Star — the paper that needs spectacles

The son also rises (1)

Chua Tee Yong, son of the newly elected MCA president, is a new appointee to the party’s presidential council.

Bernama reported this in its story proper.

MCA-owned paper Star did not mention this in its article, although CTY’s name appeared in the tabloid’s graphic chart accompanying the story.

The son also rises (2)

Mukhriz Mahathir trotted at daddy’s heels to the Perkasa opening.

But the Star failed to see Mukhriz there, even though his bald head must have twinkled for attention under the PWTC spotlights.

Star in its second report missed Mukhriz … again.


How many people turned up at the Perkasa inaugural congress opened by the Great One?

Utusan said 10,000.

Shiok Guy‘s estimate (click link to see pix):

“10,000 is an impressive turn out, and Dr M still the pulling power.

Just have a quick look at the picture and different report from other blog online. We have report ranging from 2000, 4000, 5000 and 10,000 reporting here.

We are not keen in the figure as per se, but we do want to estimate how the Younger and moderate Malay are supporting this.

I estimate ONE BLOCK can seat 20 chairs x 16 row = 320 (assuming fulling occupied chair)

To have 10,000 people, you will need to have 32 Blocks. Meaning 32x 320 = 10,240.

I don’t have a overall view of the venue, but so far I see only 6 blocks at the front which estimate 6×320 = 2000 people. Do we have more block at the back and top to make up the total block of 32?

My two cents worth.” — Shiok Guy

The Star not only can’t see but cannot count either.


Update: Follow-up post — Twinkle, twinkle Bintang Perkasa

6 Responses to “Star — the paper that needs spectacles”
  1. Stsr Toilet says:

    I donno about other people but I use Star newspapers to wipe my ass every morning. It’s excellent toilet paper, good to wipe my ass.

  2. dahi ketiak says:

    The Star is not even fit for wiping my ass. Exercise your Power of One. Stop buying it, stop advertising with The Star. Hit it where it hurts most.
    This is not the People’s Paper, or the Paper That Cares.
    Noticed how quickly it is now playing up Umno’s agenda. All it takes is a warning from Krishamuddin.

  3. shar101 says:

    Star’s gutter journalism hits another new low –

    Excerpt –

    Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, during his visit to Kuala Kubu Baru town, took a break at the coffeeshop in Jalan Mat Kilau, previously known as Stoner Street.

    Tan said he felt excited when an MCA member told him on Friday that Najib would be dropping by, adding that his wife and children stayed up until 2am to help clean up the place.

    A classic example of photo ops inanity .. for a staged event?

    If this is the Star’s S.O.P. to make the PM look good, no wonder BN is losing traction with more and more Malaysian voters.

    Or perhaps, the MCA-owned Star got a little pissed off when they didn’t get a slice out of the RM28 million paid out to APCO and this is the former’s ‘other’ S.O.P to make the PM look ‘bad’.

    Let me put it another way. Would you pay RM1.20 for bad spinning or get free HMSM deconstructing with the relevant links provided?

    Boycott the BN MSMs

    It’s really your choice, folks.

    Just as you should with your votes come GE13. And ahem, in Hulu Selangor too.

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