Should APCO Speechwriters Run Our Country?

By Eyes Wide Open

APCO seems to be really earning their million-ringgit PR contract. Najib’s speeches are taking on that warm and fuzzy glow. One might almost mistake him for the Malaysian version of Obama if one was not aware of the long list of controversies surrounding him.

The Malaysian Insider reported a glowing speech by DS Najib at SinChew’s CNY open house celebrations. Among other feel-good platitudes, DS Najib said:


To celebrate diversity – that is our final destination, the final apex. If we celebrate our diversity, then it means we have reached our final destination of ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ and 1 Malaysia. This means that we think as one people, one nation, one dream,” the Umno president said.

Najib added that certain groups may embark on separate pathways but what was important was that all Malaysians converged and reached the same final destination.

“I am sure we all share this same dream – to achieve unity, harmony and prosperity – but we may take different paths to get there. Sin Chew may take a different path, Utusan Malaysia may take a different path but what is important is that we must converge and reach that final destination.

“Of course we much allow discourse and some room for dissent and differences of opinion but we must ensure that it is not at the expense of harmony. We must be conscious that we are slowly and surely bringing Malaysia to harmony,” he said.


Ahhh…makes feel me all warm and fuzzy inside. Like just after I’ve had too much mutton curry and rice. Any more of this kind of speech, I’m afraid that this warm fuzzy feeling might force its way out of my orifices.

Come on la…leading a country is so easy meh? Make some warm fuzzy speeches and all the pieces will fall together nicely?

And I’ll just let the facts speak for themselves to show how full of “warm and fuzzy stuff” this speech is:

To celebrate diversity – that is our final destination,” DS Najib explaining 1Malaysia

“Indians came to Malaysia as beggars and Chinese especially the women came to sell their bodies” Nasir Safar, former special aide to PM at a 1 Malaysia seminar

“…we all share this same dream – to achieve unity, harmony and prosperity…” DS Najib explaining 1Malaysia

“I understand why Nasir said that, I can symphatise with him, I want to say the same things but I have to control myself, I am more mature now,” PERKASA President Ibrahim Ali, invited to join BN coalition pending BN’s constitutional amendment to allow it.

“…Sin Chew may take a different path, Utusan Malaysia may take a different path but what is important is that we must converge…” DS Najib explaining 1Malaysia

“ANDAIAN sebelum ini bahawa kaum Cina hanya berminat untuk menguasai ekonomi sementara kuasa politik akan terus dipegang oleh orang Melayu, nampaknya tidak lagi begitu. Pasca Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-12 membuktikan bahawa banyak pihak kaum Cina sedang mengasak habis-habisan untuk turut sama menguasai politik negara ini.” Op-ed in UMNO-owned Utusan Malaysia on 23/08/2009, 1 month after 1Malaysia launched

Aiyaa…so many more examples of cakap tak serupa bikin, sudah muak sampai berbuih di mulut daa

But, if APCO can really deliver on the warm and fuzzies they include in their speeches, then it may not be a bad idea for them to take over the country, eh?

What? Those pendatang will never be allowed to run the country?

Well, I guess then all those warm and fuzzies are just omong kosong la.

2 Responses to “Should APCO Speechwriters Run Our Country?”
  1. klm says:

    APCO is Advisors to dictators, despots and corrupt. i.e people with trouble and the money to pay through their nose for APCO services. Their kind of people.

  2. hehehe says:

    APCO is Mossad

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