive in “shoving things down” certain people’s throat and

      2. the anti-Allah usage group are the victims of demonisation when all they are doing is voicing their rights

      3. Although you said that “Non-Partisan merely wanted to prove that both groups are equally as bad” you have not said a single word about the UMNO group, but you certainly have plenty to say about Pat lu’s group!

      It especially seems that way from what you wrote above:

      “I have not been rude or insulting or anything of that kind…Claiming that group is neutral and with no political agenda – but at the same time, further shoving things down one’s throat”

      It’s pretty obvious you went into Pat’s group to try and convince people of an opposing viewpoint to theirs and was roundly ticked off. But that’s no problem – it’s a lesson in freedom of speech for you: you can say whatever you want, just be prepared to be responsible for it.

      Besides, you failed to answer the pertinent points of the article and your own comments:

      1. Why do you claim that Bedy Nx Muneh – a searchable account according to the screenshot – is unsearchable? HartalMSM has provided evidence otherwise to support its contentions. You have presented nothing to verify your claims.

      2. Why are you defending Bedy Nx Muneh when you hold him/her up as an example of inflammatory speech?

      3. Why you have only screenshots to offer and no url’s to verify? HartalMSM provided url’s and updated if those comments were taken down. In this case, you have also presented nothing to verify your claims.

      4. Besides insults, you have not provided any concrete proof to rebut me. But I gave a detailed account about facebook’s functions which can be easily verified. Yet again, you have presented nothing to verify your claims.

      Anyway, the whole point of the article is to question whether the screenshot was falsified. So far, the balance of evidence favours the view that it was.

      Besides attacking members of HartalMSM and the pro-Allah usage group in general, you have not presented any evidence to contradict the article or the rebuttals to your comments.

  10. Non Partisan says:

    Hi Eyes Wide Open,

    In response to your numbered statements, comments and questions:

    I arrived at such a conclusion based on my experience in the group. I noted many things and it took a lot to make me arrive to such a conclusion. Others in th group have said the same. You want screenshots?

    That’s fine. And as the minority amongst the majority within the support group, I was insulted and by means of a ban, prevented from “voicing my rights”.

    LOL. ROFL. You’re making me laugh with the first part of your Point 3. And…. now the rest of POint 3 as welI.

    I am following your numbering, so it’s back to 1.

    What did I claim? I merely pointed out options and suggestions. Here’s another one. If that Bedy person saw my upload and blocked me (as in my Non Partisan FB account), I would not have been able to search for Bedy. Many possibilities! Here’s another one. If there is NO comment below a status update, it’ll be different from the writer’s example of [4] and [5] above. Evidence? More like bollocks. HartalMSM is wrong!!! Unashamedly wrong!!! And why not accept my offer of more screenshots? You can even get my IP address from the full e-mail header this way.

    You are being STUPID. My claim? The majority of Malaysians are “irredeemibly stupid”. I am not defending Bedy. I am just trying to prove Hartal wrong.

    Are you really this STUPID? Can you not read? Or can you read but can’t understand? How can get into the support group if I have been banned? How can I prove this if there’s no access? Again, I do have other screenshots showing the whole IE page. Why don’t you go into the group and look at the wall??? Maybe I should have my own blog and upload all the screenshots (100s of them) that I have???? Just a thought.

    What concrete proof? You are STUPID! There’s no boubt about that! Go and play with the “search/no seearch” function in FB.

    No probs. I can’t upload anything on here, right? If you think that the screenshot is falsified, I will create a new wordpress blog, upload all the pics and then you can judge for yourself.

    LOL. Attacking??? Please re-read the original article.

    P.S. Await my new blog on wordpress. Remember, again, you challenged me.

    • hartalmsm says:


      Your snake-like slitherings in logic is getting tiresome. And you STILL have not provided any compelling proof!

      You said:
      “If that Bedy person saw my upload and blocked me (as in my Non Partisan FB account), I would not have been able to search for Bedy.”

      This is NOT about you searching for Bedy. It’s about Sharifuddin who is unknown to Bedy searching for him/her. Bedy’s profile shows blue bold text, which makes her account searchable, but Sharifuddin could not find him/her. Anyway, why do you keep defending how Bedy manages her FB account’s privacy settings?

      “If there is NO comment below a status update, it’ll be different from the writer’s example of [4] and [5] above. Evidence? More like bollocks.”

      HartalMSM’s point – only FB account holders are allowed to join FB groups and post comments, thus the comment box appearing. Therefore for Bedy to be a member of that particular group, his/hers must be a valid account. The screenshot shows his/her account privacy allows to be searched, but Sharifuddin’s search turn up nothing. This is an impossible situation, which gives rise to the theory that the screenshot was faked.

      “Maybe I should have my own blog and upload all the screenshots (100s of them) that I have????”

      Non-Partisan! You have 100s of incriminating screenshots of the pro-Allah usage group?! Do you also have 100s of screenshots detailing the UMNO FB groups incitements and insults? I hope so, otherwise you won’t seem very “non-partisan” now, will you?!

      Besides, where do you find the time? Is it your full-time job to do this – find (or fabricate) incriminating evidence against people or groups opposing a particular viewpoint? You seem to be spending so many hours monitoring THIS particular blog!

      “If you think that the screenshot is falsified, I will create a new wordpress blog, upload all the pics and then you can judge for yourself. P.S. Await my new blog on wordpress. Remember, again, you challenged me.”

      Anyone can post anything on a blog – even pictures of Superman parking his flying saucer ar KLCC. But unless it is backed up by compelling evidence it’s best to be taken with a pinch of salt.

      You can do whatever you like, Non-Partisan. But I will hazard a guess that you will NOT post anything against the UMNO FB page on your brand new “non-partisan” expose blog, right?

      This is typical cybertrooper behaviour. You have exposed your true self, “Non-Partisan”.

    • hartalmsm says:


      We can see your IP address from wordpress and the fact that you are using a fake email address

  11. Too lazy to create a wordpress blog. I uploaded another picture in the “menentang” group instead. Have a look.

    I became aware of this blog via MT. The nonsense in here was appalling.

    P.S. Indeed. Here’s a different IP address. But you will not get the full headers you get with an e-mail.

    PPS. The reason I took these many lovely screenshots of the support group was because of their challenge. Tough!

  12. Trees says:

    Hartal MSM,

    I’ve peruse groups which I’m a member and non-member.
    I know your analysis on whether a someone can comment on a group in which he/she is a member or not is CORRECT.

    Non-partisan could well have obtained a screencapture from a member of the support group.

    • hartalmsm says:


      Wherever he got his screenshots, he says he’s got hundreds…that’s a lot of time spent trawling the group for incriminating evidence, isn’t it?

      And I’ve checked his movements on Hartal…he spent HOURS here. And contrary to his claims that he linked here from MT, our IP tracking software shows that he landed here DIRECTLY and not through another link. He’s probably also going through a UK server, probably an anonymous proxy. And he gave a fake email when he registered to comment.

      Very suspicious behaviour…

      And according to your link, he seems to be on a campaign against HartalMSM back at the UMNO FB grp. So He’s not very non-partisan after all, is he?

      This is so typical cybertrooper behaviour: attack without facts, lie to cover up, then when the whole thing is exposed and when the argument is lost, lari balik kampung to thump chest there.

  13. Non Partisan says:


    As previously mentioned, you do not know the history here, so please refrain from further assumptions.

    Hours on here? LOL jokers. Anyway, I have GNS running as I’m testing smtg., so I so have time right your wrongs. And I also have Ethereal up. Let me check later and I’ll prove what I’ve wrote. “IP tracking software”? ROFLOL. Jokers. And here’s smtg. to think about… could I possibly… just possibly be out of Malaysia? LOL jokers.

    Campaign against Hartal? Is this very article not a campaign against Non Partisan? But not OK for me to voice up? Hmmm…..

    So, if I post articles that show the gov in a bad light (check my postings on the ONE and ONLY unbiased group, that “tiada polemik & tiada politik” group) this makes me OK, i.e. not a “cyber-trooper”? You guys are a joke!

    The gist is… you all at Hartal have been found out! Your article is bollocks! You know it. As per the usual case, the majority here have “ganged-up” against the meek minority (or single person in my case). You even tried to dismiss “trees” above despite this person having a balanced opinion. Jokers!!!

    But as I’ve said… I forgive you…

  14. Trees says:

    Any regular Facebook user will know. Even if the group’s setting is ‘public’, a non-member cannot comment in it. That is why you must join order to comment.

  15. Non Partisan says:

    Indeed. But the issue here is different. Have a look above. Use the writer’s own picture above.

    As illustrated by [5] above (the bit marked by the purple line), you see a “comment box” simply becasue there is a comment under the status update. Now, draw your eyes just a bit below. You will see a post by one “vincent Chua”. There is not “comment box” because there are no existing comments under this very post. You get a “comment box” if you click on the words “comment” under Vincent’s post.

    Hartal claim that my upload is fake as here is no “comment box”. This is false. As is their understanding on other aspects. They then write misleading articles based on these mis-understandings.

    • hartalmsm says:


      Hartal is ASKING:

      “Did “Non Partisan” upload a fake screenshot in the UMNO Baru Facebook page to instigate responses from its members with his (her?) added message and if so, why, if it’s not to incite irrational emotions and inflame matters further?”

      and to justify the question’s validity, Hartal gave the compelling proof that:

      “Bedy Nx Muneh does not exist as a Facebook member nor have an account in Facebook”

      How can a non-facebook member make comments?

      And don’t start that nonsense about privacy settings. It’s already been debunked.

      By the way, even the UMNO FB grp members are asking of you:

      “non partisan dah lah tu, tak payah nak wujudkan tension kedua2 grp k”

      No “ulterior motives”?

  16. Non Partisan says:

    LIES! On your FB account page, go to Settings–>Privacy Settings. There’s a search option. You can use this to hide yourself from searches – or not.

    We all know that Bedy exists. My screenshot proves this. Compelling evidence by Non Partisan. Even “Trees” above is in agreement. You cannot accept the fact that you (as in Hartal) have been found out.

    You now send in your cybertroopers into that open group. Man! You guys need soooo many against Non-Partisan. Disgraceful.

    You made an error. You do not have the decency to admit this.

  17. Non Partisan says:

    I’m not going to continue with this.

    Best wishes in your endeavours.


    That has got to take the prize for the wildest accusation ever tossed at us! ROTFLMAO!!!! No my dear friend, we’ve had plenty of cybertroopers come and try to discredit us, but so far none have succeeded.

    Reason is simple…we write factually, logically and we do our homework beforehand.

    Now even the people you are trying to incite on the UMNO FB grp can’t take your BS. But if you insist that it’s all OUR cybertroopers, it’s your fantasy. Hope you enjoy it!

    Granted, there are some people (like Winston Churchill) who can be right about circumstances and the whole world is wrong about them. But somehow, I don’t get the feeling that you’re in the same league as him. GUFFAW!!

    Chill man! I think you’re due for another Prozac pill or two!

  19. Privacy clarification says:

    Non Partisan,

    Actually, you can only set your search privacy settings to being “unsearchable” for Search Engines eg Google or Yahoo.

    You cannot be completely unsearchable within the Facebook network itself (ie using the FB search engine).

    The narrowest definition you can set for search within Facebook is “Friends of Friends”, so it’s still within 2 degrees of separation.

    What this means, Non Partisan, is that you were wrong in claiming that a Facebook profile can be made completely unsearchable, especially because Hartal conducted that search within the Facebook network.

    However, Hartal, you should perhaps note that just because your Facebook search yielded no results, it doesn’t mean that the profile doesn’t exist. It could just simply mean that the profile for “Bedy” may not be viewable by you if the user has set their privacy settings to the lowest denominator (maximum privacy, in this case).

  20. Yusof Rahmat says:

    it’s all greek to me.

  21. Yusof Rahmat says:

    but i’m learning.

  22. NP says:

    Hi “Privacy Clarification”,

    For external search engines, it’s the check box that you toggle.

    For FB search, you use the listbox above the checkbox. You can now set it to “only friends”, thus making yourself completely unsearchable. Once you change this setting, give it, say, a couple of hours to take effect.

    You can try searching for me – Non Partisan. Use FB Search on the top right. Then just show “all people”. You should get 2 or 3 results (can’t recall what mine is set to). My ID is npartisan. Try this lah and let me know here, I’ll then change my setting and revert in retun.

    Also, one can easily change their name (not ID).

    Another way is to search using e-mail address.

  23. NP says:

    My FB search setting now is “only friends”. You should get just two FB search results (click people only after doing an FB search) – another non partisan and a non partisan poli smtg.

  24. NP says:

    Hi “Privacy Clarification”,

    Hope you managed to try it. I have set “FB search” to “everyone”, so you’ll be able to see 3 results now when you search for “non partisan”. It’s OK. No worries. Don’t feel bad for randomly saying that I’m wrong and all that. A honest mistake. You probably weren’t aware of the changes FB effected last December.

    But unlike these Hartal guys, you did not claim to be impartial, writing “facts” and all that. And then, even vehemently deny a blatant error (and hence a falsely writen article). So much for responsible journalism or reporting, huh? I wonder where they get their “facts” from?? Usually, biased people are “blinded” as such :p

    Me?? Easy! I’m a genius!!! Am almost always correct 😀 Plus, I do have an old friend, formerly from Google who joined FB, to confirm what I’ve said – hahaha. We had a good laugh at Hartal’s so-called “facts”.

    But kesian them lah… reputation for integrity, impartiality, non-bias, etc. all shot now. In tatters!!! But it’s a good wake up call for them… and their blind followers of that “support” group.

    As I’ve said… you can support a cause, but there’s no need to support a useless and clearly biased group.

    Aight then, gotta go for dinner. Speak soon 🙂


    P.S. Hartal, don’t feel bad. Everyone makes mistakes. We all learn from our mistakes and improve. And maybe I should title my next blog, “Responsible Journalism/Reporting”. What you reckon?

  25. NP says:

    Oh, almost forgot. Do you want me to be part of your blogging team? 😀
    It’s much more fun sitting back and watch you naively divulge more evidence, NP. We’re all aware a police report has been made and who knows what can happen eh – shar101.

  26. NP says:

    Naive? LOL. I think (well, I know rather) that you guys here are all sooooo dumb. In particular, those in the support group. LOL. And you guys call yourself solicitors (assuming as per the info bit)? LOL. Where from? Definitely not Gray’s Inn – ROFL. Please re-read every single post of mine and note every single word used 😀

    It’s OK. You want to know what “fun” really is? It’s revealing your STUPIDITY!!! LOL Not to mention the false and biased reporting. Jokers!!!

    P.S. Feel free to delete the article/posts here and hide your wrongdoing. Just got a copy done 😀
    Delete??? Yer got yer 15 mins of (in)famy at HartalMSM and not a word of thanks? – shar101.

    • NP says:

      Just like your (Hartal’s) apology, it’s inferred.
      Conjecturing again, eh NP – shar101.

  27. NP says:

    No Buy, No Lies? Hahahahahahahahahaha…………………….
    You sure you’re all not comedians?
    Nope. But we give space to amateurs – shar101.

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