Twinkle, twinkle Bintang Perkasa

To our post yesterday ‘Star — the paper that needs spectacles’, Zorro replied, ‘Hartal MSM, you mean testicles and not spectacles, yah?

Yah lor. Star does seem to be missing, err, things, where they count.

In the paper’s report on the launch of Perkasa,  Star concluded its article with this sentence: “Perkasa presented the inaugural Bintang Perkasa award to Dr Mahathir, whom it described as the nation’s greatest statesman.”

If you’ll look at this YouTube of the award ceremony, you can see that Ibrahim Ali puts a sash on Mahathir that says, ‘Bintang Pribumi Perkasa Negara’.

The Star report is missing the word ‘pribumi’ of the award.

We beg to ask, in what way is “the nation’s greatest star statesman” a pribumi? He’s Orang Asli, ah? Orang Asal, kah? One of the Bornean native tribes, wah?

At its next congress in 2011, we propose that Perkasa hand out ‘Pribumi’ media awards too.

Star will certainly be in the running. After all, its Joceline Tan clinched the top award at the inaugural Umno Media Appreciation Night already what.

2 Responses to “Twinkle, twinkle Bintang Perkasa”
  1. jungleboy says:

    Finally Perkasa confirmed that mamak kutty is the king of racism. End of cerita!

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