4.5% Growth? What About Our 25% Drop In Reserves?

By Eyes Wide Open

The government announced a 4.5% economic growth for the last quarter. This is immediately hailed in all the MSM as a recovery for Malaysia due to the success of the government’s pump priming.


Consider this analysis published in the Asian Sentinel:


Malaysia’s Disastrous Capital Flight

Written by Our Correspondent
Monday, 11 January 2010

Money leaves the country on an unprecedented scale

Churches are not the only thing to have been going up in flames in Malaysia. Take a look at the nation’s foreign exchange reserves. They fell by close to 25 percent during 2009 according to investment bank UBS even though the country continued to run a huge surplus on the current account of its balance of payments.

Says UBS: “Question: which Asian country had the biggest FX losses in 2009?” The answer is Malaysia and by a very large margin; we estimate that official reserves fell by well more than one quarter on a valuation-adjusted basis”. It describes the situation as “bizarre” and contrasts Malaysia with other countries with large current account surpluses – Thailand, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong – which have seen their reserves increase – as should be expected.

In short there has been an exodus of money from Malaysia on a scale which surpasses that which occurred during the Asian crisis. Nor is this just a mirage. The decline is also reflected in a sudden decline in base money supply – even while, thanks to Bank Negara, broader M2 has continued to grow modestly.

Who is responsible for this massive outflow? And where has it gone?

(Read the rest of this article here.)


Now, any fool knows that more money going out than coming in as a BAAAD thing. But why is the MSM not informing the nation about the whole truth about our economy? The much-trumpeted 4.5% growth is just one small positive sign in a whole sea of negative signs.

Yes, we could be optimistic that one small spark is all that’s needed to start a fire. But a spark is not a guarantee of a fire, there is also a whole set of prerequisite conditions involved – the firewood must be dry, it must not be exposed to water, people must know how to build a fire, there must be enough firewood to sustain it, etc.

In the context of the Malaysian economy, the prerequisite conditions would be – economic environment must be fair, political environment must be stable, security environment must make people feel safe, etc. All these factors would go a long way to restoring investor confidence.

Furthermore, to sustain long term growth and continue to attract high-value long-term investment, the Malaysian human capital must be developed – education must be improved, civil society must be active, etc.

It’s pretty obvious that Malaysia is faring badly in all these points, with very little sign of the govt’s political will improve on them. In fact, things seem to be going downhill in all aspects of Malaysian life – from political antics, to racialist screamings, to attacks on holy places, to rising prices, etc.

This is where the MSM should do their job – to speak out and make sure that the govt does their job.

Any responsible person would warn others when there are signs of danger so that people can make preparations. But not our dear MSM. They seem to see that their duty is to keep the rakyat gila-gila happy while the Malaysian economic bus veers dangerously with people at the wheel who have no idea how to drive.

But as if that is not bad enough, where is the analysis about the real effects of the 4.5% growth by our MSM?

Aiya…so difficult meh? Let me do a simple one…don’t even need statistics, just need to ask the right questions.

Najib admitted that the 4.5% growth was due to the govt pump priming, funded by taxpayer money and borrowings.

What will happen when the pump priming stops? Will the economy continue to grow? The govt cannot spend indefinitely to prop up growth statistics! Thus the smart thing to do with pump priming should be to help viable companies weather the storm so that people don’t lose their jobs. (see Singapore’s example of pump priming here.)

The smarter thing to do would be to use the money to boost businesses and improve the quality of life of the people, so that when the money stops, the private sector would be ready to take over as the main engine of growth.

But if we look at where the pump priming money is being spent, very little is spent on protecting businesses or improving the country. So is the Malaysian economic stimulus package sustainable? Does it really benefit Malaysians?

By failing to point out the future challenges and possible dangers, the MSM has consistently failed in their duty to inform the public! Are Malaysians helped by keeping them blissfully ignorant?

It’s obvious that the MSM has been completely castrated by their political masters – as can be seen in the recent apology by the Star for publishing a sensible article, supported by the majority of reasonable and peace-loving Malaysians.

If the journos in the MSM have any professional pride and integrity left in them, they should look for another job. If not for the country, then for their own souls’ sake – remember, lies is the native language of the Devil!

33 Responses to “4.5% Growth? What About Our 25% Drop In Reserves?”
  1. nxforget says:

    At times I wonder when the majority of voters are going to wake up to the plundering and lying bz the so called leaders of our nation.

    Look at Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. These countries without much or any natural resources but progess way ahead of us.

    I hope that I’m wrong to say 1Malaysia “semua rakyat kena tipu.” But, looking at the past … Vision 2020 and Islam Hadhari … many would agree that we sure “kena tipu bulat-bulat,”

  2. zxbr says:

    Before you swallow up the UBS report hook, line and sinker, it would be good to read up a bit more on the issue of reserve outflow. Not everything that comes out of investment bank research is golden, without dissent or even, poor analysis.

    Appreciate if you could read a rebuttal on the issue (not by me). Perhaps then, your outlook on the “disastrous” capital flight dooming M’sia would be placated somewhat. http://econsmalaysia.blogspot.com/2010/01/lies-damn-lies-and-then-there-are.html

  3. zxbr

    umm…i don’t think you got the point of the story at all.

    I highlighted the report to show the imbalance in our MSM news, and the rest of the story was about how the MSM absconded on their responsiblity to keep the public accurately informed.

    What about my other examples of pump priming measures and the much publicised 4.5% growth? No comment on that?

  4. Jed Yoong @ NP @ Shar says:


    The BBC site is considered “MSM”. Peruse it. The considered wisdom is that it’s pro-gov. Certain papers are said to lean towards particular political parties.

    Pump priming? Look at the UK and the US. Malaysians are soooo good at extolling the great virtues of “Great Britian”. The sterling is down by a greater percentage, compared to the ERM crisis in ’92. What about QE? What about borrowings??? Check out the PIIGS and STUPID nations. Check out Japan. The US. etc.

    I can understand your concerns, but you are not doing it right.

  5. katdog says:

    Pump priming to up growth statistics? Isn’t that what the government has been doing for the past 10 years?

    Check out this report:

    Private investment dropped from over 30% of GDP prior to the Asian Financial Crisis to around 11% of GDP.

    FDI as a percentage of GDP also fell from an average of 6.3% between 1990 and 1997 to 3.3%

    This means that our ‘growth’ for the past 5-10 years has been funded mostly by the public sector, a.k.a via government pump rpiming.

    As long as petroleum (and palm oil) prices remain high, the government can continue to pump prime the economy.

    Ooops, oil prices crashed due to the global recession. That is the real dilemma that the government faces today. Not the global recession itself . But that the global recession caused prices of oil to plunge. This means less royalties and tax for Malaysia from the oil industry.

    Check out some interesting facts about oil wealth in Malaysia:

    Click to access Oil%20and%20gas%20factsheet.pdf

    The interesting thing to note. Petronas paid RM62.8 billion to the federal government in royalties in 2007 alone. The government then spent RM16.2 billion to pay for oil subsidies.

    The net result? The government makes a handsome profit of RM 46.4 billion when prices of oil are sky high. But why is it our government still cannot manage a budget surplus and instead is in deficit?

    What do you think has been driving our country’s GDP growth all this while?

  6. BBC is “pro-govt”? You gotta be kidding!

    They are fiercely and proudly independent and not afraid to screw any politician or party for whatever reason they see fit to do so.

    As to economics, I’ll leave it to the economists to fight it out. I’m just writing about the state of our Malaysian media.

  7. btw jed, i think you missed the entire thrust of the article as well, even AFTER I had mentioned it in my previous comment!

  8. I doesn't know says:

    I was at a lossto hear that we are out of the woods in terms of recession. Have they gone down to the ground to see 4 themselves? Money is so tight that collection is the no. 1 grumble of all business people. It is even more shocking that some have quoted that gomen agencies are some of the culprits as well. Are we really out of the woods? I doesn’t know!!!!

  9. Well, i guess some 1Malaysia people are DEFINITELY out of the woods (read my link about where the pump priming money is going)

  10. This article in my professional opinion is quite well written. Yes, there’s some economic growth somewhere; but Najib did not talked about the bigger achievements by Malaysia..

    Our investments in foreign countries in 2008 and 2009. 2008 investments in foreign countries increased by 244% from the 2007 level while investments FROM foreign countries were 74% from the 2007 level. Correspondingly, 2009 investments in foreign countries were 177% higher than 2008 while investments from foreign countries were 54% of 2008. 2008 & 2009 were really not so good years, but yet Malaysia managed to invest so much money abroad especially to Mauritius, Bahamas, and Labuan.

    The info is here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AvAI3pQNRu-ZdEpiZ09LUVRzMm1rMk9aREI3ZE5jdkE&hl=en

  11. NP says:

    BBC independent??? Seriously, are you that dumb???? Or just naive???

    “btw jed, i think you missed the entire thrust of the article as well, even AFTER I had mentioned it in my previous comment!”

    LOL. Very typical. My way is the right way. My thinking is right. Others can only be wrong. Yes, that’s right. Never mind the fact that 99% of ppl in the UK (OK, an exag., but the big majority) think of the BBC as biased, but I am Mr. EWO the always right, it’s my way fo the highway.

  12. Jed Yoong / NP, you said:

    “The considered wisdom is that it’s pro-gov. Certain papers are said to lean towards particular political parties.”

    “Never mind the fact that 99% of ppl in the UK (OK, an exag., but the big majority) think of the BBC as biased.”

    What kind of so-called journalist are you, Jed?! Making sweeping blanket statements without any kind of sort of backup at all? And you accuse HartalMSM of being dogmatic without basis?

    I have no wish to argue with you. I’ll just let the facts speak for themselves.

    According to a Times reports:

    “The year-long investigation, commissioned by the BBC, has found the corporation particularly partial in its treatment of single-issue politics such as climate change, poverty, race and religion.”

    The BBC investigates ITSELF and finds ITSELF guilty of bias! You still say they are NOT independent? I’d like to see ANY publication do that in Malaysia!

    Well the BBC IS biased, but it is because it’s their own political stand on issues. They have NEVER been biased FOR the govt. Come to think of it, that one statement of yours is truly a reflection of your ignorance, Jed!

    The UK govt is not like Malaysia, where citizens have only known ONE govt all their life. The UK govt changes hands between political parties who have vastly different ideologies every few years. So what do you mean by the BBC is “pro-gov”? Which “government” are you talking about? Labour? Tory? Those are NOT the “government” la, they are just political parties.

    (I suggest you go and watch “Yes, Minister” and “Yes, Prime Minister” to brush up your knowledge of the UK political system!)

    I hope you realise that the UK is not Malaysia! The meaning of “pro-gov” between UK & Malaysia is as different as night and day! Try making your “BBC is pro-gov” statement to any UK citizen and see what kind of weird looks you get!

    Really, your wild bleatings are getting tiresome.

    You are not unknown to us, Jed…you are a chameleon who would not fit in anywhere. You speak for or against people depending on your audience. You launch personal attacks for reasons best known to you. You cavort with and support left-wingers and right-wingers whenever the situation fancies you.

    For example, even though you were once an editor of the DAP’s rocket, you were an avid supporter of pro UMNO bloggers’ BTN-style racist rants on their blogs. Too bad they backstabbed you later. After that humiliation, you deleted your blogs because i guess you made enemies of both side of the politcal divide and nobody wanted anything to do with you anymore.

    Is that why you call yourself “non-partisan” – because nobody wants you on their side? Well, if that makes you feel better, who am I to question?

    As to whether what I’ve written about Jed here is true or not…I invite our readers to visit the following blog who has also been attacked by her:


    To check if Jed Yoong regularly supports ultra blogs like BigDogDotCom, DemiNegara, JebatMustDie, et al…Just Google these blogs’ names and Jed Yoong together and see the connections…

  13. NP says:

    LOL. EWO, I think your post above clearly illustrates my point that Malaysians are sooo “katak under tempurung”.

    I will read your post above in full, but just to pick out a paragraph:
    “What kind of so-called journalist are you, Jed?! Making sweeping blanket statements without any kind of sort of backup at all? And you accuse HartalMSM of being dogmatic without basis?”

    I’m no journalist. When did I claim to be one??? And yes, a HUGE majority of ppl in the UK will agree that the Beeb is biased towards the current gov. You want “hard proof”. Come over to the UK and talk to to the people from the South up to the North.

    I’ve lived in the UK for decades, so… yes, I know what I am talking about. LOL. I suppose this reveals that I am not one Jed Yoong. It’s the likes of you and your ilk who… nah, I don’t want to make you feel bad.

    P.S. Labour is the GOV! And the Times is pro-Tory. LOL.

  14. NP says:

    “Try making your “BBC is pro-gov” statement to any UK citizen and see what kind of weird looks you get!”

    I rest my case. Katak under tempurung. ROFL.

  15. Sigh…Jed, Jed, Jed.

    I think it’s patently clear who is the katak under the proverbial tempurung. And the more you write, the more it becomes clear. Just in case you still find it hard to understand, I’ll explain to you in as simple language as possible. I tried the following explanation with my 8-yr-old kid and she sorta gets it. I hope you do too. 😀

    NOBODY in the UK equates certain political parties as “government” and others as “non-government” like in Malaysia. Government in the UK is a neutral machinery that administers the country.

    Unlike you, UK citizens understand the concept of “Government-of-the-day” which means whichever elected party having been given the right by the UK citizens to dictate policy and direction of the government machinery. The UK’s government-of-the-day is never certain with every election, unlike Malaysia’s experience since merdeka.

    But right from the start, you made a sweeping declaration:
    “The BBC site is considered “MSM”. Peruse it. The considered wisdom is that it’s pro-gov.”

    For you to say that the BBC is pro-govt is pure nonsense. II exposed your ignorance by simply asking you which govt? You said then said Labour is in govt now. Well, what if another party takes over, will BBC be then considered “anti-govt” or still “pro-govt”?

    Then, you try to backtrack and try to spin it around:
    “a HUGE majority of ppl in the UK will agree that the Beeb is biased towards the current gov.”

    Oh…CURRENT gov only is it? Don’t worry, it’ll change in a few years, (especially likely since Gordon Brown can’t seem to get his act together) so then the BBC will be pro or anti gov that time?

    See, there’s NO WAY you can justify your statement that the BBC is “pro-gov”, and even less grounds for your implication that they are just as biased as Malaysian MSM.

    Now, if you had said that the BBC was pro-Labour, you views could have been accepted. Because Labour is Labour, it is NOT synonymous with “government”. If the BBC managers share Labour’s political views, goodie for them.

    But by saying that the BBC is pro-GOVT, you have exposed yourself as someone so immersed in Malaysian political realities you cannot separate party from government in your mind. And you want us to believe you spent decades in the UK? Come on la…

    So the MSM in the UK have their political stance. So what? The MSM in Malaysia have NO political stance. They bend over and contort into whatever position they are told to be in by their masters. Is it really the same situation in the UK as you are trying to sell the story here?

    If you insist on trying to pass off your opinions here as truth, we will allow you to in the interest of freedom of expression. But we will have to expose the fallacies where it exists. And so far, you’ve given us plenty of material.

    Oh…and if you’re really not Jed, why are you masquerading as her? I suppose you enjoy false representations, is it?

    Good night, Ms Jed. Don’t forget to watch “Yes, Minister”. I think it should be still on YouTube.

    As for me, I’m going to put on the kettle and for a nice spot of tea to go with my scones and make good use of my TV license fee to watch some good old pro-govt BBC news. Go Tories!!!

    For more info, refer these sites:




    Anyone mention “pro-govt” anywhere? LOL!!

  16. NP says:

    LOL. What a long post with no substance. If you want “real, hard proof”, come over to the UK and see for yourself. It’s easy to pick out a few links and post it here, but want you really want to know is the “on the ground”. There’s no substitute to actually being in that country and talking to the people.

    Your looonnggg posts clearly illustrate how ignorant you are – and if you are representative of the “savvy, modern and informed Malaysian”, then I truly despair.

  17. Jed, Jed, Jed…

    You really have shown an amazing affinity for the arts of assumption and obfuscation! No small feat that! You must have worked hard on these two skills for many years to achieve such a level of mastery in them!

    On what basis do you assume that all of us in HartalMSM have no knowledge of anything in the UK, or that we have no experience living/working there, or that we are not currently living there now, or that we don’t have sources living there now, or that we ourselves are not PR or citizens of UK?

    That is soooo like you to assume things and simply write a comment with no basis and merit.

    And I included three links for reference – two of them are British politicians blogs (one of them a Labour politician that you allege the BBC is so “pro-govt” about) and one is a media portal. Funnily enough, they can’t seem to agree which political party the BBC is partial to, and there is ZERO mention of the mysterious “govt” you say the BBC is biased towards.

    So where’s your proof, then?

    Oh…YOUR “real, hard proof” is to tell EVERYONE ELSE to fly over to the UK ourselves and do a street poll with our own pencil and paper, is it? Aiyaa…where got journalist ask readers to find proof of what they say is true one? Journalists have to be the one to present the compelling argument to convince readers, isn’t it?

    As you said, it’s so easy to pick out a few links, why don’t YOU pick out a few links to prove that the BBC is as “pro-govt” as Malaysian MSM?

    Jed…your “chin chai” cavalier attitude to journalism may be good enough for you, but it sure doesn’t fly with us at HartalMSM laa…

    And you better not say much more, Jed. I’m concerned that your bosses at the Asia Sentinel may pick up on your baseless, provocative, ignorant and arrogant comments here and rethink your employment suitability.

  18. NP says:


    My post was for you. Getting infor/news from a friend/relative, etc. is one thing, but are you going to disagree that the only true way is to actually be there? And be there long enough and take part as well?? LOL. I recall watching a programme recently, where one imam had been inthe UK for the past 22 years and could barely speak English.

    You really want to talk about assumption? Why are you assuming me to be Jed? Do you have any proof that I am Jed? Or some random assupmtion based on bits and pieces of info put together? With circumstancial connotations???

    You wanna know what the funniest part is??? If you recall the outset, I joined the suppot group, had discussions with Pat Lu and Stephen Ng, etc. I am sure they would be able to advise you on your ASSUMPTION 😀 Again, do you have hard proof that I am Jed? Or did you put together bits and pieces of information?

    You want links? Go read Peston’s and Steph’s blogs. Peruse HYS. LOL. Loads of links out there.

    Anyway, off track here. The MSM does not have a “duty” – they report as they see fit.

    P.S. I am “FB friends” with Resident 😀 And I found Shar through Resident 😀

  19. NP says:

    Hmmm… the gist is….

    1. Talk about “responsible reporting”. But… as the Bedy article co clearly illustrates, you guys were wrong – in every sense of the word. The positives? You apologised and I see that you have learned from the incident and improved. Good!

    2. Talk about “making assumptions”…. but… making assumptions yourselves and thus falling into the mode as mentioned in (1) above.


  20. Tsk, tsk, tsk, Jed…Jed…Jed…

    “Talk about “making assumptions”…. but… making assumptions yourselves and thus falling into the mode as mentioned in (1) above.”

    That’s just pathetic. Find your position unjustifiable then try to turn the tables. It would have been more dignified to just slink quietly away.

    “You want links? Go read Peston’s and Steph’s blogs. Peruse HYS. LOL. Loads of links out there.”

    Put up or shut up. Put a link here that says that the BBC is “pro-govt”, especially in the sense that it is “pro-govt” ala Malaysian MSM as you contend so heartily.

    “I joined the suppot group, had discussions with Pat Lu and Stephen Ng, etc”

    Yeah, and none of them want to have anything to do with your pugnacious, self-righteous self anymore. Ironically, even the “Against The Use OF Allah By Non-Muslims” group also told you to shut up when you tried to batu api them.

    Even an intolerant group can’t take your shenanigans? You MUST be too much!

    “The MSM does not have a “duty” ”

    I beg to differ: http://www.spj.org/ethicscode.asp

    You really want to continue digging this hole for yourself? We’re not a nobody blog you know…media people DO read us. Perhaps even the Asia Sentinel…You may want to quit while you still have a chance or else there’s no telling what kind of impression you’re making on your bosses by being stubborn here.

  21. NP says:

    LOL. Typical “pariah Malaysian” mentality – in every sense. One rule for you, another for others.

    I have just proven that you are a hypocrite. What proof do you have that I am Jed? yet, you have the balls to talk about assumptions and whatnot. Again, once a pariah, always a pariah. Irredeemibly common.
    Same ‘ol, same ‘ol.
    “Put up or shut up. Put a link here that says that the BBC is “pro-govt”, especially in the sense that it is “pro-govt” ala Malaysian MSM as you contend so heartily.”

    Anyone who can do a Google search will be able to concur la. I’ll do a search and gather links for you – no worries.

    Again, like I said, typical “pariah Malaysian”. And it’s now proven!!!

  22. Jed…Jed…Jed…

    Take it that I don’t know how to google la. Put a link here to prove your assertion that the beeb is “pro-govt”.

    And what you talking about one rule for myself and another for others? I’m just asking you do do what I ALREADY did. So far you have been unable to do ANYTHING that I’ve already done several times already – put a link to backup your assertions.

    What about all my other points that have been backed up by credible references? Your so-called resoundingly convincing “proof of argument” rebuttals consists merely of calling us pariah, katak bawah tempurung, dumb, naive, hypocrite, ignorant, no substance, etc then strutting around declaring victory in an argument.

    Aiya…you must have been hanging around the UMNO cybertroopers for too long – this is so typical of their response…

    PS: If you ARE Jed, then you’re a cowardly liar for saying that you are, then you’re not, then you are, then you’re not…If you ARE NOT Jed, I hope she lodges a police report against you for impersonating her and ruining her reputation with your shenanigans here…

  23. NP says:

    LOL. “Irredeemibly pariah”. Go check out the “Marina article”., the latest post. It sums everything up. Or am I “arusa” now??? LOL.

    And again, a bunch of pariahs running a blog that claims to be non-partisan. when did I ever claim to be Jed??? I have vehemently denied this. It is you and you fellow “pariah chavs” who have been banging on this.

    And to use random links is just irresponsible at the very least. But I guess this is to be expected of pariahs.

  24. Sigh…Jed…Jed…Jed…

    This will be the fourth time I’m telling you to put a link here to prove your assertion that the beeb is “pro-govt”. Take your own advice and don’t use random links, put up credible sources – like I did.

    And one more thing…you expect to win arguments by calling people childish names? Hmmm…I wonder who popular opinion will judge as having the “pariah mentality”?

    Tsk, tsk, tsk

  25. Oh, and by the way Jed,

    Wasn’t it you who said:
    “Anyone who can do a Google search will be able to concur la. I’ll do a search and gather links for you – no worries.”

    how come suddenly turn around to say:
    “And to use random links is just irresponsible at the very least. But I guess this is to be expected of pariahs.”

    So which is it Jed? Are you going to do the “EWO pariah” thing and put up a link? Or the “EWO hypocrite, One rule for you, another for others.” and not put up a link?

  26. NP says:

    LOL. Pariah ramblings.

  27. Jed…Jed…Jed…

    Hmmm…Another rousing rebuttal from you! Such rock solid reasoning, resounding rhetoric and a rapier wit to boot!

    Must be REALLY hard to put so much effort into opinions such as yours. Wonder how you find the time to so carefully think up the angle of argument and research the facts to back it up? It’s so incredible! The glorious glare of your wit and wisdom is blazingly blinding to the rest of us mere mortals.

    Yes, it must be very truly you and only you who can operate from such an exalted plane. Quality arguments such as yours is beyond the reach of mere pariahs such as us. Surely you must be God’s gift to journalism!

    Anyway, if we’re too “pariah” for your high standards, why are you still rolling in the mud with us? Shouldn’t you be moving on to other more worthy websites where your opinions & criticisms will be accepted unequivocally for their unquestionable wisdom?

  28. Well Jed

    At least Uppercaise TRIED to make a case against us. What credible case have you made against us? Calling us “pariah” good enough standard for you to qualify as credible? Try harder. You can do it!

    But of course, there’s a lot of back story to this incident with Uppercaise that you, Jed (no matter what you regard your omniscience to be) are not aware of. Here’s a little history lesson…

    Hartal made Uppercaise famous – that’s the fact.

    Both blogs started at about the same time. We linked to him because one of our members felt he was worth it as he was a senior staff in the MSM. But HMSM became much more high profile early on because MToday & Mkini pick up our items quite often. And since Uppercaise is on our blogroll, he got noticed too.

    But Uppercaise never appreciated the exposure we gave his blog from the very beginning, regarding himself as miles above HMSM. This is not the first time he’s put us down, and he gets especially upset when we call for MSM practitioners to grow a conscience.

    Understandable la, since he’s a SENIOR MSM practitioner!

    Anyway, we never once heard him complain about the traffic we were generating for his almost unknown blog at that time, though. (The fact that he never once thanked us, we can overlook la) So why is he raising such a stink now?

    Here’s a clue…(this is Uppercaise in verbatim) –

    “The block on the blog on Friday, the planted comments and Hartal’s twisted presentation on Saturday, the ugly encounter with a government plant most likely a Mahathirian dog…”

    So he spoke out against Marina and in return he got a healthy dose of intimidation for it.

    Between the people who have the power to block his blog, the people who have the power to arrest him for planted comments, the people who have the power to intimidate him in his office, and the people at HartalMSM – who do you think he can safely lash out at for his troubles?

    I’m sure even YOU can figure out something as obvious as this la, Jed.

    Nobody forced Uppercaise to write what he did…so he should suck it up and take responsibility for the consequences of his piece instead of acting like a pampered brat wailing about being bullied at school. If he hasn’t got the balls for it, he should stop blogging against the MSM. Stay safe and stick to what he does best in the office la.

    And THAT Jed, is the truth of the matter.

    Aiyaa…anyway, you think we at HartalMSM don’t face risks of retribution for speaking out? If at all, we are MORE at risk because we are not entirely unknown – Shariffudin is a public personality and EWO is also quite traceable, despite the efforts at anonymity.

    But you…while you safely hide behind anonymity and crow self-righteously about how superior you are, we are risking ourselves to try to bring some semblance of news analysis to the country.

    So seriously Jed. Put up or shut up. If you have something of substance to contribute, we’ll be glad to feature it.

    But if all you can manage is some cowardly anonymous harassment, you seriously have no more credibility than midnight prank callers.

    I for one, will not be responding to any more of your inane comments. I think the insanity has gone far enough. I’ve made my point, so I will choose to be the mature one and stop here now.

  29. Pariah says:


    Hmmm… one should read the piece above and then read the “Bedy”, “Marina” and other articles on this site. Very telling!!!

  30. Non Partisan says:

    Sigh! Almost every sentence in comment #31 above is pure hypocrisy. So sad…….

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