Ridhuan Tee on Al-Islam case: ‘Church ultra kiasu too’

Ridhuan Tee does not see any need for an apology to the Church that has hidden intentions.

On the eve of March 8, Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah covers a gamut of topics including why Chinese — and presumably Indians too — are not fit to become PM (but which minority is asking for the job, pray tell?), the sovereignty of Malaysia “being pawned” to Singapore, and warning against the Jews …

His Sunday reflections then proceeded to his usual theme “merempat di bumi sendiri” (indigenes losing their homes) – “Lama-kelamaan, kini hampir seluruh bumi pribumi Palestin terlepas ke tangan Yahudi. Bangsa yang dahulunya sehelai sepinggang, berjaya menjadikan pribumi berdagang atau merempat di bumi sendiri.”

Tolerance ‘does not mean equality or respect’

On media issues, Ridhuan wrote:

(Excerpt from Ridhuan’s English blog, http://ertee.blogspot.com)

“Latest, the Catholic church wanted the magazine Al-Islam to openly apologize for their article entitled ‘Entered Church in Search of the Head Covering Apostate Maiden’ (‘Masuk Gereja Cari Gadis Bertudung Murtad’) pertaining to their reviews in the church. I do not see the need to apologize to those who have hidden intentions toward us for being tolerant.

“Why must we yield to their threats? It is already enough with our failure to defend the use of the name of Allah. The church should not act as what the Malay proverb said like the creeper plant that climbed the trellis (seperti kaduk naik junjung). They do not differ from the ultra kiasu group which only wants to win.

“What about their action taking away and apostate the Malays such as Azlina Jailani [Hartal note: Lina Joy] and other Muslims were not considered as wrong? Haven’t they realized that the Malays cannot be apostate according to the constitution Article 11 and 160 (2) which stated ‘Malay means a person who professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language and conforms to Malay customs’.

“Had the church ever apologized to the Malays that had been apostate which were clearly conflicted with the constitution? Why this tolerance is not appreciated?”


Ridhuan’s article appears in original version as ‘Menghargai toleransi peribumi’ in his Malay blog, and published in Utusan under the title ‘Hargai toleransi pribumi’ (March 7, 2010)

18 Responses to “Ridhuan Tee on Al-Islam case: ‘Church ultra kiasu too’”
  1. CHONG says:

    If you are a true MALAY fighter try taking away your ABDULLAh and replace it. Just because you are converted

  2. Paul Warren says:

    This Mohd Ridhuan is such a jerk. He must surely have a lot of Malay Muslims wanting to strangle him for wanting to speak on their behalf.

    Obviously very apologetic that he was not born Malay, he seems to have this need to do and say the damnest for the misfortune of having the same DNA as the Chinese.

    So what is it about the apology this time that he has problems with? Does he feel let down because the apology was made? After all you don’t exactly lead a Jihad against an enemy only to apologise to the enemy for an under-handed below the belt shot delivered to the enemy.

    this guy is so full of hate and anger and if that is his idea of reflecting God’s image, please do keep me and all my good friends, both Muslim and non, away from that God that this Ridhuan worships.

  3. Singapore Scholar says:

    It’s so weird to read Ridhuan Tee’s article in English. There are so many grammatical errors. It’s embarrasing that an academician cannot write good English.

  4. benny says:

    he got his dr. bcos of his name..hehe
    this guy should be kena ISA or send to afghanistan or timbaktu

  5. jungleboy says:

    This Ah Tee fella called TBH unborn child a bastard! Now let’s analise who the real bastard is. Who is Ah Tee’s real father? He did not know himself, so he chose Abdullah to be his father.

  6. My2cen says:

    Wah, Ah Tee sounds like a Malay wanna-be! He sounds so sorry to be born another race, so much so that he condemns the whole race whenever he can raise the slightest issue.

    I think he has some very personal issues that’s clouding his judgement, no, his perception of things. First, being Muslim doesn’t make him a Malay. Ask God, God made us all in different colour and creed, but we’re still the same human being. Profeessing one’s believe in God does not make one of a particular race or creed. Ah Tee needs to take some time off and seek to learn from a real Imam. Don’t have to go far, just drop by Kelantan and attend TGNA’s madrasah. I’m sure Tok Guru will welcome him with open arms.

  7. bennyloh says:

    “Had the church ever apologized to the Malays that had been apostate which were clearly conflicted with the constitution? Why this tolerance is not appreciated?”

    You keep on insulting the chinese here although you are a “plastic” malay. Had we ever ask your parents who are pork-eating Chinese too and fed you well and healthy with pork before to apologize? Your brain must be located at your arse.

    • b18200 says:

      On the authority of Abu Sufyan Sakhr bin Harb (may Allah be pleased with him) who
      reported, in course of his detailed narration about Heraclius when the latter questioned
      him about the teachings of the Prophet (may peace be upon him) he said that: He (may
      peace be upon him) told (us), “Worship Allah Alone and do not associate a thing with
      Him; and give up all that your ancestors said. “He also commands us to perform prayer,
      to speak the truth, to observe modesty and to strengthen the ties of kinship.
      (Reported by al– Bukhari and Muslim)

      • b18200 says:

        On the authority of Abu Dharr Jundub bin Junadah and Mu`adh bin Jabal (may Allah be
        pleased with them) who narrated that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him)
        said, “Fear Allah wherever you are, do good deeds after doing bad ones, the former will
        wipe out the latter, and behave decently towards people.”
        (Reported by al– Tirmidhi)

      • b18200 says:

        On the authority of Abu Hamzah Anas bin Malik al– Ansari (may Allah be pleased with
        him) – the servant of the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) – who reported
        that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him)as saying, “Verily, Allah is more
        delighted with the repentance of His slave than a person who lost his camel in a desert
        land and then finds it (unexpectedly).” (Reported by al– Bukhari and Muslim)

        In another version of Muslim, he said, “Verily, Allah is more pleased with the repentance
        of His slave than a person who has his camel in a waterless desert carrying his provision
        of food and drink and it is lost. He, having lost all hopes (to get that back), lies down in
        shade and is disappointed about his camel; when all of a sudden he finds that camel
        standing before him. He takes hold of its reins and then out of boundless joy blurts out:
        ‘O Allah, You are my slave and I am Your Lord’. He commits this mistake out of extreme

  8. To my knowledge, Dr. Ridzuan never claimed to be a Malay nor did he ever portray himself as a Malay wannabe. He is a distinguished academic whose views are certainly controversial but it need to be understood within its context and not judged emotionally.

    Racism is anathema to the pristine teachings of Islam and this partly explains why Islam is a global faith that has transcended the barriers of race, nationality and culture. The annual pilgrimage to Makkah witnesses the largest assembly of people of various races and ethnic worshipping the same God.

    And the name Abdullah simply means ‘servant of God’ (which is also refered to Jesus in Matthew 12:18, Acts 3:13, 4:27, among others). Thus, every believer in the One True God of Jesus (John 17:3) should be proud of that name.

    • hartalmsm says:

      Ridhuan actually takes great pains to proclaim himself Chinese, as if this appellation qualifies him as mandore to talk expertly in Utusan about the Chinese or on behalf of the Chinese here.

      From his positing himself as the (Umno-sanctioned) ‘Chinese’ vantage point, he can then go on to declare to his Malay readers as if with some authority: I know the Chinese behaviour well as I am one of them (NOT!) — they are this and this and this, and they will act like that and that and that.

      In fact, in the posting cited by Hartal above, he makes this statement (quote taken from his English blog):

      “I do not aim to defend the Malays, but I tried to understand the psychic [sic] of the Malay race compared to the other races, after understanding the psychic of my own race.”

      However, in his writings in Utusan when he talks about the national community and hot button issues, he groups himself with the Malays (in addition to grouping himself with Muslims) using the pronoun ‘kita’.

      In Malay, ‘kita’ means us, inclusive of speaker and listener. ‘Kami’ is us and excludes the listener.

      In all his writings, it is clear that Ridhuan elects to group himself with Malays although he denies vehemently that he has “masuk Melayu”, which is the popular colloquial expression for ’embracing Islam’, i.e. in line with the Constitution’s definition that a Malay must be Muslim.

      However, if you were to ask any Chinese in the street who’s ever heard of him whether they see him as Chinese, I daresay many would consider him an outcast of the community.

      As to your contention that Ridhuan is “a distinguished academic”, that’s surely debatable.

  9. ajc says:

    If you read his posting from a long time ago, one cannot but help to think he’s trying to jack his way up to some position. To go up to Allah is surely proper, but I’m not so sure it is in that direction. Salam.

  10. KaKiaYam says:

    “…The annual pilgrimage to Makkah witnesses the largest assembly of people of various races and ethnic worshipping the same God….”

    are you saying that people who congregate at Mekah are non-racist?

    We never say IIslam is racist, what we are saying is that the this Mr. Tee is a racist who happens to profess the religion of Islam. This is the part where it fails to make any sense. For someone who appears so bloody religious to be so racist, well……it speaks volumes…

    “Racism is anathema to the pristine teachings of Islam and this partly explains why Islam is a global faith that has transcended the barriers of race, nationality and culture….”

    Maybe, but i wonder why it never happens to the ppl of malaysia…by the way, there are more realistic reasons why Islam grow the way it is…

    “…Dr. Ridzuan never claimed to be a Malay nor did he ever portray himself as a Malay wannabe…”

    He doesn’t have to. The devil does not come and tell us his name. It’s his actions and thoughts that shows who is he and what he tries to be…


  11. btm says:

    Ridhuan tee, u cannot compare jewish history to malaysia. u need to look deep into the history of religion. Jewish race bare the promised of God. Others n Ridhuan unfit to discuss about Jews.

    • b18200 says:

      Kemudian Yahudi tidak berhenti dan tidak berputus asa, kerana mereka adalah bangsa yang gigih berusaha dan terus berusaha hingga sekarang mereka terus saja berusaha. Yahudi terus saja mengadakan kemusykilan umat Islam, hasutan demi hasutan ditanam sikap supaya penduduk Madinah benci kepada Nabi dan yang mula-mula Yahudi lakukan ialah merosak perjanjian dengan Nabi ialah Yahudi golongan Qainuqa.

      Diceritakan pada suatu hari wanita Arab dianiaya secara keji kala masuk ke pasar Yahudi Qainuqa. Kejadian itu ditolong oleh pemuda Arab yang baik hati, tetapi pemuda Arab itu dikeroyok, diinjak-injak, diterajang seperti binatang jalang hingga pemuda itu mati dan perbuatan Yahudi itu membangkitkan kemarahan kaum Muslimin yang sekian lama bersabar kerana perintah Nabi dan oleh sebab kesabaran ada hadnya, maka terjadilah pergaduhan/pertumpahan darah di kedua-dua belah pihak.

      Nabi ketika itu mengambil tindakan tegas terhadap Yahudi Qainuqa kerana telah berkali-kali menunjukkan sikap bermusuhan tanpa henti-henti dan cukup membahayakan keadaan dan keputusannya Nabi Muhammd SAW ketika itu ialah dengan cara mengusir mereka dari Madinah dan hal ini kalau tidak silap terjadi selepas perang Badar.

      Setahun kemudian orang Yahudi Nadhir pula melakukan pengkhianatan yang sama, dimana mereka berusaha membunuh Nabi ketika Nabi dan sahabatnya berkunjung ke perkampungan untuk sesuatu urusan. Allah sekali lagi membantu dan niat itu tak berhenti dan segera terbongkar dan sekali lagi mengenakan hukuman dengan cara mengusir mereka seperti juga Yahudi Qainuqa. Hal ini terjadi di bulan Rabiul aw wal, tahun ke 4 H dan mereka kononnya menetap di Chaibar dan hal ini disebut oleh Allah dalam surah A—Maa-Idah ayat 11.

      Kemudian oleh sebab mereka itu kaya sebab pintar menipu seperti Yahudi yang ada sekarang ini, maka mereka menghasut lagi kabilah-kabilah Arab yang besar seperti Quaraisy dan Ghathfan serta kabilah-kabilah lain untuk menghancurkan Nabi dan rupanya hasutan itu berhasil dan terjadilah peperangan yang namanya Al-Ahzaab pada tahun 5H. Lihatlah bagaimana kehebatan Yahudi yang tidak pernah berhenti itu. Apakah bangsa seperti itu bisa dijadikan kawan?

      Peperangan itu dirasakan oleh Nabi dan Muslimin amat berat sekali, apa lagi Yahudi Quaraizhah yang masih tinggal di Madinah mengkhianati. Pemimpin mereka Kaab bin Asad dihasut oleh pemimpin Dadhir Huyai bin Akhthab dengan maksud diajak membatalkan perjanjian dengan Nabi. Di sini kita lihat lagi sikap Yahudi yang berkepala tujuh. Sikap kebinatangnya bukan main hebat.

      Berita penghinatan Yahudi Quaraizhah menggemparkan kaum Muslimin di Madinah ketika itu. Nabi segera mengutus Saad Muaadz kepada suku Aus dan Saad bin Ubadah kepada suku Khazraj kepada Quraizhah untuk menasihati mereka agar jangan meneruskan pengkhianatan, tetapi niat itu ditolak dengan sikap kasar, angkuh, sombong, takbur seperti juga sikap Yahudi yang ada di Israel yang pemimpinnya bernama Sharon.

      Pengkhiatan Yahudi Quraizhah ketika itu memang terasa menyulitkan kerana mereka berada di Madinah yang maknanya menikam dari belakang, menusuk lubuk hati dan Allah sekali lagi membantu yang akhirnya pasukan bersekutu Al Ahzab itu bubar berkecai dan pulang ke negeri masing-masing tanpa ada hasil dan tinggallah Yahudi Quraizhah sendirian akhirnya akur di atas kekalahan tersebut.

      Saad Muadz atas permintaan Yahudi Quraizhah sendiri menghakimi pengkhianatan mereka itu dan keputusannya yang lelaki dibunuh, sementara wanita dan anak ditawan dan ini diketahui oleh Nabi. Setelah Yahudi tidak ada lagi, barulah kota Madinah aman dan bahagia. Kita lihat kenyataannya dimana membuktikan yang Yahudi itu bangsat dan laknat.

  12. Not fooled says:

    Perhaps Ridhuan Tee has a hidden agenda. He wants to make the Malays more backward! He is not an UMNO kaki bodek, but he is doing this because in actual fact he hate the Malays. He wants the Malays to be backwards by making sure they are always on crutches and cannot speak English.

    Perhaps he also wants to be like Mahathir. Fool the Malays into thinking that he is a defender of the Malays and then become the first Chinese Prime Minister in Malaysia just like Mahathir who became the first Indian Prime Minister in Malaysia.

    Our Malay brothers better be aware of who your true enemies are. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah may be the real musang berbulu ayam.

    • b18200 says:

      Abdullah bin Ubayy ialah ketua bagi para munafikin dan seorang musuh islam yg paling dahsyat kerana ia bersikap sebagai seorang islam pada zahirnya sahaja. Dia mempunyai seorang anak lelaki yang bernama Abdullah juga tetapi beliau merupakan seorang islam yang tulin. Apabila para mujahidin hampir2 hendak sampai ke kota madinah, Abdullah telah menghulur pedangnya dan sambil berdiri di luar kota itu beliau telah menengking ayahnya itu dgn kata2:

      Saya tidak akan mengizinkan engkau memasuki Madinah sehingga engkau mengaku dengan lidah mu sendiri bahawasanya engkaulah yg jahat dan Muhammad s.a.w yang paling mulia.

      Ini sangatlah memeranjatkan kerana anak lelakinya itu yang selama ini sentiasa menghormatinya tetapi sekarang telah bersedia untuk membunuhnya, ayahnya sendiri, demi untuk penghormatan kepada rasullah . Si munafik itu pun terpaksa mengaku :

      Demi Allah sayalah yang jahat dan Muhammad s.a.w adalah yang paling mulia.

      Dia kemudiannya telah dibenarkan masuk ke bandar itu.

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