Will UMNO Baru’s Facebook group uphold the rule of law?

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff

I was informed last night that Pat Lu, one of the administrators of “We support the use of the name ALLAH by all Malaysians“, will be making a police report with regard to ‘Facebook’ impostors who are creating mischief which tantamounts to cyber terrorism. (Background story here)

Well, one thing led to another, and before I can even shout out “&*##@… Zulkilfli Nordin!!!” in my utter disgust for another type of mischief, I received an e-mail from Pat Lu complete with a copy of her police report (as shown below) –

The Edge has filed this news item.

If you have read the previous posting (here), you’d realise that these ‘unidentified’ impostors were deliberately creating mistrust between fellow Malaysians and/or attempting to demonise the pro-Herald Facebook group by describing the latter as ‘racist Malaysians’.

Furthermore, it appears that there were also attempts at ‘cyber-phishing’ i.e. cloning the identities of genuine Facebook members and using it to appear as ‘the real Mccoy’ to unsuspecting readers while implicating a purported affiliation with an opposition political party as well.

Kudos to Pat Lu and her team of administrators for being alert to subterfuge and more importantly, for stepping up to the plate by making a police report on a possible felony punishable by law.

On the other hand, I have not seen the UMNO Baru Facebook administrators doing the same thing i.e. taking “Tengku Osman” to task for incitement (see image below) and reporting this person to the relevant enforcement agencies.

The UMNO Baru Facebook group may have deleted the offending material from their site but it is also their duty, as any law abiding Malaysian citizens should, to provide evidence of criminal intent.

Public perception of selective prosecution will be made even worse if UMNO Baru opines that selective disclosure (of criminal intent) is their inalienable rights/prerogative to fulfill.

If so, whither the rule of law?

(Originally published at OBE)

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