The Malaysian MSM’s Bullet In Aminul’s Head

by Eyes Wide Open

The police were CHASING the car, so how could the vehicle be said to have been used to attack them?

Remember how journalists jobless in ’87 were left to cope on their own?

By Reina

One of the editors recently said that in the first month, there was a lot of sympathy from friends and opposition politicians and activists. As the months passed, sympathy waned. By the time the third month came, the free food and sympathy was almost nil and the jobless journalists found that their savings were almost depleted.

What ‘machete’ in dead teen’s car?

By Hartal MSM

Usually those shot dead by police are Indian men. Usually police are allowed to get away with their stories of weapons they conveniently find in car boots.

Now this case of a machete in the boot of the car belonging to a young Malay woman is not usual, although the police excuse we’re hearing is customary.

Dr Asri And Intellectual Change

By Crankshaft

The title ‘Mengemudi Bahtera Perubahan Minda’ or ‘Steering the Ship of Intellectual Change’ sounded promising. But expecting anyone who writes for Utusan Melayu (or its weekly, Mingguan Malaysia) to write common sense would be like expecting a leopard to shed its spots.

Let the nons ‘mandi arak’ & Ridhuan Tee’s other Hulu S’gor shockers!

By Hartal MSM

“Sometimes the Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whisky bottle in the hand of (another)” – To Kill a Mockingbird
(quote lifted from a comment by Malaysian Insider reader ‘sylim’ in response to Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah’s most recent article.

Flashback: How the editors froze during Kg Medan

Either put up or ship out like ntv7’s Wong did By Reina When race riots broke out at Kampung Medan in 2001 between Indians and Malays, the editors of a particular newspaper waited for a response from the government as to how they should report the story. This is how it usually is with issues … Continue reading

Resignation at ntv7 and censorship

Dr Mustafa K Anuar & Anil Netto Charter 2000-Aliran is deeply troubled by the reported resignation of ntv7 senior producer of ‘Editor’s Time’, Joshua Wong, over what he considered to be excessive self-censorship and unwanted government interference in the station’s editorial independence. We salute Wong for his resolute and unwavering stand on journalistic independence and … Continue reading

Hulu S’gor: Polis tangkap lagi

By Sharifuddin A.Latiff Earlier on Tuesday, three civil society activists K. Anu, K.S. Usha and Allen Tan were ‘arrested‘ in Hulu Selangor while another seven suffered the same fate yesterday. Are these incidents typical of selective enforcement by the Polis DiRaja Malaysia because the persons involved were deemed not BN-friendly? You might say it is … Continue reading

‘All China girls who work here are prostitutes’ – not!

How does one ever apologize for deliberate and calculated racism against Chinese? By Shuzheng Columnist Josh Hong’s ‘Rising above racism’ (Feb 26) in Malaysiakini refers. Hong took to task local Chinese media for accusing Malaysian police of singling out Chinese nationals in the case of Li Junjie. He disagrees that Chinese women are being targeted … Continue reading

No bow wow, claims ‘Kamal’

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff TMI published this report “Kamalanathan loses cool over criticisms” in which the ‘shocked-looking’ UMNO Baru endorsed MIC candidate said: “Kiss his hand? When did I kiss his hand? Show me where I did that,” he exclaimed, looking miffed when asked at an unplanned press conference in Ladang Kerling near here. (Pix … Continue reading