Beng Hock inquest: Govt must be so pleased with MSM

The mainstream media on March 10 highlighted the government pathologist’s testimony that Teoh Beng Hock was alive when he fell. This implies Teoh was not yet dead in the MACC office. This ultimately implies MACC, an agency of the federal government, is innocent of any wrongdoing.


Read Kit Siang taking to task Berita Harian which had slammed the critics of MACC — the newspaper had accused these critics of attempting to undermine “Malay institutions”.

Zainul, group editor of the NSTP which owns Berita Harian, had once asked in his article why Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim would question “those of his own race to act fairly”.

Yesterday, Malay Mail gave the Beng Hock story front page lead coverage with screaming headline in red capital letters: ‘He was conscious when he fell’.

  • Utusan Tiada kesan lemas, sesak nafas
    Translation: No sign of asphyxiation, choking

  • Berita Harian Tiada kesan dicekik pada mayat Teoh: Saksi
    Translation: No sign of strangulation on Teoh’s body: Witness

  • Sun Teoh died from fall, not strangled, says pathologist

  • Star Teoh inquest: Confusion reigns again [Updated], Star reported: “The inquest into the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock was once again enveloped in uncertainty when a government pathologist testified that the deceased had not been strangled or choked prior to his death plunge.”

Is there anything wrong with the picture that MSM paints?

What about that “left platysma muscle contusion on the left side of the neck and also similar but smaller signs on the right” found on Teoh?

Read Haris Ibrahim’s ‘I swear to tell the whole truth if it’s convenient, half-truths when it’s necessary, and lies to save some asses’.

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