Ibrahim Ali at his best!

by Eyes Wide Open



“Don’t talk sh*t!”

Wow, Ibrahim Ali must be so proud of himself that he can show his powerful eloquence to the world. I’m sure the BN’s desperate support for people like this will attract investments into the country, stop the brain drain and attract the hordes of highly-talented Malaysians back to their homeland!


Not 2nd-class citizens?

Answer this then, Mr Ibrahim:

How come Malaysians feel more welcome being “pendatang” in other countries than being citizens in their homeland?

Don’t talk sh*t la, Mr Ibrahim.

Hmm…wonder if the Malaysian media will give the same orgasmic coverage of Ibrahim’s latest passionate defence of Malay rights as they did before? Or is that too much to hope?

And I’d like to see how this character tries to squirm out of this debacle. He can’t use the “misquoted” excuse because AlJazeera is not like the typical Malaysian MSM eunuchs, who are ever ready to flagellate themselves to protect their masters. Besides, they got it on tape saying it…3 times! He also can’t blame the “western” media’s demonisation of Malaysian politicians because AlJazeera’s a Mid Eastern, MUSLIM station!

Oh, glee!

7 Responses to “Ibrahim Ali at his best!”
  1. veryupset says:

    They set up “Perkosa” coz they said they feel threathen….
    They say arr…….!

    Now, with “their” set-up, can the NON-Malays set up the SAME sort of organization coz they ARE threathen by these “Perkosa” numbnuts…..????????????

    With all their hullubala…., will our economy be screwed BIG time..? Our minister have travel far & wide & promising trade this n that.

    So far… I don’t see nothing comming from other countries. They must be afraid to invest here with our current “crap”.
    Easy to ask for handouts….! Idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not too sure about this 2020 thingy..

  2. IbrahimVincent says:

    Except for a few non malay tycoons whom he bearhugs, this dinosaur politician see the rest of nonmalays as animals by the disrespect and hatred he spits out almost everyday.

  3. Paul Warren says:

    Since Mahathir likes the company with these kind of shit, does that mean he is also another arse hole?

  4. leekh says:

    From where does Ibrahim get his money to wear nice clothes, eat good food and talk dirty?
    a.Government contracts?
    b.Allowances from Chinese tycoons?
    c.Go-between for people cari contract with the gov?
    d.Work his ass off?

  5. SFCM says:

    Sh*t Face C*%k Master!! Talking crap again, Ibrahim Ali^^

  6. Malaysia's Greatest Export says:

    I’ve always said that Malaysia’s greatest export is her skilled workforce!!!

    Oh, and the fat f**k in the above video is a perfect example of a pariah! And a racist one at that!

  7. PAS says:

    As a PAS supporter, the good thing about TGNA selected this FP (f**g **inc*) as a candidate in previous election, and he won, is to reveal this FP true hideous identity.

    And now everybody knows who he really is, that is good enough.

    I am very 100% sure in the next election, TGNA will not accept this FP. Not sure about UMNO…

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