Hulu S’gor: Enter the next IckerTee?

By Hartal MSM

Some of our members alongside SABM are on the ground in Hulu Selangor. We, including Haris Ibrahim, are urging a boycott of mainstream media – No buy, no lies.

Ha-ha-ha, after all, you can expect free newsletters to be distributed on site, like Selangor Kini (pro-Pakatan), Selangor Kita (pro-Umno) and heck, probably even the Perkasa newsletter which obtained its publishing permit super fast from the Home Ministry.

But jaded though we are, even Hartal MSM is a little shocked that the MIC candidate Kamalanathan is so sanguine about Perkasa. Yes, we expected the BN (err, Umno) nominee to be fishing for Malay support where they lost the seat in the 2008 general election by a mere 198 votes.

Recall that Umno won the state seats of Hulu Bernam and Batang Kali and MCA won Kuala Kubu Bharu – all three falling under the Hulu Selangor parliamentary seat.

Icks, who IS this guy lah?

But for Kamal to defend Perkasa (see Malaysiakini) when Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali has already said it’s “shit” x3 that non-Malays are 2nd class citizens, is a demonstration of politics as the art of the possible.

Indians are not second class citizens; they’re third class and ‘pariah’ in the eyes of some supremacists.

Excerpt from CPI article (below)

The lowly position of the Indian is even reflected in differentiated word use. A search through Utusan’s archives reveals a general pattern on the word ‘jenazah’ to refer to Muslim, and ‘mayat’ for non-Muslim corpses, e.g. “menuntut mayat Prema a/p Elenchelian” but “menuntut jenazah Abdul Muiz Mokhtar”.

Language when referring to bereaved families is also different: “mengucapkan takziah kepada keluarga Allahyarham Edi Rizal Ramli” but “seorang ahli keluarga si mati” Kugan Ananthan.

And only last week, on April 8, brothers si mati R Satchithantham and R Logeswaran were killed by police in Taiping. Their mayat were riddled with bullets.

Indians are clearly the object of police profiling. They make up 95% of victims shot dead by Polis Diraja Malaysia when only 8% of the Malaysian population, according to an estimate by the Human Rights Party for year 2009 to present.

For more, read here.

6 Responses to “Hulu S’gor: Enter the next IckerTee?”
  1. telur dua says:

    I think his brain is pretty scrambled. Scrambled brain, anyone? Yucks!

  2. d'evil says:

    This kalah fella is fishing for Malay votes. Thus he had to turn racist. This is truly puking.

  3. defendermalaysia says:

    If you see a snake, an indian, and kamal on the road, then what shall you do? You should hantam that Kamal first cos even before he has won the election, he has already surrender his diginity, sell away his voters and his own indian community to the keturunan melayu masters who will continue suck us like slaves and 3rd class citizen.
    An indian on the road has no harm as he is already a 3rd class citizen. A snake on the road will not harm you but will slip away but this Kamal will make all your voters life misarable after the election.,
    So hantam this kamal first and kick him out of KKB.. A vote to Kamal is also a vote to UMNO ketrunnan melayu.

  4. Useless Malaysians says:

    The posts above prove that Malaysians….. suck!!!

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