MSM Maths: 1,400 > 230,000?

by Crankster

The mainstream media is a strange animal.

Sensation is its main course while spin-doctoring is both the appetizer and the dessert, especially in Malaysia.

Scandals make excellent sensational news. So do disasters.

Take the most recent disaster for example. Immediately after the earthquake in Haiti, there was plenty of noise made about how the BN government was planning to send aid to Haiti.

However, the general enthusiasm waned approximately 5 minutes after Najib Razak waxed lyrical about his grand plans. I personally did not see much effort going into collecting donations or sending people to help relieve the situation there.

At least I can safely say that while I looked high and low, I could not locate any mention of aid going to the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

Contrary to that, in the Jerusalem Post, it was reported that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon praised Israel for showing a ‘great love of humanity’ in Haiti, even as he attacked its actions in Gaza, which he said caused ‘unacceptable suffering’.

Now Israel is known for being the social pariah when it comes to international relations. Every other country has chastised it for its incessant attacks on Palestine.

Yet, Israel has shown more care and concern for the Haiti earthquake victims than the Malaysians (if our mainstream media reports are anything to go by) and even the United Nations.

I see a chasm of difference in terms of the level of concern shown to the Haitians and the Palestinians.

The UN has provided $200 million in Gaza Strip aid following Israel’s military operation ‘Cast Lead’ that caused 1,300 fatalities.

Yet, the UN has provided only $25-35 million to natural disaster victims in
as of the end of January, an earthquake that claimed the lives of over 230,000 people and affected over 3 million.

Now this smacks of discrimination to me. There were obviously more fatalities in Haiti compared to Palestine, but so much more aid was sent to the Gaza Strip.

Helen Ang, in her mKini column wrote that, “Malaysia gave tens of millions in cash and Mercy Malaysia immediately sent seven missions to Gaza in 2009 following Israel’s attack which left between 1,200 and 1,400 Palestinians dead. As far as I know, Malaysia did not send any significant humanitarian relief or medical teams (donation drives privately headed by Unicef Malaysia and Red Crescent apart) to Haiti where 230,000 were killed.”

Why the indifference to the plight of the Haitians? Is it because they are people of black skin colour?

Have Malaysians been sending aid to the Haitians? If so, why haven’t the mainstream media reported it?

Is the mainstream media only good at transcribing grand statements with colossal promises without having the initiative to follow up on what actually has been done on ground level?

I really want to know.


Welcome, Crankster, to the HartalMSM team! We’re sure to expect even more penetrating questions at HartalMSM from now on!

10 Responses to “MSM Maths: 1,400 > 230,000?”
  1. Helen Ang says:

    Great that you’re in Hartal MSM, Crankshaft.

    A little something to add:

    The ‘beyond Madonna’ provocative pop sensation Lady Gaga — who started her career dancing at a nightclub in G-string — is someone who would have the pious people in Malaysia raising their hands in horror but …

    Watch Lady Gaga’s interview with Oprah starting minute 3:16. She announces that all of the money she makes from her concert ticket and merchandise sales on Jan 24 was going to Haiti.

  2. charleskiwi says:

    Malaysia sent aids to Palestine because of their religious believe and nothing else !
    Malaysia would not know what is aid because they have never been taught what is charitable. I wish their Allah can teach them, typical of the Muslims !

  3. Crankshaft says:

    I’ve always found Lady Gaga a little disturbing but if she actually donated the proceeds of her concert to the Haiti victims, she’s got a lot more morals than those who raise their hands in horror at the thought of her g-strings.

  4. Crankshaft says:

    Charleskiwi – yes, I’m afraid it is about the religious brotherhood. Half the time, most Muslims are not aware of Hamas’ role in aggravating the Israelis, or wilfully prefer to remain ignorant.

  5. 2nd class says:

    When disaster happened in Myanmmar (typhoon) and China (earth quake) at the same time a few years ago. Notice any difference that the donation from Malaysian public and donation campaign? I can safely said 90% of donation are for the Chinese. So is Malaysian public racist? For me it doesn’t matter as long as someone got the aid. No point bark like dog but do nothing.

  6. NP says:

    I wonder if it’s just “Malaysians”? Mlaaysians (iirespective of colour or creed) showing their indifferent nature???

    The main problem in Malaysia is that of “no action, talk only”. I vividly recall those “religios people” on the “support Allah” site on Facebook ever so ready to offer up “prayers”, but no one thought of a relief fund or anything.

    Contrast this with a this British kid (age 5 or 7 or smtg) who alone raised in excess of £50k for the Haitian fund.

  7. NP says:


    Pls read the posts above. What can I say???? Typical “Malaysians”.

    Let’s see….

    Post #2 is prejudiced to the max.

    Post #4 is very unbecoming! One man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. On the flip side, a lot are “brainwashed” by CNN and such. “Prefering” to remain ignorant to the true terrorists, i.e. the US, etc. It’s interesting to note that the US demaned elections, but when the Palestinians chose Hamas, the US immediately began their usual “talk cock”.

  8. NP says:

    Lady Gaga disturbing??? Why? Just because she’s scantily clad?

    I find Malaysians “disturbing”. And Malaysians are most definitely offensive. “Re-adjustin”g a phrase…

    “The problem with Malaysia is that it’s full of Malaysians” – 😀

  9. The truth is that the “Palestine” is a politically expedient cause for BN…helps garner “Malay-Muslim” votes..whereas Haiti apparently does nothing for BN in the eyes of their voter base.

    The same guys have now been caught with their pants down over the APCO issue…LOL.

    BN will be quiet for awhile about Palestine or the middle east…at leat until they hope the APCO issue is forgotten…Melayu mudah lupa…or so they hope.

    They forget that unlike “Nespapers” which end up lining rubbish bins, and goreng pisang…articles posted on the internet come back to keep haunting them forever.

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